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  2. I was kind of hoping they might do some sort of spinoff of Black Sails or a prequel to it. Maybe show more about the time of privateers.
  3. There's quite a few of those type of docos on Netflix, ie historical events done with bad acting. There's one on the Roman Empire, which was far better covered by the HBO series Rome. Black Sails was a good show that covered most (all?) of what was in TLPKingdom, but did it as a sort of prequel to the classic novel Treasure Island. An interesting twist on it, with decent acting. If you're interested, there's a very good documentary series on Netflix called The Royal House Of Windsor. It begins during WWI with the family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha being forced to change their family name
  4. If anyone here is into this sort of stuff, Willy's Wonderland, with Nicholas Cage, is worth renting. Not technically zombies, but zombie like.
  5. Yeah, they have done a lot, but are still sorting out what works and what doesn't.
  6. Last week
  7. I have been meaning to watch The Crown. I've heard good things about it. I generally like shows about the monarchies. The Tudors, The Last Kingdom, etc. I tried watching The Lost Pirate Kingdom last night. I got through one episode. I thought it was going to be something along the lines of Black Sails (which is well worth watching). It was more like a documentary trying to tell the story with bad acting.
  8. I didn't know they were changing any icons.
  9. Meh. I had a gutful of zombies midway through whatever season of The Walking Dead ran over the period 2018/19. As for Netflix, yeah they truly are spending up big. It may be of no interest to you or anyone else, but check out The Crown. The budget for that must have gone close, if not beyond Game Of Thrones, not to mention the level of detail involved. Then again I suppose both shows are about royal families, their heirs and successors. The big difference is that GoT features "tits and dragons", whereas The Crown features Camilla Parker-Bowles (a dragon with tits). 🤣
  10. Damn it, l am a sucker for a zombie flick, and this looks good. PS, It will be interesting to see how Invisions new icons will look on your platform, in the next update,
  11. It doesn't look like the worst movie he has ever made, and it's on Netflix so there is basically zero barrier to watching this. I'll check it out. Netflix really has some deep pockets. I just finished watching the 4th season of The Last Kingdom. Shows like that have to be costing them a small fortune to make and there are quite a few of them.
  12. I've always admired Bruce Wayne the billionaire genius, just like Tony Stark
  13. Oh yes, I've read about that. I'm glad you are okay and hoping you get better soon.
  14. Earlier
  15. Yes most definitely. See this post At the same time I posted that, I was working on what has proven to be the most difficult post I've ever made. It is tentatively titled "Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire", so that might give you a hint as to what it's about. The main reason it's been so hard is that since that absolutely terrible news, with each passing day and week the news has gotten a little bit better than yesterday's and all previous days. So, whereas it will probably never be truly good news, it might turn out to be nowhere near as bad as it was initially. The end titl
  16. Challenges are part of everyone's life, and all of them have their own characteristics. Are you facing any challenges in your life right now? What is preventing you from facing and overcoming your personal challenges?
  17. This is nice, I am interest in the 3rd video
  18. I find it funny when people complain that they can't hire workers because they are making more money off of unemployment and have no incentive to get a job. Then it is suggested we raise the minimum wage so many of those people would make more money by going back to work and everyone loses their minds.
  19. Exactly. That's why a raise in the minimum wage will create a lot more jobs than any tax cuts. People at the bottom end of the socio-economic spend ALL of their money on essentials. For the first time they'll actually have disposable income. All of that will be spent on a few simple luxuries. That is when jobs are created. You don't need degree in Economics to see that. You don't even know how to spell Economics to see that. On a side, but related note. People who have a full time job and still require government assistance (food stamps) has absolutely nothing to do with social welfare. I
  20. I once belonged to a Mastermind Group. About 12 successful business owners. we met once a month and helped each other in our businesses. I was the one person who wasn't a very conservative Republican. They were talking about Obama (this was when he was President) and their feared tax increases......., and how it would kill jobs. I said "Wait! We all own businesses. We all pay taxes and have employees. Let's imagine for a moment that all of us no longer had to pay taxes of any kind. We all now pay zero taxes. Now...raise your hand if you will use that money to hire more peopl
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