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  1. I would have not gone to that great expense, it's always Easy Rider (the last one to be made) and always Jack Nicholson
  2. As you eat what you reap, so shall you expand
  3. Florida Manatee found with Trump etched on it's back. Is this the new official platform for Trump's communications. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55631498
  4. Assume the same thing if you ever come to Conroe
  5. Seals & Croft, the popular duo from the 70's gains an "S" in the Croft name. They are now known as "Seals & Crofts" The duo's names are based on their surnames. The name Croft having an "S" in it now in particular stands out as wrong?
  6. Found. Claude's long lost younger brother doing little video's about another subject.
  7. That's an interesting marketing ploy. Put up miss-quotes and spellings of words so that if they come up as an ME and are researched, they will show up in the Google results. Might increase the Adsense clicks. 😉
  8. I went to the bank to see my financial advisor recently. A Mr Riffle, very helpful
  9. Thanks for your expert analysis on the Canon one. I hereby withdraw that one as possible proof. There was no reason to fake it for that page though?
  10. So, you are an avid Stones fan then and know their discography and lyrics inside out? To me, the reason I identify with the line as stated is that it fits the pattern of the way the song is sung. "Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da-ah. All short words on the opening line. So, it sounds correct to me and is the memory I have. I have also seen a load of other artists sing it online using the exact same configuration. Those are mainly young people who would have had to have sourced the lyrics to have known what to sing. Not oldsters from the 60's. These people would also have listen
  11. Funny that, as I recently watched some footage of him singing it live "I want to paint it black" All the tv clips from the 60's were mimes to the recording as I said.
  12. Chronicling a newly discovered ME. The Band: The Rolling Stones, The song. "Paint it Black" The opening line as I recall: "I see a red door and I want to paint it black" If you see the stones live, Jagger sings it that way. And all cover versions of the song sing it that way. After all, makes sense, it is the name of the song If you listen to the original recording however, Jagger now sings "I see a red door and I want it painted black" You can look at ancient tv show clips of them on You-Tube where the stones mime to the recording and of course it is as above. does the mouth miming
  13. And the next one will be even thinner with no fans.
  14. Donald Trump quits the Whitehouse.
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