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    This is full flush promo, for sure.
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    Avoid Yelp PPC ads

    For some reason on the West Coast people swear by Yelp. Everywhere else people just seem to swear at Yelp. They are becoming a lot like the BBB it seems.
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    Mike Friedman

    Avoid Yelp PPC ads

    I got a call about a month ago from Yelp to try to get me to advertise with them. I get these calls all the time and finally figured, what the hell. I'll give it a try. The reason I had always avoided it is because I don't believe that business owners are searching for search engine marketing agencies on Yelp. I've been on there and ranked very high for years and my page gets viewed about once every two months. It's a total waste. But I figured I would see what happens. Well, one thing you should be very aware of is Yelp's "daily budget" is not daily at all. What you really are setting is a monthly budget that Yelp will spend with no limitations. You cannot set a max CPC. So for example, if you choose a daily budget of $15/day, what you really are telling Yelp is that they have permission to spend $450 this month any way they want to. And it could all get spent in just a few days. It's not very clear in the description when you select this. I paid $173 for 2 clicks before I caught it and turned it off. One of those clicks did generate a "lead"... from someone looking for a paper printer. 🤬 Now, their advertising might work well for other lines of services. Just be aware of how their daily budget works before you start and watch it like a hawk if you decide to use it.
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    The Weird Mandela Effect

    Your suffering of Cognitive Dissonance is even worst than your E.D But probably not as bad as my E.D

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