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  1. I always Australia was populated by half humans, vindicated
  2. Lanfear63


    Have You seen the design for the New Mac Pro Desktop PC Portable
  3. People who wear Bell Bottoms are just "Loons"
  4. Riffle tried that but all he got was one of his "Moons"
  5. He now does surgical mask wearing fetish movies, with his latest leading lady: Areola Corona
  6. Interesting fact: Slave Labor continued at the Sweeper Store until Covid shut it down.
  7. With regards to this picture, we have no idea if there is a Crock Of Gold at the other end of this rainbow, but we know for sure there is a "Crack Of Shit" at this one.
  8. It has a checkered history.
  9. "No, Luke, I am your father". A totally innocent You-Tube video, look at the comments, go to the You-Tube page to read them. On its debut, someone obviously filmed the screen in the cinema with a crude early camcorder and Darth says: "Noo, Luke" You can even hear the audiences reaction to this revelation. And as we all know, the word "Luke" is now missing. I knew what he said. Exactly what he said in this clip.
  10. And then she sends another one, equally crazy... (no opt out link in her emails) "I'm a little irritated at this missed opportunity. We're all sitting at home on "shelter-in-place" lock-down, helpless. Some are wasting lots of hours playing video games and watching shows on TV. Others are reading. Some are taking daily walks with their dogs. But the elephant in the room is this: there are a lot of people going broke while hopelessly sitting at home because their livelihood has completely evaporated into thin air. I don't watch a lot of news because it depresses me. But when I do, I see a huge missed opportunity. You see, I would be hard-pressed to find one American sitting at home who isn't worried and/or depressed about what's going on. Some of us are a little angry at this Coronavirus, especially since most of us know the orgin of this souped-up lab-created virus. And we're not so happy with this country as a whole...are we? And in case you don't follow who I'm talking about...it's China. They're the ones who started all this crap. And now we're left holding the bag on this. This reminds me of the time when 9/11 happened. President Bush decided to go after who he fingered as being responsible. War broke out immediately. And most red-blooded Americans didn't bat an eyelash because, well...an eye for an eye, right? Now, I'm not saying anything at all about dropping bombs or killing people. No... I'm talking about economic homicide. Perhaps that's even worse than dropping bombs and killing people. in fact, I know it's worse! You see, President Trump could use these critical moments to funnel the anger of the American public into doing something that he promised back in 2016. Bring manufacturing back to the USA." Like NOW!
  11. If you have ever branded yourself about in IM you will be on Monica Mains list. Before she (or whoever she or he is) launches into her pitch she has something to say about the Corona Virus. Proof that Monica Main is Batshit Crazy. Read on in disbelief................... "I live in LA county and we have the strictest Shelter-in-Place orders in the entire state of California. But, I shouldn't complain. Folks in New York definitely have it better than I do. Even worse, they're saying that the stay-at-home orders aren't helping for diddly-squat. There are even more infections... ...And deaths. Oh, yes. The deaths. Let's talk about that for a short second, shall we? I personally know 5 people who have passed away in the past 2 months and only 1 of them actually had the Coronavirus. The other 4 died of other things...yet they put a big fat check in the "Death by Covid-19" box upon their deaths. I'm guessing this is happening all over the country. Die of a car accident? Nope. We'll check the "Death by Covid-19" box. Die of a heart attack? Nope. We'll check the "Death by Covid-19" box. Die of old age? Nope. We'll just check that freaking "Death by Covid-19" box. Because, after all, that's how these hospitals and health care providers get big fat checks from Uncle Sam. By LYING about everybody dying of the Coronavirus. Yep, I said it. And yes, I think there's something stinky in Denmark here, folks. Something very corrupt and sinister is taking place. At YOUR expense. Yes, you the Average American is going to get the short end of the stick, if you haven't already."
  12. Coronan Rhampsody - (Donald Trump Parody) Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
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