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  1. Here comes Google tipping their fingers on the scale again... https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2020/05/evaluating-page-experience.html
  2. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see an option that says Themes with a down arrow beside it. Click that and you will see a new theme option called Clicked Blue. Pick that and the forum will load as a more "traditional" blue and white color scheme.
  3. As I mentioned in the update to the forum post, I'm not just rebranding Spartan Marketing Academy into Clicked.Marketing. I'm also rebranding The SEO Pub, LLC as Clicked Marketing, LLC. I just got the official paperwork back from the state authorizing the LLC name change, so things are moving along. The new website is almost done. As soon as it is, I will be doing 301 redirects of all The SEO Pub pages to the new pages on Clicked Marketing. Right now, locally I rank in the local places box for pretty much every SEO related search. I'm going to keep the same GMB and just change the name. I'm not going to go on a big campaign getting all citations changed. I'm going to take care of big ones like Facebook, Manta, Yelp (fuckers), etc. I have done this before changing domains and never saw a drop in rankings. I have never done it changing domains and business names. I am not hugely concerned if I do lose local rankings. I get very few local leads (like 3-4 a year tops despite my rankings) and have few local clients. It will be an interesting opportunity to see how things are handled by Google. My NAPs will certainly be a bit inconsistent. Will that really matter or does Google use the redirect to compensate for that?
  4. Create new users. Then edit the posts and change the author.
  5. Someone needs to log into her computer and ban the InfoWars domain.
  6. I just noticed this option pop up on one of my client sites. They are in the healthcare niche. I would imagine this is showing up only for businesses in those categories. Anyone else see this?
  7. I know Elementor has been getting hugely popular lately. If you are using Elementor Pro or the Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin, there is an attack going on by hackers right now you should be aware of. https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2020/05/combined-attack-on-elementor-pro-and-ultimate-addons-for-elementor-puts-1-million-sites-at-risk/ Elementor Pro is only vulnerable from this attack if you allow user registrations. If you are not using the Ultimate Addons plugin and do not allow user registrations, you should be fine.
  8. Many hosts offer Let's Encrypt through cpanel. If yours does, it's a matter of clicking like two buttons to get it installed. Pretty easy.
  9. It's an acronym for Your Money or Your Life related content. It's a way of designating content that can impact your happiness, safety, physical or mental health, and financial stability.
  10. That's funny. I was just talking to someone earlier today who was afraid a small canonical issue on a few pages was going to kill their crawl budget. It was probably a 10 page site.
  11. As I age, I'm becoming a big fan of applications and devices that offer "dark modes".
  12. We have re-branded. Things are going to be a little messy for a bit. Your patience is appreciated. I have been wanting to re-brand The SEO Pub for a long time. I do a lot more than just SEO for clients and have for over a decade. Clicked will have a better brand story. While I was at it, I decided to do the same with the old Spartan forum. As much as I love the Spartan theme, I never liked how close the name was to another place. Even though I was using Spartan before I knew that place existed in other businesses, people thought I tried to rip the theme off from them. And Spartan is just overdone. I wanted something more unique. Anyhow, I can talk more about that another time. In the meantime, we will be squashing bugs. I think I got all of the 404 issues ironed out. I have a lot of places I need to remove mentions of Spartan. Everyone should be able to login with their old usernames without issue. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you find any other bugs I should be aware of.
  13. I got a couple of PM's about this, so I will add to it. I took a couple of screenshots to highlight some of the things I'm talking about. This is from a template they have for managing ad campaigns. In the first one you can see a basic overview of everything. In the second, I opened one of the tasks to highlight examples of all the custom options you can add. The third one is the "board" view which gives you a quick glance of the status of each task.
  14. I am a bit of a project management tool junkie. I have been through them all. I remember when Basecamp was all the rage in the IM community (although I always hated it). I moved on to TeamBox, RedBooth, Trello, Asana, Zoho, Smartsheet, Monday, FreedCamp, and Microsoft Teams. There are probably others I have forgotten. I used TeamBox (rebranded to RedBooth), Trello, Asana, and Freedcamp the most. A few weeks ago I cam across a relatively new one called ClickUp. Yep, that is an affiliate link, but honestly the free version would probably be enough for most people. I will highlight a few things I like about it: Customized to do lists. You can basically create anything you want, not just assign tasks to people with due dates. Let's say you create a workspace for all of your content marketing. And you have 7 writers you use, but you don't necessarily want the writers in your workspace. You can create a dropdown menu and add all of their names to it so you can track which piece of content is being written by who. Or say you want to keep track of social media posting. Again, you can create a dropdown menu that includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc so you can track which post went where. It's not just drop down menus either. The best way I can describe it is it is like a customized spreadsheet but you do not need to be an Excel wiz to create what you want. Sub-tasks. Maybe you are performing a site audit. You can create a task for that and then create all the sub-tasks that need to be completed in order to do the audit. Dependencies. Similar to sub-tasks but say you have a task to be done however in order for it to be done there are 3 other tasks that need done first. You can make that task dependent on those other tasks and it will show up as such (love this feature). Automations. You can create things that happen automatically. Maybe when you finish tasks from one list you want them automatically moved to another list or project area. Done. All kinds of things you can setup with automations. Integrations. You can easily integrate ClickUp with Google Docs, Google Sheets, YouTube, Zoom, Slack, and a ton of other applications. The list is growing too. Desktop and Mobile apps. Yep, they have that too. I'm only scratching the surface here. I would highly recommend anyone that is using a project management tool or thinking about using one, check this out. It might feel a little overwhelming at first, but I promise once you start playing around with it for 20-30 minutes it really comes together. I'm in the middle of moving all my projects over to this right now. By the way, they do offer one click migrations of tasks from a lot of the popular tools out there.
  15. I believe you guys will drop it if you say you will. I'm curious how many others will. I remember 4-5 years ago Amazon dropped their affiliate commissions. I think the big one that got hit was electronics back then. I believe that was also when they changed to a 24-hour cookie. I forget how long it was before that. Maybe a week? I remember seeing lots of people claiming they were done with Amazon. There was a big outcry against Amazon back then like what is circulating in a lot of internet marketing groups right now. Nothing really seemed to change though. I follow a lot of big tech YouTube channels... JayzTwoCents, LinusTechTips, BitWit, Paul's Hardware... they all have continued to push Amazon affiliate links on their videos when they could. I will be curious to see if any of them change after this. Same goes for a lot of Twitch gamers. They use a lot of affiliate links to Amazon as well. I will say the same thing I said back then. You should plan on Amazon getting rid of their affiliate program completely. It's going to happen. They don't need affiliates anymore. The only viable reason I can see for them continuing to have an affiliate program is so that they don't flood WalMart with new affiliates. That's probably the only reason they have even kept it this long, but at some point they are going to let it go. If they do keep the program, it is going to be at minimal commissions. Yes, even lower than they are now.
  16. I get contacted by a lot of people working online looking for tips and advice. Those of you I have talked to privately know I'm always glad to help. One thing I see many people constantly fighting against is this idea that everything has to be perfect before they get started. I came across this quote this morning and I think it perfectly sums up what I am usually trying to get across to them: You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page. Jodi Picoult
  17. Well, someone at Yelp decided to reject my edit and reverted it back to the old one. So I wrote a new one and this one has stuck for about 4-5 hours now.
  18. No, but we drink plenty of it.
  19. Well, they say everybody has a price? I'm not sure if that would be good or bad though. As bad as Fox News is, it is fairly tempered compared to the places its viewership might turn to if they lose that.
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