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  1. Here is the problem. When anyone posts anything, they can't cover every possible interpretation of what they say. If they did, every post would be hundreds of pages long. Like everyone else on the planet, You and I see the world through a lens. And no two lenses are the same. And because we cannot cover every possible interpretation of what we say, the person reading the post fills in what isn't covered....with their imagination. And that imaginary part is always wrong. So what I say is never really exactly what you think I said, no matter how clear I try to be. This happens in every single exchange, between any two people on the planet. It's the source of all arguments. This process is hard wired in our brains. Now that I have explained why it's impossible to know what someone else is thinking,....... Stop telling me what I think, because it will always be wrong...... just like it always will be wrong when anyone tells anyone else what they think.
  2. You are wrong in the first two statements bolded, and the third statement isn't something I think at all. Stop....Telling...Me...What...I...Think. Every time you do this, you are wrong, and it makes your subsequent argument wrong. I'm not talking about UFOs here. I'm saying that telling anyone how they think is a terrible way to argue, and is always wrong. I'm trying to help you here.
  3. Mark; I like you, but please stop trying to explain how I think. Every time you do that, you are completely mistaken. I have no argument that we may have been visited by aliens in the past, or that there are currently space ships swirling about in our atmosphere. I have rational reasons for thinking this is highly improbable, but not impossible. But there are two kinds of evidence. Evidence that something is real, and evidence that something is not real. The article Shane quoted contains plenty of evidence that these accounts aren't about real physical crafts. It's cognitive bias to insist that they are alien crafts, when there is evidence that they are not physical. And again...every single time, on this forum, that someone doesn't instantly accept a claim as absolutely real, it's said that they have cognitive bias, or are not open minded. Those statements about other people are the very definition of cognitive bias. The only positive thing coming out of this exchange so far is that Shane didn't use the words "Quantum Mechanics" in a sentence.
  4. That's a fair question. What would it take for me to believe that these are anything other than misinterpreting reflections or lights, or other earthly phenomenon? Any physical effect. I actually laid that out pretty well in my first post. A sonic boom (anything physical breaking the sound barrier would make a sonic boom), a deforming of a cloud by the passing craft. Sound being recorded. A photo with any detail at all. A sudden jump in air pressure from the passing craft. A jump in temperature caused by the craft. I don't even need any real evidence. Just one or two effects that any craft would make if it were real. Is the pilot imagining it all? Probably not. But seeing a purely optical effect, that causes no after effects that are evidence of anything real.......is actually indicating that it's a light. And "Changing shape" and "Not showing any details" isn't evidence of a real craft. It's actually evidence of a reflection.
  5. The thing that stood out for me was the logic chain. This isn't a real quote, it's more of an analogy. "I recently read something that slightly overlaps something I've said in the past, so that means that everything I've ever said is right, and this is evidence of that" It would like saying "I heard a joke that is slightly like a joke I told years ago, and people laughed when they heard the joke (told by someone else). So that means that every joke I've ever told is now going to be found funny." Honestly, I think Shane's reaction startled me is because I haven't read his posts for awhile. I was taken by surprise. About the UFOs. Fighter pilots are just people. They see things the way others do. So this piece Shane quotes doesn't cause me to consider it much. Now if there were several reports like this...."There was a large object that flew several times the speed of sound and almost hit us...and the air pressure it caused made our plane go off course, and made nearby clouds deform..... and the sound it made was deafening....and our instruments went haywire for ten seconds".....that would be something to consider. But if it's silent, doesn't cause a change in air pressure (from the great speed), or cause a loud noise (sonic booms still exist), that means it's strictly an optical event....which means it's likely a trick of light. And "Jamming our radar"? You mean it's invisible to radar? That could mean it's an alien ship what makes no sound, displaces no air as it travels, makes no noise, doesn't deform clouds as it passed through ) or around) them, The only other possibility is that it's an optical effect that is misinterpreted by the pilots. So...well....it must be aliens. And if it's aliens, that means that there are dogs on Mars.
  6. Frank; If you are reading this, why don't you give me a call?
  7. When I was originally going to see the movie The Sixth Sense, my thought was "Well, there are the five senses, and our fashion sense. So this movie must be about fashion. I have got to see it". I was about 90% through the movies, and I said to myself (because I'm the only one who listens to me) "Wait a minute. I'm beginning to suspect that fashion isn't the main thrust of this movie". I went to the manager of the theater and told him "This is the worst fashion movie ever made. I demand a refund!" He couldn't give me a refund, but he gave me a free ticket to see American Pie. And I thought "Great! I love pie. I'm sure I'll love this movie" Fooled again! This movie wasn't about pie at all! So I went to talk to the manager.....
  8. I once belonged to a Mastermind Group. About 12 successful business owners. we met once a month and helped each other in our businesses. I was the one person who wasn't a very conservative Republican. They were talking about Obama (this was when he was President) and their feared tax increases......., and how it would kill jobs. I said "Wait! We all own businesses. We all pay taxes and have employees. Let's imagine for a moment that all of us no longer had to pay taxes of any kind. We all now pay zero taxes. Now...raise your hand if you will use that money to hire more people?" Nobody raised their hand. i said "That's right. None of us. We don't hire people because we have the money. We hire people when the demand for our services and products increases until we have to hire more people to meet demand". We all agreed. And we never heard that argument again. I'm joking, I heard it again from the same guys months later, when the subject of taxes came up again. I even heard it this morning, repeated several times like it was Gospel..on Meet The Press. Humans.
  9. I completely agree. I can see a movie where he is Sherlock Holmes smart and is prepared several steps ahead. Sure, he would still wear the outfit....but it wouldn't be about that. To me, the most intriguing parts of a Batman story are low tech. His obsessive drive, his detective skills, his ability to think several steps ahead of criminals. His ability to fight several men at once, take a beating...get seriously wounded, and keep coming back. I remember a scene in the Justice League (I think) animated movie where Batman is completely encased in metal. He can't move at all. And one criminal says to another "Yeah, he's completely helpless. He's talking to (a different criminal) right now". The mastermind yells "He can talk?!", knowing that this will be more than enough for Batman to escape. And of course he does. Superman once said that Batman was the most dangerous man on Earth. Of course, Superman could kill him in an instant. But it's a great thought.
  10. Me too. No idea how it will play out, based on the previews. An interesting take would be Batman as a horror figure, concentrating on his compulsion and mental illness.
  11. I think you'll be stunned. I certainly was.
  12. I would assume anyone would be shot if they broke into the capitol building, past a police barricade. It's fascinating to me that these clowns thought they would be liberating the country...or whatever the hell they thought they were going to accomplish. Once they got in, they all looked lost.. taking photos of speeches (like they were evil plans)..and stealing mementos. They had no idea what they were doing.
  13. Now to put my sales and marketing hat on. After the release of Justice League in 2017, the reviews were mixed to bad. Zack Snyder now had a waning reputation because Batman V Superman was also a less than stellar performer (although the director's Cut was better) So we started seeing buzz from fans about "Release the Snyder cut!". And we saw continual statements from Zack Snyder playing coy, saying it wouldn't happen.. My guess is that Zack Snyder knew that his reputation as a director of superhero movies was on the rocks, and looked for a way to regain his past glory. So I think it may have been mostly him behind all the demand for his version of the movie. And of course, it helped immensely that the vast majority of the movie had already been shot, and even the effects were mostly done. This 4 hour version can be thought of as Snyder's Magnum Opus. And it opens the door for at least one more Justice League movie...as his 4 hour movie is really a set up for a conclusion that never came...where the Justice League...the armies of Earth...the Amazons and Atlanteans...and additional characters like Green Lantern, Atom, and maybe more...join in. And this would be the real comparable movie to Avengers Endgame. Maybe the biggest jolt this gives to Snyder's demand as a director....is that now, we are used to his style...lots of greys, darker story, lots of slow motion action, heavy on visual moments, and seeing some of the effects of real violence...like a city leveled when Superman fights Zod.....or men getting bashed and broken when Wonder Woman gets in battle mode. And of course, Batman swearing. This ain't the Justice league from the 1960s comics.
  14. Made me laugh. 😀 I think if Whedon had the movie from the beginning it would have been a fun movie, like the Marvel movies. Maybe the reason none of Whedon's content survive this cut is that it was advertised as Snyder's vision. and using any Whedon content would have been false advertising.
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