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  1. My guess is that most Trump supporters won't even hear about the book, or what's in it. It can't change their mind if they never know about it.
  2. That's smart marketing. But it's a very minor move. Biden needs to get in front of audiences and cameras every day until the election...or he is going to lose. No matter what you think of Trump, he is out there, and he doesn't quit. And his team isn't going to play nice at all. One thing the Right has always been good at is staying on message, and marching to the beat of their leader. Dems are acting like cats, running in every direction, fighting among themselves. Dems keep bringing a nasty letter to a knife fight. If they lose this time, it's because they deserve to. The only real players on the Dem's side are the Lincoln Project guys. The Republicans that are fighting Trump. Added later; I will say this, if anyone has heard a Biden speech recently, I think the whole "Biden is old and not mentally sharp" claim goes away.
  3. That's already been the response.
  4. He's still sharp, especially for 77. He may not serve 2 terms. But I agree with you about Trump. His faltering may usually be caused by not understanding the material he's talking about. Again, with either man, I don't think it's a major problem. Many of my friends are in their 70s. Some are showing it, some are not. And forgetting your train of thought is very common, even in your 60s. I'd worry about it more if he had signs of real dementia, like repeating what you are saying, forgetting the meaning of words he knows, or saying sentences that are unconnected. Reagan was suffering from the beginning of Alzheimer disease the last couple of years of his presidency. And he was still sharp enough to be a good president. I remember just a few years ago, Republicans were the "Party of Reagan". And now, you never hear him mentioned. That bothers me a little. Historical insecurity, maybe.
  5. Yes. But it's not any more serious than with anyone in their seventies. And I strongly suspect that his experience and intellect will make up for any gaffes. His used to be a severe stutterer. And when he's tired, it tends to show as he gets hung on a word that won't come out....so he searches for another word he can use. There are also videos of Trump slurring words and getting mispronouncing words. Personally, I also don't see that as a problem. Again, everyone does it. Biden is obviously a deeply empathetic person who is almost universally liked and respected by everyone in the Senate. A candidate that is hard to attack on a personal level....except by just making things up.
  6. It worked in the sense that Trump's followers believed it. How much it affected the election, I don't know. But they need a call to arms. Some reason that Biden and Harris are the Devil, and will destroy the country. If they can't go after the policies, go after the person. If the person doesn't have skeletons in their closet, make them up. We are now in the "Make them up" stage. Maybe the thing I hear the most is "Biden is senile". And there is a short clip on Youtube featuring a few moments of him searching for words or stammering. In other words, no sane consultant is helping with this campaign. All they have now is a couple of memes..... and conspiracy theories. Amazingly, that may be enough.
  7. Why not? It worked the first time. And people don't believe what they choose to believe. They believe what their group/tribe believes. If they are told that Harris was born out of the country...no evidence will change their minds. But to be fair, we are all like this, no matter what side we are on. We just notice it more when it's someone else.
  8. Something interesting I noticed. As soon as Harris was announced as the VP pick, every commentator on MSNBC was talking about how she was the best pick, and how they wanted her to the the VP pick for the last year. Strange. I don't remember hearing any of that before today. I strongly suspect that anyone that Biden picked would have instantly been "The best possible choice he could have made", and "I was hoping he would have picked her all along". The possible exception is if Biden would have picked Sarah Palin.
  9. Shane...You need to look up what Light speed is...and what a light year is. Yeah, I saw it, and these near microscopic "probes" would have to stay in the laser light, for millions of miles to attain anything close to 24% of the speed of light.
  10. So your thinking that if we all just go extinct, it will reverse global warming? It may be worth a shot.
  11. You would be the greater evil...if you were taller.
  12. Your "Claude's rectum" fetish is endearing. But there are children reading this. Right now. I mean you, of course.
  13. A tad off subject, but every time I read a post of yours, I see this... The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them. - Turkish proverb. I'm not sure I've ever read a more sobering or profound thing in my life. It grabs me at my core.
  14. Max Von Sydow is dead. And the chief suspect is Dan Riffle. It had to be said.
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