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  1. The reason several Marvel and DC characters are now going to be portrayed as gay, transgender, or bisexual isn't because it will boost sales. It's because many of the writers and artists that work on these comics are gay, trans, or bisexual. And many cosplayers are in that group as well. I'm not sure how it will affect sales, but I'm sure it will. And the characters are now not fighting bad guys like they used to. Now, they are talking bad guys out of their evil deeds. They are using the power of understanding, love, and acceptance. Great for a group hug, but in comics? The entire point of costumed super heroes is so young boys can live out their power fantasies. Trying to appeal for such a small segment of the population may backfire, we'll see. If you watch any of the CW superhero shows, many of the characters are trans or gay. That's not why I stopped watching them. I stopped because every two minutes someone is having a breakdown, screaming, stomping off, crying. Everyone acts like a 14 year old girl with her first breakup.
  2. I'm assuming strongly that if you type in any character name, even cartoon characters....and add "XXX" after it, you'll get porn staring that character.
  3. When I first saw BBW, I assumed it meant Beautiful Black Women...or Big Black Women..... I even thought it may be Big Breasted Women. Often, when I'm at a table with others, I sit and smile. Most assume I'm holding back some insight...or maybe an insult. The truth is, usually I have no idea what they are talking about. Or they are talking about something I know very little about.
  4. I actually looked up "BBW" on Google. Wow! Words fail me.
  5. I'm so excited to announce that I just heard that Onlyfans.com is still going to allow porn. I told my wife that last night, right after we heard it. I said "Thank God they will still have porn on Onlyfans. I prepaid my membership for a year. Now it won't go to waste". She said "What's Onlyfans?" I said "I don't know. I only heard the word a week or so ago. Something about porn though"
  6. It's amazing how tastes in movies are different. I like mysteries. Sherlock Holmes kind of mysteries. If it's a horror movie, it better be a great one. I'll read the Wikipedia summary of the movie before I'll watch it. Superhero movies are a given, but I don't watch the TV shows. Great science fiction I'll watch. A good time travel movie, where the flaws in plot aren't obvious will make me happy. Even the low budget ones. Primer was a good example.
  7. Ha! A related subject I read about (years ago) is that The Playboy Channel is not subscribed to much. And the reason was that....some men are turned off by anything related to porn, even nude women. And the ones that would be willing to pay? There is so much more explicit materials available online for free than anything you would ever see on the Playboy Channel. Years ago, Showtime used to show movies, with the same actors in dozens of these movies, that had lots of nudity and simulated sex. They really weren't bad movies. They actually had a plot. I was surprised later to find out that these same actors were actually porn actors that also made the milder movies you could see on Showtime. What's funny to me is that 30 years ago, I would watch these movies just to see the nude scenes. Now, when something like this is on, I either change the channel, or fast forward past the sex scenes. It's interesting how aging changes you.
  8. I don't know. The stories I told happened before you could go online and see anything you wanted. I think there are still site you pay for, but I have no idea how they would be different.
  9. It was about 30 years ago. The "Book store" ( The one I asked directions at, not the mall bookstore) looked like a real book store from the front. I walked in, and nobody was there, and there was a separate room I walked into...and it was an adult section (I'm sure the real money maker). I really was looking for directions. I wasn't used to the area. That kid was maybe 18 at the time. He yelled across the room, I waved and said Hi....and left. I told my wife about it. Her daughter later told me about the kid at the adult book store and how he was earning a living. I know I joke around a lot. But the truth is, I'm kind of a prude.
  10. i don't know why anyone would pay for it either. Heck, you can see snuff films online for free (I assume fake ones), My story about the magazines was when all porn was either on VHS tape or in magazine form. There were actually "Dirty book stores" that sold novels that had sex scenes in them. Can you imagine reading a sexy story to get your jollies? I guess it was quite an industry. I remember the first time I was ever in an "adult" book store (To ask directions to an appointment). i looked around for a few minutes, and started laughing. a young man that was friends with my step daughter was there and said "Hello Mr. Whitacre, remember me? I'm a friend of Tina's." I'm not joking. I found out later that he hung out there, looking for...um...work.
  11. Have you ever tried to find Bondage, obese, feet, choking, bald, hairy armpit, midget, transgender porn? It ain't easy being sleazy. OK, This really happened, maybe 40 years ago... I was in a mall (remember those?) and I walked into a book store (Remember those?) and it had an adult section. I think it was the first time I ever saw a rack of sex magazines (remember magazines?) I just looked at the covers of a few dozen. They appealed to a very diverse group of men. Books featuring pregnant women, huge boobs, fat women, feet, old women, bondage, and assorted other magazines. My thought was that to produce a slick magazine every month, you would have to sell a minimum of 10,000 copies...every month. It dawned on me that there were enough men being turned on by pictures of women's feet, to sell a monthly magazine devoted to it. That was what I found astounding.
  12. Great. Another source of porn is taken from us. Now what am I supposed to do?
  13. Here is the problem. When anyone posts anything, they can't cover every possible interpretation of what they say. If they did, every post would be hundreds of pages long. Like everyone else on the planet, You and I see the world through a lens. And no two lenses are the same. And because we cannot cover every possible interpretation of what we say, the person reading the post fills in what isn't covered....with their imagination. And that imaginary part is always wrong. So what I say is never really exactly what you think I said, no matter how clear I try to be. This happens in every single exchange, between any two people on the planet. It's the source of all arguments. This process is hard wired in our brains. Now that I have explained why it's impossible to know what someone else is thinking,....... Stop telling me what I think, because it will always be wrong...... just like it always will be wrong when anyone tells anyone else what they think.
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