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  1. Ice cubes in plastic bag - once frozen, the gum snaps up and finish off any residue with the goo stuff
  2. kay king

    My Divorce

    Are you always so disagreeable - or it is just me. Ask me if I care....
  3. kay king

    My Divorce

    Your version of "where's waldo"? Mark - I think you are right that the 'perfect' person might only be the right person for THAT period of your life..and theirs. It always hurts, but sometimes the absence of tension comes as a surprising relief. Try to stay cool and keep some friendship there - if you can.
  4. She's 39 - in a cast where the average age is 26-27....maybe she took a look around and decided to bail....
  5. Sal - I'm sure you're right and I was not suggesting doing both...that wouldn't make sense. I know large numbers of people are now allergic to many chemical substances so using NONE of them would be best and advertising that turns 'lack of scent' into a positive point. I don't have those allergies so that often doesn't occur to me when a product is one I've used for years with no problem. For non-trade blogs, seems 'sounds like' is good enough. I doubt any of the ingredients are 'good' for you - but we want to 'kill germs' yet don't want any 'harmful chemicals'...not sure we can have it
  6. I wonder if - for every person who might think a sheet that "doesn't smell freshly washed" is a problem.....there is another person who will freak out over allergies to "detergents used on the sheets". I like Sal's idea - but also one posted above. I use an organic detergent that doesn't 'smell' - but when I make the bed I give a light spray of either Febreze or Lysol "Linen" scent on top of the top sheet - then add the rest of the covers.. Just did that this afternoon as a matter of fact. When you turn down the bed you get a light fresh scent - just enough to smell 'clean'....a
  7. You certainly chose a 'good weather' week. The weekend is supposed to be fantastic but will probably cool off quickly soon. Cincinnati is about an hour or so south of me - it's a good city with lots do (great zoo if you like zoos). If you're near the stadium you are way downtown near the river. Rhinegeist Brewery - Findlay Market - Newport Aquarium...some of our favorites. LIke any city there are areas not to be in at night - but overall it's a friendly city. You can ride the "folly trolley" as some locals call it.
  8. No, Sal, he's not too old - poop stuff is the "in thing" at that age - and making a big deal about it won't help. Mentioning police as a solution for a 7 year old scratching his butt is ridiculous. Shows how far our collective society has inserted its collective head into its collective behind. FIRST - take him to a doctor for a fecal test - should have done that the moment the kid said he was itching. Round worms, tapeworm, hookworm - all possibilities in kids just as the are in pets.
  9. Funniest thing in the 'girl punch' - is the "ooooohhhhh" look on the face of the woman who started it. She can't believe she was punched...what an idiot.
  10. I was shocked at a few (very few thankfully) in politics and media who jumped immediately to promoting agendas and bashing others they don't agree with. The CBS legal person was fired as she should be - for saying she didn't care because the country music fans were probably Republican. If that's all you can say after something like this - what's wrong with people. Today a bi-partisan effort to ban those "bump stocks" is under way and that's good - but on the news tonight you wouldn't know the effort was from members of both parties. The thing that really frightens
  11. Does he do it at home? What do his parents do about it? Is this a new behavior or one he's gotten by with for some time? Is he a spoiled brat who loves attention or a kid with problems? Has he seen a doctor to make certain he doesn't have parasites or something causing the itching?
  12. I liked the Einstein one best. Problem these current developers have - in my opinion - is their attempt to make robots LOOK human. They don't have to - and I think in the future they will look like...robots...except for the 'companion' models, that is.
  13. Seems to me the 'real' person is far more socially awkward than the robots....
  14. Is this the 'dip'? https://news.bitcoin.com/china-block-all-bitcoin-transactions/ http://www.bbc.com/news/business-41320568 If it's true China drove the price up - might this go the other direction?
  15. Not to interrupt the foreplay - or postplay as the case may be.... It's interesting a $50k robot made in Hong Kong appears more Caucasian than Asian....future Chinese imports?
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