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  1. I knew it, skulking into our private conversations on a public forum like that. I'm sure the lurkers are in absolute awe on your theories and consider themselves not worthy to provide meaningful input. What I appreciate about posting my ahem: "insights" here or on the WF, is that they get panned in most cases. So, for one, it makes you think and be self critical. Ultimately, if you want to get any acceptance you "have" to relate with people with ordinary views, make them think, that's the ultimate reward if you do. I'd rather be shot down trying than be pandering to a bunch of yes men. So, pl
  2. Concerns over the mental health of Mike Lindell were today confirmed as he was certified a complete Pillowcase
  3. Meatballs must have been a huge disappointment
  4. Claude walks into a bar and slips on a dog turd and lands flat on his back, He picks himself up, dusts himself down, cleans his shoes and sits at the bar. A big burly body builder, twice Claude's size, walks in, slips on the dog turd and lands flat on his back. Claude turns to him and says: "I did that....."
  5. Come on now, an Australian Astronaut?
  6. We all know that you are telling people it was a crocodile attack and your name is "Crocodile Whatee"
  7. Shane has been away visiting friends and family on his home planet, Mars. He got there by sheer Perseverance.
  8. In Texas, that just means stifling hot weather and unidentified flying bug objects entering my rental. So no, not looking forward to it. Temps can be in the 70's on Xmas day here and we call that pleasant weather. I prefer fall and winter here. Of course, hot weather will stifle Covid a little.
  9. Riffle Disposables Inc...Your under the radar assassination solution
  10. I notice that you may be interested in my: "Make It Seem Like Suicide Package" Don't want the hassle of a lengthy murder investigation while your wife awaits a long time for the payout? Can't bring yourself to commit suicide because your too scared to do it? Well this is for you.... First, we carefully craft a beautifully worded suicide note in your own forged handwriting outlining the futility of your existence and signed by you. Then at a designated location and time our experts will stealthfully approach and fire into your arm a strong narcotic via a tiny undetectable
  11. Success to them may just mean that they may be making up to 100k per year from it with minimal input having setup some autopilot schemes and just doing a few emails a week to their list. Now that is great as their work may only constitute 5 to 10 hours a week, which is a very nice lifestyle, so, they see and project themselves as successful. While 100k is a very nice salary and affords some luxurious things in their lives, it is not an impossible thing to earn if you are in a reasonable position in a company, However, that could entail well over 40 hours a week to maintain. Then we have
  12. It must be said, just because people who make money online amass a lot of money and are good at what they do, it does not make them more competent at managing their personal finances than anyone else. The absence of a Will for example will lead to the contents of their bank account going to the state, not being made available to their family. They may have made no provision by having a life insurance policy either. You could speculate that these people may think themselves successful and invincible to health issues and pass over on the provision details. They are too caught up with their
  13. Well my observation was that he's not good enough to represent himself. Which he could and would be a lot cheaper for him. 😉
  14. Of course you have first hand memory of those days.
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