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  2. Mike's Tuesday Tips: This week, best practices for URL Structure First, make URLs descriptive and include keywords. Many CMS systems like Wordpress by default will spit out URLs that look like this…. hxxps://domainname.tld/?p=123 Or this hxxps://domainname.tld/2021/03/30/sample-post/ These are no help to search engines or to your visitors. Make them descriptive Like this hxxps://domainname.tld/on-page-seo/how-to-identify-core-web-vitals-on-your-webpages/ A visitor or search engine should be able to take one look at your URL and have a good
  3. Missed this bit of news last week. So if you were actually any good at ranking pages and the stuff you had been preaching for nearly 20 years worked, this probably should not happen, right? This wasn't a build it big and cash out for a big payday type of situation. Although, I hope all of those people who invested in Moz over the years finally saw a return on their investment. https://searchengineland.com/moz-acquired-by-icontact-subsidiary-of-j2-global-349273
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  5. This is going to be a long one. Let's talk about some best practices for anchor text in your link building. Some of this is probably going to go against what you may have heard from some of the "gurus" out there, but stick with me. First, I'm going to start with my own personal golden rule of anchor text. I have been following this for 12-15 years. If you get nothing else out of this post, but this one thing, you will be fine. Your anchor text should either describe why you are linking to a page or it should describe what the page you are linking to is about. That's it. It's as
  6. I don't think that will be the excuse to do that. Any admission that UFO's are real and alien in origin would be a huge step to take and their is also no evidence of any attacks. Interesting in the latest development in this story, they say : We don't know what they are, but they are seen often and definitely not of US origin and can perform maneuvers and speeds far in advance of current technology. Similarly, China has said pretty much the same thing. That in itself is quite an admission, but not an admission of origin which to be fair, is unknown.
  7. Don't be surprised, that we will hear about these UFO's attacking military installations in the near future, so we can start militarizing space.
  8. A article on this from the BBC site today. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57355192
  9. I get asked a lot about what books or courses I recommend for someone to learn more about SEO. The best thing I can recommend is to investigate the SERPs yourself. Find high-ranking pages and sites and tear them apart to see what they are doing. The answers to most SEO questions are already in the SERPS. I'm all for testing things, but if you don't have the resources to do so, Google is already giving you the answers in the search results. This was an idea I learned a long time ago doing just that and taking a look at how Wikipedia structures its pages. You can learn a lot about SEO by re
  10. Here is the problem. When anyone posts anything, they can't cover every possible interpretation of what they say. If they did, every post would be hundreds of pages long. Like everyone else on the planet, You and I see the world through a lens. And no two lenses are the same. And because we cannot cover every possible interpretation of what we say, the person reading the post fills in what isn't covered....with their imagination. And that imaginary part is always wrong. So what I say is never really exactly what you think I said, no matter how clear I try to be. Th
  11. You are wrong in the first two statements bolded, and the third statement isn't something I think at all. I do not recall you ever agreeing with subjective experience as having any merit when I have brought it up in the past, what am I to think if you don't?
  12. And I'm trying to help you. What you think should be reflected in your posts and that's all I have to go on and the only way you can demonstrate your thoughts and processes. I'm not telling you what or how to think, that's up to you. I'm pointing out that in some cases, your thought processes are blinkered and restricted by your preconceptions and prior conclusions. This is a long term observation I have of how you come over on "some" things. Despite empirical and overwhelming subjective evidence. You should always be able to take on new information and adjust deep set conclusions accordingl
  13. You are wrong in the first two statements bolded, and the third statement isn't something I think at all. Stop....Telling...Me...What...I...Think. Every time you do this, you are wrong, and it makes your subsequent argument wrong. I'm not talking about UFOs here. I'm saying that telling anyone how they think is a terrible way to argue, and is always wrong. I'm trying to help you here.
  14. It's AMC to the moon. πŸš€πŸ’πŸš€πŸ΅πŸš€
  15. Thanks for this info, I am really learning a lot from you.
  16. I'm sorry, but on a small range of subjects, the ones we often discuss and are sticking points, I do know how you think on certain things. It does not mean I do not like you, your a swell guy, (swelling outwards) but, I will have to go after you on certain things because they show an immovable rigidness of thinking, not shown on other topics. It's the law, and I don't make the rules. You have repeatedly demonstrated this in your responses. They are always consistent, and always pretty much the same response dressed up with slight variations. This to me shows a mind made up on certain subj
  17. Damnit Claude. Don't put ideas in his head.
  18. Mark; I like you, but please stop trying to explain how I think. Every time you do that, you are completely mistaken. I have no argument that we may have been visited by aliens in the past, or that there are currently space ships swirling about in our atmosphere. I have rational reasons for thinking this is highly improbable, but not impossible. But there are two kinds of evidence. Evidence that something is real, and evidence that something is not real. The article Shane quoted contains plenty of evidence that these accounts aren't about real physical crafts. It's cognitive bias t
  19. That's a fair question. What would it take for me to believe that these are anything other than misinterpreting reflections or lights, or other earthly phenomenon? Any physical effect. I actually laid that out pretty well in my first post. A sonic boom (anything physical breaking the sound barrier would make a sonic boom), a deforming of a cloud by the passing craft. Sound being recorded. A photo with any detail at all. A sudden jump in air pressure from the passing craft. A jump in temperature caused by the craft. I don't even need any real evidence. Just one or two
  20. True, l have been good for too long. And l was disappointed in you Claude, l was expecting you to say, "The Pentagon is Wrong". Groan. So a pilot sees a large, Tick Tack, looping around his jet, making no loud noises, or showing any details, and disappearing in a blink of his eye, is just imaging it all? So what would it take? Full disclosure? An alien family at the shopping centre? A gray walks into your shop and buys a vacuum cleaner, what?
  21. I would refer the right honorable gentleman to the earlier post made by the user named "Claude Whitacre" about UFO's not existing. This ahem: "Gentlemen" although, rightly saying, all Pilots are just human's and prone to mistakes may well be true, but when said phenomenon displays itself on their radar (and filmed), depicting objects changing shape, and traversing the skies at incredible speeds is provided, I would say that is worthy of investigation and not just a human error in observation or an optical effect, especially when verified by others. Pilots are also trained and have experience
  22. The truly bizarre thing about this claim that "I was right all along" is that I don't recall anyone ever claiming that UFOs weren't a real thing. I've seen many objects flying through the air that I couldn't identify, but never have I thought well that's proof we're being observed by alien life forms. Call me cynical if you like, but maybe, just maybe, this is an exercise in getting the Biden administration to increase the military budget. Now there's a Black Hole right here on Earth.
  23. You know perfectly well that other than Earth, their are only Dogs on planets that revolve around the "Dog" star. Surely you can't be Sirius!
  24. I agree to a large extent, more likely that UFO's exist more than anything else. They have been seen dating back centuries where there was no man made Ariel craft to confuse them with, even depicted in a 15th century painting. The question is about acceptance of this phenomenon. It actually makes no difference other than human's accepting that we are not alone in the universe and God being in charge of more than one people etc, In itself, those are huge ethical dilemmas for our human minds to digest but we will need to get over them. Aside from that, it's business as usual, UFO's have re
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