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  1. You must subscribe to a higher class of entertainer. Mine can barely get through a 12 step program, let alone med school. I don't even pay them cash. They get paid in Snickers bars and anti itch cream.
  2. What can I say? I love supporting the meth habits of 19-year-old single moms.
  3. I'm betting "often" is an understatement.
  4. All forces, once divided, unite against the Greater Evil.
  5. Beating the previous record holder: Claude's rectum.
  6. Wooster is real. It's Claude that's* fake. *Do not mistake my choice of "that" as an error in the great who/that grammar debate. "Who" is used to refer to people; "that" is generally used to refer to things. Thus, the usage was not a grammar mistake, but a proclamation.
  7. Spoken like the true Parliamentary cur you are.
  8. Is it that obvious that I supported King Charles I during the English Civil War?
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