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  1. The electronics company called Canon, to my memory it used to have two n's in it and was called "Cannon" But nope, never was. But here's the one that got away, a totally innocent webpage, it even has a picture of one of their camera's at the top of the page, and guess what. It has "Cannon" across it. https://petapixel.com/2016/12/27/brides-magazine-make-sure-photog-using-cannon-nikon/
  2. Not something you've had for a very long time.
  3. People In Dubai Do Not Watch the Flintstones But People in “Abu Dhabi Do”
  4. Not so good, but I hear the Scuba Gear fetish room is doing business as usual.
  5. This is in Cologne. Not the sort of Bust you were thinking of Huh, Let the jokes begin. Story: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54016791
  6. I dunno, he's 77. Quite an age to take on that role. I don't dislike him or anything. Just wish he'd been 67. Watching him speak I just see him being a bit doddery like he's losing it a bit. Trump's speaking ad lib and answering questions with slurred words and trying to find words I put down mainly to complete ignorance of his subject.
  7. You can't have two Satan's, we already have you anyway. Riffles just a Little Devil. The single most problematical thing about what would have otherwise been a clear cut thing is that people are latching on to the fact that Biden is old, possibly too old to do 4 years in this job. If it had been 8 years ago, no problem. His speaking does show signs of forgetfulness, all Trump jabs aside. It is good that he chose a strong person as Vice President for she may well be needed if he get's in.
  8. I always Australia was populated by half humans, vindicated
  9. Lanfear63


    Have You seen the design for the New Mac Pro Desktop PC Portable
  10. People who wear Bell Bottoms are just "Loons"
  11. Riffle tried that but all he got was one of his "Moons"
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