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  1. He's doing fine. I just sent him a PM a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago now, to check on him.
  2. I don't think Photoshop is needed at all for marketers. Many people marketing their business online would never have to do any kind of image editing. If you need it though, for a free alternative, check out GIMP.
  3. This has been my mask during the pandemic.
  4. I would think the answer should be obvious. Google is not counting words.
  5. I was kind of hoping they might do some sort of spinoff of Black Sails or a prequel to it. Maybe show more about the time of privateers.
  6. I have been meaning to watch The Crown. I've heard good things about it. I generally like shows about the monarchies. The Tudors, The Last Kingdom, etc. I tried watching The Lost Pirate Kingdom last night. I got through one episode. I thought it was going to be something along the lines of Black Sails (which is well worth watching). It was more like a documentary trying to tell the story with bad acting.
  7. I didn't know they were changing any icons.
  8. It doesn't look like the worst movie he has ever made, and it's on Netflix so there is basically zero barrier to watching this. I'll check it out. Netflix really has some deep pockets. I just finished watching the 4th season of The Last Kingdom. Shows like that have to be costing them a small fortune to make and there are quite a few of them.
  9. I find it funny when people complain that they can't hire workers because they are making more money off of unemployment and have no incentive to get a job. Then it is suggested we raise the minimum wage so many of those people would make more money by going back to work and everyone loses their minds.
  10. Decided to a do a video about our project management workflow for SEO and other digital marketing projects. The video features Monday.com, but could be used for just about any project management solution out there.
  11. I review a couple of quick tips for anchor text in link building campaigns. Some of it goes against common beliefs in the SEO community, but stick with it to the end. In the end, I agree with using variations in your anchor text, but for a different reason than is commonly held.
  12. I'm hoping they play a little more on the genius of Bruce Wayne than other movies have. World's greatest detective and all of that. They did a little bit in the Nolan movies, but it was more about him being a tech whizz than anything, imo.
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