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  2. I often wonder about the world hundreds of years ago. When the entire day was spent doing hard labor, so there would be enough to eat. When a fire was a luxury, to keep us from freezing. When there were wars, people trying to kill us, chasing us...where we lived in terror, huddling for warmth, wearing rags. Did we suffer from anxiety then? Did we have nut allergies, suffer from agoraphobia? Suffer from depression? Manic depressive disorder? Feeling misunderstood? being afraid of being mocked? Probably. But we were pretty busy trying to survive to notice these t
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  5. Anxiety is an ongoing struggle that most people never seem to understand, battling with your own mind every single day is a scary place to be in. People with anxiety are unable to express their feelings because of embarrassment, feeling of disappointment, feeling misunderstood, mocked by other people, and the stigma that surrounds mental health. What are the things that we can do to help raise awareness for mental health disorders?
  6. Thanks a lot for this, will watch all the videos this weekend
  7. Social Media Marketing is better for both B2B & B2C businesses. Social Media provides beneficial for B2B & B2C businesses in their segment & such businesses know how to use social media effectively for better outcomes.
  8. Hey, Mike. Thanks, for sharing useful information regarding Google's December 2020 Core Algorithm Update.
  9. Apparently I need to start watching Condor and The Crown. Little surprised Space Force made it on the list of best comedies. I could not get through to the end of the first season. Great cast. Bad writing. Clearly some palms were greased in its nomination.
  10. My guess is that we will have the same bickering, posturing, conflicts, arguments, lies and scandals biased coverage, partial truths, insinuations, accusations, that we have had in government for decades... But it will be more sane. And because of that, it's going to be a breath of fresh air.
  11. My word. That Amanda Gorman is one impressive young woman.
  12. I would have not gone to that great expense, it's always Easy Rider (the last one to be made) and always Jack Nicholson
  13. We're going to be -45 today.
  14. Patience, grasshopper, patience. All will be explained. There may be some new categories this year. Personally I've spent over $472 billion lobbying the committee to add a "Best Extra In A Low Budget Biker Movie" category to the portfolio. I'll find out tomorrow if that money was well spent or not.
  15. The schedule is wide open. A more suitable time could not have been picked.
  16. That's right folks, you, along with the entire human race, will be glued to their favourite media outlet for a truly historic event. Since there is absolutely nothing of importance taking place anywhere in the world at that specific time (12:00 USEST; 17:00 GMT; 04:00 (Thursday) ADST; 01:00 (Thursday) AWST), the Whattys Committee will be announcing the nominees for this year's Whattys Awards. Stay tuned.
  17. let's claim that 2021 is better than 2020. This will be a good year for all of us
  18. I agree with you, imagine if there are no cellphones and no video chats, what could have happened?
  19. With Google's update around the corner, I figured this would be timely to put out there.
  20. so far so good (crossing fingers)
  21. technology really helps a lot during this time, getting in touch with family and friends has been easy with the new technology. I've been having video chats with my friends and parents since the first lockdown happened. how about you?
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  23. The Republican nominee for 2024?
  24. As you eat what you reap, so shall you expand
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