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  1. I wonder what lawyer would want to take on a case like that. Besides knowing that you are defending someone who was deliberately trying to steal an election, but you would also be taking on a client who is likely going to be broke at the end of the case. Will you even get paid?
  2. That is a really big number. I know he doesn't have that much money, but he is going to feel some real financial pain before this is over. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/25/politics/dominion-lawsuit-giuliani/index.html
  3. Apparently I need to start watching Condor and The Crown. Little surprised Space Force made it on the list of best comedies. I could not get through to the end of the first season. Great cast. Bad writing. Clearly some palms were greased in its nomination.
  4. We're going to be -45 today.
  5. The schedule is wide open. A more suitable time could not have been picked.
  6. With Google's update around the corner, I figured this would be timely to put out there.
  7. That's interesting. You don't look black or brown in your pictures.
  8. I'm working on some updates to some of the videos that were previously in the private members area. This one is a basic overview of website silos. In the next one I'll be going over some more details about how to create silos.
  9. The nation's capitol was conquered by a Viking and a few members of Duck Dynasty.
  10. Mike Friedman

    PHP 8

  11. If you have never used it, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Only tool that I can honestly say I log into every single day.
  12. I have been asked a lot about some quick tips for doing keyword research. I use Semrush for just about everything in regards to keyword research these days and put together this video showing how I use it to generate my initial list of keywords in a quick and simple way. If you have never used Semrush, they do offer a 7-day trial, but you can get a special offer for the forum through this link for a 14-day trial instead. Enjoy the video.
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