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  1. I gotta agree here. The visuals look real swanky, but music is a great dividah of hearts an' I ain't too sure this fits the bill. I would wanna hear sumthin' more ambient — swellin' moodsy effects an' tones rather than any kinda music 'style'.
  2. tbh I bendin' ovah backwards tryin' to accommodate the science here. The bigger the mystery an' the greater the potential, for sure you gotta keep all options on the table. Hey, as a polyholistic bein' I tryin' to elevate the debate. As I understand it, brown holes transport you halfway to abysmal oblivion, but there are juicier openings elseplace in the Cosmos make it easiah to like sit an' watch TV an' eat dinnah aftah you been travellin'.
  3. Big deal always in marketin' is ... heart on sleeve ... values shinin' out front ... evrywan happy. So, yeah , mebbe there was a time you could get a whole buncha people to do your dirty work so's you milkin' the juice real sweet out front. Best part is, once your instant solootion is here, you don't gotta import 'em in on boats no more cos their enslaved love stories pump out the dollahs wherever you might wanna set 'em to task. Which ad evah said NOW IS YOUR BIG CHANCE TO BE BORN INTO SLAVERY? Hey cos what choice we got when we embryos anyway? All steps into the fyootyure demand reflective clearout. "Ima movin' out, gotta fix my stuff sumplace noo. My story for now an' tamara, yanno?" Means you gotta always see when cherished solutions become immobilisin' shackles. Hence all perpetyooly transformative revamps ovah eternal manifestations of the vampirisin' dead. Slavery means you ain't jus' got no choice 'bout the thoughts an' feels you got gowin' on ... means you don't have no ideah what else might trooly be possible. Big deal always in marketin' is ... heart on sleeve ... values shinin' out front ... evrywan happy.
  4. Natchrlly I am honored to be associated with the firin' outta one's pooper of The Kaleidoscopic Consciousness. For sure, this is my areah. Howevah, gal way too chunky for Moi. An' I don't see her knees bein' too loose bcs look how she grippin the sand with her right foot. That is why she ain't bendin' ovah far enough for the glory to squoit from its appropriate vestibyool. tbh I would wanna see a real fulsum gal dowin' an Anahatasana here. She got juicy squidos, they gonna glue her to the shiftin' sands as the waves come on. Anyways, it is real sweet you be thinkin' 'bout Moi from what I presoom is a bunker equally ravaged by viral bad guys an' regulah Oz spidah stuffs. I ain't been Dainty Ditzy yogah class for months now, so I bendin' on my own here. Will be sure to dedicate my next lotus to your smilin' Whatto face — even if you lookin' like a griller bcs who be shavin' or fixin' any kinda style rn?
  5. Nuthin' is evah perfect bcs time don't evah stand still. Best anywan can hope for is productive relevance & elegance. Covid shows ... this really ain't 2019 no more, no mattah how much you might wannit. Here's a world beyond you an' your stuff, morphin' an' evolvin' in ways gonna inflooence your direction less'n you be blind or stoopid or dead. An' I would wanna throw this in here bcs Sparta got a revamp to show this is troo. Next stop on the journey says time don't stand still is here. So we gotta always refresh an' review what we got. Bcs even PERFECT in 2015 ain't frick all use now. So whatevah stage your enterprise is at, there is always advantage in reviewin' your messagin' bcs it's so easy to let stuff ride out on autopilot into oblivion. Gotta remember, if evry book you evah read & evry movie you evah saw got no EDITAH PERSON in the loop, you woulda either thrown your nachos at the screen — or quit readin' at Page One. Who was it said, "clarification is a bloodsport"? Whoevah it was needs to get that down to 3 words, less'n they losin' most centennials.
  6. Lookin' real good on all counts.
  7. Sounds like an initiative kinda puckered from the start. Speshly now we all locked down an' stuff.
  8. I may rework this for the bitch slap audience. Meantime, gals got no desire to kick one anothah in the fanj. Partly, this is bcs there ain't the same kinda vulnerbl dangly stuffs gowin' on in our undercarriage. Plus also, we don't wanna lose a frickin' shoe.
  9. All I know is, whoevah been administerin' Roopsie's moisturizin' cream slashed him too many times in the face with the trowel to figure anyplace porcelain.
  10. Since when did dwarfs gasm out before purchase? "Why, lookin' ovah the KILLAH AXES an' HEAVY DOOTY ARMOR in this ULTIMATE DWARF REGALIA catalog almost makes me wanna SQUIRT LIKE CRAZY," said 'Kiendolfdolf ... the DWARF. And That's When I Discovered IT'S OK IT'S IN YOUR DNA 275-ply tissues Call me a tactful juicer, but no way I rompin' out on a doobious promise. Hey but I 5 9, so what do I know 'bout dwarf science?
  11. All I know is, when I twistin' my neck all stoopid in yogah, I could sure use expert help from a guy like von Sydow. "Just because it hurts like crazy doesn't mean you're simultaneously maxing out on possession and missing out on karmic grace, my darling. All I ask is that you go easy on the cussing; I may have appeared in many X rated movies, but I simply abhor blasphemy in a lady. Plus, please desist from biting my toes, I am only trying to help..."
  12. Mebbe you a stubble parliamentary cur with stylin'.
  13. I so love the scene in The Shining where the impossibly manic Jack Nicholson terrorizes the frick outta the planet by breakin' down a door with an axe. As the hapless gal squeals, "Riffle, Riffle, plz save me! With your cavalier beard & incisive wit! Surely you can talk this monster down!" — don't you jus' wanna thank her for how she overts oblivion? In anothah cut, she jus' home watchin' TV bcs she took Claude at his word nevah to run with stoopid stuff. Hence no horror — merely the eternal numbness of perpetual stability. In the Whatto version, Nicholson got ate by KILLAH SPIDAHS way before he quit shavin' — an' no anti-axe door gonna keep 'em from BITIN' YOU ALL OVAH. Alternatively, 'half past nine' means darkest midnight came real early — an' you unprepared for the reaper's ultimate advance. Course, the Fearo version is simply clevah wordplay. Which is why THE SHIRING foreshadows a horror fyooture where evry cultural reference vampin' your ass originates in the Yookay. For my part, I would want always to run with actschwaan rather than horror — which is why color co-ordinatin' my sneakers with resta my outfit is so important to Moi. Gotta figure that is why Mall Death Brain Explosion Fuck gonna be the next horror movie winnah. You Don't Need A War To Kill You Don't Need A Zombie Apocalypse To Destroy You Don't Need An Unforgiving God To Annihilate All it takes is a Mall. A Whole bunch of Random Styling. And a Millennial Who Can't Take The Mismatch No More! .
  14. All I know is, penetrative vex is a real headache. tbh if'n all the key info were not readily available in high schools, libraries, internets an' stuff, gotta figure plenty people would default to wayback solootions. But if Kuhn got it right 'bout transformative paradigms, even the nouveau ignorant would find their way back to the truth. For sure I would nevah wanna spend my days walkin' round in circles on a flat earth fulla nowan gowin' noplace. You gotta strike out, always. An' from your noo vantage, prolly you can re-evaluate stuff cos you got a noo pointa view. That is why seekers always figure science stuffs like telescopes. Then, when they pointed the way, the engineers get us out there to that noo horizon. Gaze back from this place, whole world looks different. Tellya, when I gaze out at the moon sum nights, she so beautiful I could grab her outta the sky. But that is only is bcs I don't live there. Hell yeah — who would wanna live on the moon? It is jus' NUTHIN', far as the eye can see ...
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