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  1. There is no mystery to it. We know how viruses work.
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  2. I have fortunately seen an uptick in the number of people wearing masks the past 2 months or so. Hardly ever see anyone without one now. I'm outside of Philly. People are still pissed at our governor because a lot of businesses are getting crushed, but if people had listened properly in the first place we probably would not be so bad off.
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  3. I saw this video pop up in my notifications this morning. You might piss off a lot of link sellers with this. Love it! More people should be calling these asses out for what they are.
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  4. We can all mark "someone does a song about recent events" off on our bingo cards as well. WARNING!!!! - Contains strong language. NSFW. DOUBLE WARNING!!!! - It's performed in an Australian accent. DEFINITELY NSFW (or anywhere near children). It may also cause the sexual arousal of garden gnomes.
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