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  1. Hmmm,, if they get candy on a regular basis I'm sure any excitement would wear off as it becomes normalized.
  2. Yes, those pesky but smart 3-4 year old's knew about how parents perceived reaction to their giving them sugary foods was and just used it as an excuse to go crazy. Clever
  3. Dan Riffle could use your jacket as a tent when camping. He would think he was sleeping in a Cathedral
  4. This all started with "The Penetrator" years ago, a Terminator parody with decent special effects. "Come with me if you want to have sex"
  5. I tried typing in "Claude Whitacre xxx" and what do i get? Sales Porn
  6. Those working in the BBW section let out a huge Thigh of relief
  7. Having seen a fair share of Porn movies in my life I am pretty bored with it. I am more interested in how they light the actors and the medium they use to record it. For example, film it with full sized television camera's for a change so it will be like a studio shot. (except those cameras cost 250k apiece) Film it with 35 millimeter film. It looks different. I like well done erotic movies which are close to the knuckle, briefly explicit perhaps. Perhaps mixed in with interesting storylines. Or at the other end of the scale., horror, grainy low budget or slash em up ones. Or, movies that show real passion. The Japanese have got that one down. The American ones are by the numbers, no kissing, routine. Fed up with the gyno stuff. Good softcore is better than hardcore in most cases.
  8. I thought this would be worthy of its own post because your personal experience of raising kids would be interesting to hear. So do you recall hearing advice and seeing the consequences of not taking it regarding your kids. This is to try to avoid giving them high sugar treats, the result is them becoming hyperactive and bouncing off the walls until it wears off, especially in the sub 5 year old's. Never had kids myself. Anyway, it turns out now, that due to studies some years back, it was found out that excess intake of sugar has no effect on kids hyperactivity whatsoever? Here's a vid about it.
  9. These days, many people still want the "Newest" stuff in the highest resolution without the interruption of re-directs and popups to get to the clip or movie, no buffering, fast servers. (If long established they have a huge database of all previous stuff) and are prepared to pay for that. Then there is specialist stuff that is fiercely protected and does not get ripped that easily. Looking at the monthly cost to be a member, it has definitely gone down over the years too, they rely more on volume, many more people online. These makers also lease their material out to other pay-sites so the these sites can boast many different providers. I suppose putting that all together there is still money to be made. So, this has replaced the Blue-Ray/DVD model. In Europe for example we have a Brazzers TV channel. Or, you could just subscribe to their site and watch selectively. One thing that intrigues me is that the Japanese seem to have the monopoly on adult material. Even though much is partially censored, the most online and the easiest to come by for free. Barely a few months go by before a release is free to view. They must make very little per movie. I must clarify that an alleged friend gave me all this info. A guy called Kurt. 😉
  10. Like whatthebutlersaw.com Amazing how they digitized those flick cards and the action runs smoother than cranking the handle on the machine. Technology is incredible. 😉
  11. Just as well that while looking down on yourself in the shower your view is obstructed. And that's why you eat so much. It's a sexual thing. Sigmund Freud
  12. I'm here asking for directions, oh I'm here looking for work. No stepdaughters or wives ever got to hear about this by mutual agreement. That is when your reply of, "I think you are mistaken, my name's Smith...John Smith" failed to work. This unfortunately coincided with the untimely page over the Tannoy: "Calling Mr Whitacre, your custom, extra small size Tally Wacker Ring is ready for pickup"
  13. I wonder if she did reduced rates for "non nude"
  14. It is constantly amazing to me that their is still a porn industry out there. New stuff is still created so it must be lucrative, though I suspect, far less so than it was. Who, these days would actually go out and buy a blue ray or dvd. All new stuff is available online to stream or download from the producers website and "some" people will pay to see it. However, new material is leaked very quickly onto tube sites and available for free so most people will just wait a few months for that. There is a constant overlap stream of relatively new stuff to stream for free, clips, scenes and whole movies worth. And, if say an American produced movie is copied and leaked, it is difficult to sue for copywrite infringement if the tube site is located in another country.
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