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  1. When I was originally going to see the movie The Sixth Sense, my thought was "Well, there are the five senses, and our fashion sense. So this movie must be about fashion. I have got to see it". I was about 90% through the movies, and I said to myself (because I'm the only one who listens to me) "Wait a minute. I'm beginning to suspect that fashion isn't the main thrust of this movie". I went to the manager of the theater and told him "This is the worst fashion movie ever made. I demand a refund!" He couldn't give me a refund, but he gave me a free ticket to see American
  2. I once belonged to a Mastermind Group. About 12 successful business owners. we met once a month and helped each other in our businesses. I was the one person who wasn't a very conservative Republican. They were talking about Obama (this was when he was President) and their feared tax increases......., and how it would kill jobs. I said "Wait! We all own businesses. We all pay taxes and have employees. Let's imagine for a moment that all of us no longer had to pay taxes of any kind. We all now pay zero taxes. Now...raise your hand if you will use that money to hire more peopl
  3. I completely agree. I can see a movie where he is Sherlock Holmes smart and is prepared several steps ahead. Sure, he would still wear the outfit....but it wouldn't be about that. To me, the most intriguing parts of a Batman story are low tech. His obsessive drive, his detective skills, his ability to think several steps ahead of criminals. His ability to fight several men at once, take a beating...get seriously wounded, and keep coming back. I remember a scene in the Justice League (I think) animated movie where Batman is completely encased in metal. He can't move at all. And one
  4. Me too. No idea how it will play out, based on the previews. An interesting take would be Batman as a horror figure, concentrating on his compulsion and mental illness.
  5. I think you'll be stunned. I certainly was.
  6. I would assume anyone would be shot if they broke into the capitol building, past a police barricade. It's fascinating to me that these clowns thought they would be liberating the country...or whatever the hell they thought they were going to accomplish. Once they got in, they all looked lost.. taking photos of speeches (like they were evil plans)..and stealing mementos. They had no idea what they were doing.
  7. Now to put my sales and marketing hat on. After the release of Justice League in 2017, the reviews were mixed to bad. Zack Snyder now had a waning reputation because Batman V Superman was also a less than stellar performer (although the director's Cut was better) So we started seeing buzz from fans about "Release the Snyder cut!". And we saw continual statements from Zack Snyder playing coy, saying it wouldn't happen.. My guess is that Zack Snyder knew that his reputation as a director of superhero movies was on the rocks, and looked for a way to regain his past glor
  8. Made me laugh. 😀 I think if Whedon had the movie from the beginning it would have been a fun movie, like the Marvel movies. Maybe the reason none of Whedon's content survive this cut is that it was advertised as Snyder's vision. and using any Whedon content would have been false advertising.
  9. Shane; I was seriously thinking about you, and am glad to know that you are OK.
  10. I don't like reading about how terrible Wheden is either. He was given a job. Basically...make this Shakespearean epic funny...and make it two hours. He has proven himself with Marvel movies...but blending a Snyder movie with a Wheden movie just isn't as good as you would think. Snyder is all about visuals...and epic moments. And there were plenty of moments in this movie. The Amazons shouting "We have no fear"....their willing sacrifice...Flash saving the world.....lots of great lines too. Cyborg saying "I'm not broken. And I'm not alone"...Flash saying '"Your boy is with the best.
  11. You're too late. My wife has proposed the exact same plan...several times. I assume you and she use the same service.
  12. Same here. They offer 20% if i do the easy work of copywriting, marketing, and selling to my list. Sometimes I'll ask "If you buy a $20 book, how much do you think the author made?" Of course, they think the author got at least 80%...maybe all of it. I say "No. The author, after doing all the writing and editing...after agreeing to pay his own expenses to promote the book in bookstores...gets between 5% and 10% of the book. He may make $1.50 off of each book. Why? Printing, binding, and marketing the book is the business. It's 95% of the work, and all the expense.". But for gu
  13. Back to the subject at hand. Something that really irritates me... I post on Forums, and a "guru" sends me a private message telling me how much they appreciate my posts. But the message is maybe 6 long paragraphs. So I instantly know they are asking me for something. Either they want me to teach them something for free...they want me to join them in some business venture...or (usually), they want to borrow money. If they want me to give them advice, and I can do it quickly, I will. A joint venture? probably not, but I'll read it. But asking for money? No. Never. No
  14. OK, I just spend a couple of hours trying to think of a good comeback. I got nothing. by the way, did you know that life insurance policies pay off on suicides after the first two years?
  15. An interesting thing about Term insurance. Less than 1% of the policies sold are ever paid on. It isn't that the company tries to cheat anyone. But here is what happens.... The average live insurance policy is paid on for 8 years before it is dropped. And that means no claim on the insurance. Life insurance policies are very easy to stop paying on. The insured person goes into the hospital...forgets to pay the premium...and the policy lapses (cancels for non-payment), So there is nothing to pay on. And often, the person dies, and the survivors didn't know about the life insuranc
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