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  1. I have no idea what YMYL is. I often wonder why it is so difficult these days to use words. al
  2. I will keep my niche sites as I never thought of them as "Amazon" niche sites. There are plenty of great products available in most niches and if you check in places like Share a Sale, CJ or any of the other affiliate networks. I have found quite a few products not found on amazon. al
  3. I remember a few years ago I got some nice infractions. Not so much anymore, although I do try sometimes. My favorite infraction was when a girl, or someone posing as a girl, with a girls name and avatar asked the profound question. "How can I make some money fast" And my well thought out response was "Do you live near a Navy Base" infraction, but no ban. I guess I will just have to spend more time here. I will think of it a continuing education. al
  4. I stopped after question 35 I had 3 wrong at that point. Every one I got right though was the image. Some I did not even look at the quote and I knew the movie. A few I guessed and only one was from the quote, it was cassablanca. al
  5. I think this is the key to the email. Once you give remote access then they will control your computer and if you do not pay, you no longer can use your own computer. It is like many years ago where I grew up in Rhode Island. Most of the stone masons came out of Providence they did fireplaces and chimneys all over the state. like most construction companies they would take a deposit and then get the final money when the job was complete. We all know how that goes, many people could not or would not pay the final payment. To combat this they started installing a piece of clear glass a
  6. They also have a sticky thread in the main forum "Meet the Warrior Forum Team in Sydney" Well there were a few posts asking whey they just don't take a look at the suggestion forum at all the suggestions they like to ignore. For some odd reason these posts were deleted. al
  7. I do not text that much to anyone. But when I do I use full words, sentences, and punctuation. And if someone texts or emails me using acronyms and shortened words I reply that I do not know what language they are using is and could they use words. They usually do not text me that often after that. al
  8. Have you thought of a barn, which you will need anyway, and convert the upstairs to a apartment. Where I am we have some Amish communities and they mill their own lumber and put a building up really quick. al
  9. I found a new niche when I was actually looking for a better mouse trap. An actual mouse trap. Amazing. The niche I found was nothing new but it was totally different from when I was a kid in the late 60's early 70's al
  10. I am so sorry to hear that
  11. a used laptop might be an option if you really need the software and non internet applications al
  12. I use clixtrac and/or pretty links. Clixtrac has a pretty decent free offer. al
  13. We were told for years that nobody could compete with Tiger Woods, yet, he lost more than he won. al
  14. Are you trying to suggest that we should do market research al
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