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    Claude Whitacre reacted to whateverpedia in Steve; (I hope that's right) I have to tell you that I have HeySal on ignore. And the   
    Yep, Steve is correct.
    I've got Shane on ignore, although he's just a harmless idiot. Sal is more dangerous though because she's not an idiot (despite having some idiotic beliefs).
    The world is heading down a very dangerous path at the moment, and it behoves all good people who believe in a free, fair and just society to stand up and take on these ideologues.
    History shows that appeasing these types actually empowers them, when they should actually be punched wherever they're found.
    Steve (Whatty)
    Puncher of Neo-Nazis and Riffles*
    * Although Riffle isn't a neo-nazi, he should still be punched on sight. No reason is needed.  
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