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    How often have you looked for a review online for some product or new service and saw those "Don't buy until..." titles all over the place? Well, they are hardly original. They have been working since the 1860's. https://swiped.co/file/dont-buy-ads-1860-1880s/
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    That's gotta hurt

    In case you didn't know, Mr Schwarz is the man that ghost-wrote The Art Of The Deal.
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    That's gotta hurt

    To be fair, Mary's book has a much broader audience. Nevertheless, I hope that gets under his skin.
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    Don't read this thread...

    Ha! When I need to get work done, I tell myself "Don't Do It!". My favorite is "Don't drink that beer until you're finished with your work!" Yes, these ads are very effective. We see it in IM a lot, too. "Don't buy this until ... " Usually an affiliate with a bonus. Weird how the human mind works. We have to read reviews before we buy something, but just seeing something that says 'don't', first, we are whippin' out our credit card.
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    I don't think it will ever get through to people as long as Neil and Brian keep pushing the myth to their sheeple.

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