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  1. This is going to be hard to believe. I don't eat at buffets. I used to, and I never ate any more than I would anyway. The only difference is that, depending on the buffet, I might just eat a lot of one thing. Once it was antipasto salad that I loved. Once it was gumbo. But my wife and I haven't eaten at a buffet for years.
  2. I think you are describing two different people. Most of my friends are republicans. And I find they broadly fall into one of two camps.... The Traditional conservative. Small government, lower taxes, less dept. Maybe anti abortion...usually kind of religious. But normal people. And...the Trump believers. They have, for whatever reason, replaced the republican party with Donald Trump the person. He can do no wrong. If he says it, it's true. Trump's enemies become their enemies. And they demonize anyone who doesn't fall in line. Even other republicans. I think it may
  3. How would you like to be the guy that is so despised...that the entire world cheers in the streets when you lose your job?
  4. Fivethirtyeight.com had it pretty close. Single polls often only question 500-1,000 people. It's the gathering of all the respected polls, and averaging the results, that gives you a clearer picture of what voters told pollsters. But polls only show probabilities, On last Tuesday, the majority of polls looked to be way off. But in many states, either the mail in votes, or the same day votes (like in Ohio) weren't counted yet. So it gave heavily skewed initial results. Once the "mostly mail in) votes started to be counted, it started averaging out more to what the polls indicated.
  5. Pollsters can only report what voters tell them. Fivethirtyeight.com gave Trump a 10% chance of winning. Now it's closer to 40%, I suppose. But the results tell me something about humans. In the last four years, we have seen what kind of man Trump is, and we changed the Dem candidate from a toxic Clinton to a far more electable Biden. And yet, after everything that has been said, and everything that has happened in this country....in the end...we all just go back to our tribe. That's what I'm getting out of this election. No matter who we pick, how good or how bad they are....in
  6. I remember News. I remember when we had no idea how the news anchor voted...didn't see bias in their reporting...and didn't see their opinion. I remember when truth and reality were the same thing., at least in the news. I'm afraid those days are gone, my friend. I can't watch CNN, MSNBC, of FOX for more than ten minutes, without seeing a fact edited to slant it a certain way. There is always going to be "The other side", and that other side is going to be evil. And the number of people that can discern between a biased report, and reality is shrinking. Reality just
  7. I remember buying and reading the book years ago. I thought it showed that Trump was a good entrepreneur, although a little shady. Years later, I found out that, not only did Schwartz really write the book (this is pretty common with celebrities) but many of the stories in the book are partly fabricated to make Trump seem like a better businessman than he is.
  8. To me, that's just good marketing. It keeps people coming back, and doesn't repel them with ideas they disagree with. What concerns me is that when I look up "Donald Trump" on Google, it shows nearly all bad posts about him. My concern is that my searches are also reflecting my own preferences. In Google searches, I want to know what's really going on, not just what I want to hear and see. Facebook? I expect it to cater to its audiences preferences....although they will get a skewed view of reality. For example, conspiracy fans will end up believing that their view is mainstream, when in
  9. It doesn't bother me. Lots of huge companies invest as much as they make. And there are business deductions that can help quite a lot. If you own a business that moves a lot of money, and invests back in the business...you can pay very little in taxes, without cheating at all. If you have a regular job, these deductions just aren't available to you. But I can see how, to non-business owners, this seems completely unfair.
  10. Well, he's decided to use his infection as a rallying cry. The virus isn't that bad. Don't be afraid of it. Look at me, I'm fine. Maybe I'm immune. That stunt of standing on the balcony after he took off his mask was to show that he's strong. A strong leader. I wonder how many noticed that he was gasping for air as he stood there? I wonder how many more will die because they believe that the virus is nothing?
  11. That was my first thought. It also occurred to me that he could die. i certainly don't want that to happen. But if it does, Pence is the new candidate...and he's a LOT more appealing to many Conservatives than Trump. It could change the election results. I saw a video on Youtube that suggested that Trump is faking the test results, so he can postpone the election. Although I wouldn't put it past him, I think it would be impossible to get everyone on board with that idea. So I very much doubt that this is anything but a conspiracy theory.
  12. I just wonder how this is going to affect the election.
  13. My guess is that most Trump supporters won't even hear about the book, or what's in it. It can't change their mind if they never know about it.
  14. That's smart marketing. But it's a very minor move. Biden needs to get in front of audiences and cameras every day until the election...or he is going to lose. No matter what you think of Trump, he is out there, and he doesn't quit. And his team isn't going to play nice at all. One thing the Right has always been good at is staying on message, and marching to the beat of their leader. Dems are acting like cats, running in every direction, fighting among themselves. Dems keep bringing a nasty letter to a knife fight. If they lose this time, it's because they deserve to. The only real players
  15. That's already been the response.
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