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    I updated this quick little guide on how to use some of the more common forum features that you may find useful as the forum platform has gone through several updates since the original post was made. Please use the "Like This" button when you want to thank someone for a post. Do not clutter up a thread with Thanks! Great Post! Good information. kind of posts. The forum gives you several different options to react to posts by other members. Just hover over the heart shaped button you will find in the bottom right corner of every post. When you hover over it, you will see a list of options including Like, Thanks, Haha, Confused, and Sad. Now if you have something specific you want to mention about the post and thank the poster for, by all means, do so. Otherwise, just use the reaction options provided. If you want to quote multiple posts from the same thread, use the multiquote button to do so in one post. In the bottom left of each post you will see a link that says Quote. To the left of that is a box with a plus sign in it. Click on that for each post you would like to quote. Another option the forum provides for quoting a message is to highlight text in a post and you will see a pop message asking if you would like to quote that text. If you want to find other posts of a particular user, visit their profile page by clicking on their username. Then click on the button that says See their activity. You will see a new menu appear on the left side of the screen. Click on the Posts button for all of their posts or on the Topics button to just see threads they have started. You have several options for how you view the forum: Table (which is the default setting), Grid, and Fluid. You will see these options at the top of the forum and can switch between them at anytime. If you find a particular thread useful or interesting and would like to be notified when others post in the thread, there is a Follow button at the top right of the screen when you open the thread. You will several options for how often you would like to be notified when new content is posted, including immediately, daily, and weekly. You will be emailed a notification when others have posted replies. This feature can be especially useful if you post a question and would like to be notified when someone answers your question. You can stop following a topic by clicking on the same button again. Edit your account settings by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen and selecting the Account Settings option. This is where you would change things like contact information, your forum signature, and notification options. If you would like to change your forum signature, select "Signature" on the left hand column menu after you have picked Account Settings. Please be sure to read our rules on forum signatures. To edit your profile, click on Profile from that same drop down menu and then select Edit Profile in the top right corner of your profile. If you try to read a forum thread and are greeted by this message... ...it is because there are private areas of the forum reserved for those who have joined the Spartan Inner Circle Membership. All members are welcome to join. You can learn more about the Spartan Inner Circle here. You can also join at any time by clicking on the "Store" menu option at the top of the forum and selecting the membership. These are many of the basic functions of the forum that we hope will improve your experience here. I'll post more as they are added or that I think members will find useful.
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    Update to Forum Features Post

    We were long overdue for an update to a post Mike made a couple of years ago about some of the common forum features. The platform the forum runs on has gone through several updates since then with some new features and new locations of old features. You can read the updated post here: Forum Features. Who knows? You might just learn something.
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    Tip: Google Tag Manager and Retargeting Ads

    Problem: You don't want people who instantly bounced to be in your retargeting audience. The solution to this is to use Google Tag Manager. You can setup GTM so your pixels fire after say 15-30 seconds (it depends on the situation what amount of time is better.) Here's a good guide: https://ventin.co/delay-pixel-landing-page-eliminate-bounce-traffic-using-google-tag-manger/ Tip: Tag Assistant does not tell you that the Facebook tag fired, you'll have to press f12 and verify that it fired in the network tab. If you see fbevents.js in the log, it works. I spent about an hour trying to figure out why the tag wasn't firing and it was working perfectly. Tip 2: If you've never used GTM before, be prepared for a super fun time. I setup GTM for my new site today and it took 4 hours to setup, granted, I do some more advanced things like tracking clicks to external sites in Google Analytics. Thankfully there's a plugin for Wordpress called "Google Tag Manager for Wordpress" that worked with my theme. Usually, it doesn't and I have to edit the theme files. So depending on what you want to do with it, you can just use it for the retargeting pixels, or you can implement a bunch of Google Analytics tweaks. There's a bunch of good content about that over at https://www.lunametrics.com/ My personal implementation was a little bit tricky because I have sections of my site where I want the pixel to drop quickly and others where I want it to fire after 30 seconds. I also want the pixels to drop instantly on the thank you page, so I can exclude them in the audience. I also have 2 copies of wordpress installed. One is for the public site that I want showing up in Google, the other is installed in a directory and forbids all search engines.
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    Ever see the South Park episode where they make fun of John Edwards? Like pretty much everything South Park does it is done exceptionally well. Worth checking out if you have never seen it.
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    Weak-minded people who want to believe in hypnosis unconsciously trick their mind into believing they are hypnotized. It's no different than that con man John Edwards that used to be on TV doing the "readings" from dead people. I'm getting a message from someone whose name begins with an S... or a J... maybe a P. It could be a first name, middle name, or a last name... How about a B? Anyone? 😉
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    I'm getting published, Baby!

    Hi guys! Popping in to give an update or two, LOL! I had my first book signing Saturday and on the 19th my new grandson arrived 1 month early but perfect. What do these two things have in common you ask? He made a special appearance at my book signing!! Hooray! Book Signing Baby just a little bigger than book And as of today, my book is available on Walmart (dot) com in their online bookstore! I'm so excited!! Thank all of you for your support!! 💕 Terra

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