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  1. You're too late. My wife has proposed the exact same plan...several times. I assume you and she use the same service.
  2. Same here. They offer 20% if i do the easy work of copywriting, marketing, and selling to my list. Sometimes I'll ask "If you buy a $20 book, how much do you think the author made?" Of course, they think the author got at least 80%...maybe all of it. I say "No. The author, after doing all the writing and editing...after agreeing to pay his own expenses to promote the book in bookstores...gets between 5% and 10% of the book. He may make $1.50 off of each book. Why? Printing, binding, and marketing the book is the business. It's 95% of the work, and all the expense.". But for gu
  3. Back to the subject at hand. Something that really irritates me... I post on Forums, and a "guru" sends me a private message telling me how much they appreciate my posts. But the message is maybe 6 long paragraphs. So I instantly know they are asking me for something. Either they want me to teach them something for free...they want me to join them in some business venture...or (usually), they want to borrow money. If they want me to give them advice, and I can do it quickly, I will. A joint venture? probably not, but I'll read it. But asking for money? No. Never. No
  4. OK, I just spend a couple of hours trying to think of a good comeback. I got nothing. by the way, did you know that life insurance policies pay off on suicides after the first two years?
  5. An interesting thing about Term insurance. Less than 1% of the policies sold are ever paid on. It isn't that the company tries to cheat anyone. But here is what happens.... The average live insurance policy is paid on for 8 years before it is dropped. And that means no claim on the insurance. Life insurance policies are very easy to stop paying on. The insured person goes into the hospital...forgets to pay the premium...and the policy lapses (cancels for non-payment), So there is nothing to pay on. And often, the person dies, and the survivors didn't know about the life insuranc
  6. I noticed the same thing. Fund raising for marketers. I've seen it on forums, Facebook, and I've gotten e-mails. So....what happened to their money? Sometimes they lie. Maybe most times. Sometimes it's that they state gross sales as an income claim. They don't deduct all their costs. Sometimes they do one day launches that take months to set up.. So they make $50,000 in a day, but they can only do two a year....and everyone remembers that they "make $50,00 a day". They actually do make good money, but get lazy. And most people have no idea how to handle a larg
  7. I often wonder about the world hundreds of years ago. When the entire day was spent doing hard labor, so there would be enough to eat. When a fire was a luxury, to keep us from freezing. When there were wars, people trying to kill us, chasing us...where we lived in terror, huddling for warmth, wearing rags. Did we suffer from anxiety then? Did we have nut allergies, suffer from agoraphobia? Suffer from depression? Manic depressive disorder? Feeling misunderstood? being afraid of being mocked? Probably. But we were pretty busy trying to survive to notice these t
  8. My guess is that we will have the same bickering, posturing, conflicts, arguments, lies and scandals biased coverage, partial truths, insinuations, accusations, that we have had in government for decades... But it will be more sane. And because of that, it's going to be a breath of fresh air.
  9. If I were going to storm the Capitol building, while congress was in session...I would assume that I was going to be shot.
  10. This is going to be hard to believe. I don't eat at buffets. I used to, and I never ate any more than I would anyway. The only difference is that, depending on the buffet, I might just eat a lot of one thing. Once it was antipasto salad that I loved. Once it was gumbo. But my wife and I haven't eaten at a buffet for years.
  11. I think you are describing two different people. Most of my friends are republicans. And I find they broadly fall into one of two camps.... The Traditional conservative. Small government, lower taxes, less dept. Maybe anti abortion...usually kind of religious. But normal people. And...the Trump believers. They have, for whatever reason, replaced the republican party with Donald Trump the person. He can do no wrong. If he says it, it's true. Trump's enemies become their enemies. And they demonize anyone who doesn't fall in line. Even other republicans. I think it may
  12. How would you like to be the guy that is so despised...that the entire world cheers in the streets when you lose your job?
  13. Fivethirtyeight.com had it pretty close. Single polls often only question 500-1,000 people. It's the gathering of all the respected polls, and averaging the results, that gives you a clearer picture of what voters told pollsters. But polls only show probabilities, On last Tuesday, the majority of polls looked to be way off. But in many states, either the mail in votes, or the same day votes (like in Ohio) weren't counted yet. So it gave heavily skewed initial results. Once the "mostly mail in) votes started to be counted, it started averaging out more to what the polls indicated.
  14. Pollsters can only report what voters tell them. Fivethirtyeight.com gave Trump a 10% chance of winning. Now it's closer to 40%, I suppose. But the results tell me something about humans. In the last four years, we have seen what kind of man Trump is, and we changed the Dem candidate from a toxic Clinton to a far more electable Biden. And yet, after everything that has been said, and everything that has happened in this country....in the end...we all just go back to our tribe. That's what I'm getting out of this election. No matter who we pick, how good or how bad they are....in
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