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  1. That sounds like an awful experience. I hope you are recovering well. Feel better soon.
  2. Completely agree. The worst in my mind are the people who want to pitch me their "amazing idea" and have me help them. It always involves me doing all the marketing for them, out of my own pocket, in exchange for 20% of the profits or some other ridiculous number. They fail to realize that the marketing and building the sales process is the hardest and most important part. Also, generally the most expensive. I always counter with an estimate of what it would cost for them to hire me or an offer where I get 90% ownership. Then I ask if I should start working up a finalized quote or start h
  3. I'm not sure how many of you use Elementor Pro or have thought about using it in the future, but if you are considering, you probably want to jump on now. Their pricing plans are changing drastically. https://elementor.com/blog/announcing-new-pro-plans/ I'm in the $199/yr for 1000 sites plan. That plan is being grandfathered in. After March 9, it goes to $999 or you can get a plan for $499 for 100 sites. That is a drastic price increase. They are also adding some other plans. Not sure what they are thinking. I think agencies that are not currently onboar
  4. I don't believe you. I'm going to need to see some testing on that. Any volunteers?
  5. And if you had done the honorable thing 10 years ago, she would have had $1 million, which today in the same fund would be worth about $1.5 million. So there is also that.
  6. I'm actually in the process of moving to Monday.com. I had moved away to something else from ClickUp. ClickUp is great, but some of my clients found it too advanced and confusing. One thing about ClickUp that people either love or they hate is that they are constantly launching new features. I mean constantly. I think it is great that they are innovating, but at the same time it is tough to keep up with everything they are doing.
  7. Hey I am working on a new video series called SEO #Shorts. In each video, I take an SEO topic and cover it in 60 seconds or less. In the first one I cover a few URL best practices. And in the second, I talk about a few common myths around link building. Enjoy
  8. So if you are reading this thread, you have people who depend on you, and you have not done it yet, get yourself a quote on some term life insurance. It's not that expensive to make sure the people you leave behind will not be wondering how they are going to make ends meet. If you have no dependents, screw it. Do whatever you want with your money.
  9. That's funny. I was just thinking about FAX blasts last week. Some FAX blasters years ago were trying to do something along the lines of what the WallStreetBets Reddit community did. Now, they weren't taking on hedge funds and making them pay for shorting stocks, but they were trying to drum up interest in penny stocks. I remember when I worked in banking, just our branch used to get about 5 of them a day. They didn't have a cause other than trying to get the stocks to go up a few cents and then dumping all their shares with a decent profit.
  10. @yukon was. I made some good money on Bitcoin, but got out way too early. I think I rode it from like $1,100 to just under $20,000.
  11. And that's kind of what I'm wondering. Is it more of a case of lots of IM'ers being absolute horrible with their finances or is it just because of the whole fake-it-till-you-make-it attitude and a lot of IM'ers we think are successful really are not. We just don't know until they pass away. There's probably a course idea in there. Financial Planning and Money Management for Internet Marketing Dummies.
  12. I did not mean for the post to come off as a Warrior Forum thing. I just mentioned there because I have seen it there a lot in the past. It has happened on plenty of other forums and Facebook groups too. It's not in any way a WF issue. It's an IM'er issue.
  13. It kind of depends on what type of silo you are building. If it is a closed silo, a truly closed silo, it would probably have some impact. In other cases, no. It is really only beneficial. I forget if I included it in that video or not, but it can be a great way to organize and internal link on ecommerce sites.
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