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    • https://clarity.microsoft.com/ Microsoft just launched this new and free tool. It provides some analytical data on your users, but the really interesting part of it to me is it provides heatmaps and session recordings for free. There are other tools that do that, but they are pretty expensive. There is also no cap on it. If you get 1 million visitors a month, no problem. They say it is designed to not impact page speed. We will see about that. I'm going to add it to a few sites today and start testing. Will be interested to hear feedback from others on what they are seeing with the tool.
    • Isn't this pretty much how the Microsoft case went in the U.S. and I think several of them in Europe?
    • I really like it, and if I ever figure out how to use Google Data Studio, I want to use this. Is it hard to set up or to edit if I want to change things? Can you change things or if you use someone's template are you stuck using it as is? ...and this just terrifies me.
    • By the way, on a side note, if anyone has had a look at the new Google Analytics 4, if you are not used to Google Data Studio, you better get used to it. Google Analytics is largely shifting from a reporting tool to an analysis tool. Reporting is going to have to be done in GDS. Of course, the migration might be a hear or two away, but it is coming.
    • Looking for feedback on a new GDS template I'm creating. https://datastudio.google.com/s/pCDKl5a1sBE Right now it is just hooked up to Google's sample data. None of that data is for a real site. And ignore the Google Ads page. The page works if you hook it up to a real Google Ads account. I'm not sure why it is not working with the sample data. If you are familiar with Google Data Studio, you can grab it and hook up your own data to see. If you do grab it and use it, just know that for the Search Performance area to work correctly, you need to hook up both the URL and Site versions of Google Search Console as data sources. What else would you find useful in a report like this either for yourself or for clients? There are some layout issues with some of the headers in columns or data getting cutoff. That will be fixed before I finish it. Right now I'm just interested in feedback on anything that might be missing to make this template useful for you. Thanks.
    • This is going to be one of those lawsuits fought for 3-4 years in court. The end result will be some sort of compromise where Google admits to no wrongdoing but commits to making a few non-impactful changes. Both sides claim victory. Everybody forgets about it in a week.
    • I have to agree. I am not sure I really see any good reason for Google to bring it back.
    • This. It has really impacted a site of mine too. Where people were normally getting orders in 3-4 days, now they are getting them in 5-7. Two orders were lost in the mail in the past month. I have not had two orders lost in the mail in the past two years.  Win or lose the election, I do not think the administration will go back to how things were, so the holiday season is going to be interesting. I would recommend anyone that does a lot of shopping online make sure you are getting your shopping in early. There are going to be a lot of stories out there about gifts not arriving in time for Christmas.
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