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  1. It's all the rage. Even Star Trek has a Trans-Warp drive now.
  2. So you mean their are no ACDC characters to Marvel at yet?
  3. Hmmm,, if they get candy on a regular basis I'm sure any excitement would wear off as it becomes normalized.
  4. Yes, those pesky but smart 3-4 year old's knew about how parents perceived reaction to their giving them sugary foods was and just used it as an excuse to go crazy. Clever
  5. Dan Riffle could use your jacket as a tent when camping. He would think he was sleeping in a Cathedral
  6. This all started with "The Penetrator" years ago, a Terminator parody with decent special effects. "Come with me if you want to have sex"
  7. I tried typing in "Claude Whitacre xxx" and what do i get? Sales Porn
  8. Those working in the BBW section let out a huge Thigh of relief
  9. Having seen a fair share of Porn movies in my life I am pretty bored with it. I am more interested in how they light the actors and the medium they use to record it. For example, film it with full sized television camera's for a change so it will be like a studio shot. (except those cameras cost 250k apiece) Film it with 35 millimeter film. It looks different. I like well done erotic movies which are close to the knuckle, briefly explicit perhaps. Perhaps mixed in with interesting storylines. Or at the other end of the scale., horror, grainy low budget or slash em up ones. Or, movies that show real passion. The Japanese have got that one down. The American ones are by the numbers, no kissing, routine. Fed up with the gyno stuff. Good softcore is better than hardcore in most cases.
  10. I thought this would be worthy of its own post because your personal experience of raising kids would be interesting to hear. So do you recall hearing advice and seeing the consequences of not taking it regarding your kids. This is to try to avoid giving them high sugar treats, the result is them becoming hyperactive and bouncing off the walls until it wears off, especially in the sub 5 year old's. Never had kids myself. Anyway, it turns out now, that due to studies some years back, it was found out that excess intake of sugar has no effect on kids hyperactivity whatsoever? Here's a vid about it.
  11. These days, many people still want the "Newest" stuff in the highest resolution without the interruption of re-directs and popups to get to the clip or movie, no buffering, fast servers. (If long established they have a huge database of all previous stuff) and are prepared to pay for that. Then there is specialist stuff that is fiercely protected and does not get ripped that easily. Looking at the monthly cost to be a member, it has definitely gone down over the years too, they rely more on volume, many more people online. These makers also lease their material out to other pay-sites so the these sites can boast many different providers. I suppose putting that all together there is still money to be made. So, this has replaced the Blue-Ray/DVD model. In Europe for example we have a Brazzers TV channel. Or, you could just subscribe to their site and watch selectively. One thing that intrigues me is that the Japanese seem to have the monopoly on adult material. Even though much is partially censored, the most online and the easiest to come by for free. Barely a few months go by before a release is free to view. They must make very little per movie. I must clarify that an alleged friend gave me all this info. A guy called Kurt. 😉
  12. Like whatthebutlersaw.com Amazing how they digitized those flick cards and the action runs smoother than cranking the handle on the machine. Technology is incredible. 😉
  13. Just as well that while looking down on yourself in the shower your view is obstructed. And that's why you eat so much. It's a sexual thing. Sigmund Freud
  14. I'm here asking for directions, oh I'm here looking for work. No stepdaughters or wives ever got to hear about this by mutual agreement. That is when your reply of, "I think you are mistaken, my name's Smith...John Smith" failed to work. This unfortunately coincided with the untimely page over the Tannoy: "Calling Mr Whitacre, your custom, extra small size Tally Wacker Ring is ready for pickup"
  15. I wonder if she did reduced rates for "non nude"
  16. It is constantly amazing to me that their is still a porn industry out there. New stuff is still created so it must be lucrative, though I suspect, far less so than it was. Who, these days would actually go out and buy a blue ray or dvd. All new stuff is available online to stream or download from the producers website and "some" people will pay to see it. However, new material is leaked very quickly onto tube sites and available for free so most people will just wait a few months for that. There is a constant overlap stream of relatively new stuff to stream for free, clips, scenes and whole movies worth. And, if say an American produced movie is copied and leaked, it is difficult to sue for copywrite infringement if the tube site is located in another country.
  17. I thought you already joined the Onlyfats platform
  18. My main observation about Mac O/S was the fact that their are a lot more programs for Windows than Mac. But of course if you have all you need to do the work on a Mac then that's all fine. I just liked the wider range of choices. But it does have its problems, all this third party software. Having retired from working for a community college, one of the perks is that they give you lifetime free use of Office 365 and The whole Adobe Suite. You retain your college Edu email and status (educators, although I worked in accounts payable). The salary was not that great but nice perks. So I have those programs on my PC. Now, I use Outlook for my email and had it set for Imap and checks for new email every 60 seconds. However, when I first started using it every day or so I had to re-boot because Outlook became unresponsive to open (this fixed it). Just before it re-booted it said Outlook was shutting down. Hmm. So I looked for solutions, a known bug with various fixes by googling it, none worked. So, About a year ago, I found a paid program called Restorio. Claimed to fix anything and loaded all the latest drivers from its database. Bought and ran it a few times. It was highly acclaimed but did not solve the issue. After a third run of it, I could not open Microsoft programs, because Restorio had restored Windows 10 back to "Prior Activation Date" OMG. So I had to feign ignorance of this program and called Amazon as the PC was under warranty. Surprisingly, because it was a high end machine I apparently had top line anything support from Dell for a year and was put through to a tech within 30 seconds. The tech remoted in and fixed it. I was lucky. Needless to say, Restorio is no longer on my machine. The issue with Outlook still exists but only happens once a week now. If it ain't that broke, leave well alone. The pro's and cons of third party software. It does not happen often but Apples tight infrastructure ensures it never happens. I can appreciate that side of the argument. Lol. Never tried Brother Printers or toner based ones. Have had no problems with buying third party cheap replacement cartridges from Amazon for the Canon though. These days, I rarely use the printer function, more the scanner part. Having cloned 10 a number of times to an SSD. I do like how you can then put that SSD into another machine and it adjusts itself and works.
  19. I think my favorite brand of late is Dell. HP's reputation is not great, cheap components. Repair people do not like them. I had a state of the art (at the time) HP desktop in the late 2000's which got fried by lightning after several years despite having a spike protector on the mains. The HD I liberated from it and cut my hand up as it was buried at the bottom of the machine. Bad layout. An HP laptop lasted a few years and the HDMI port packed up. (had it connected to a TV) In 2006-7 I bought a Vista original Gateway Laptop. Solid build and still works today though not used it for years. I actually used it so much I wore a little trench into the trackpad. Lol. As to Asus, I have a 32" 4k monitor of 14 months, still going strong. I had a 200 dollar Asus router about 8 years back. It lasted 2 years, pretty much fried itself, got that hot. On printers, my Canon MX330 from 2006-7 is still going strong. My forays into Epson and HP printers have all met with disaster in the past. Canon wins hands down. Interesting that printer models are around for several years, they don't change them that often. Yes, much prefer desktops, trackpads are awkward, love the mouse, full keyboards and big screens, but for travelling, laptops are a necessary evil. Tablets are ugh, An alternative would be to buy an inexpensive portable PC (like the Mac mini only a PC version. Mac Mini too expensive to travel with), a keyboard, mouse and small portable monitor. Never tried that configuration as yet. For the most part, I find Windows 10 (and I expect 11) to have been very stable. Almost to you where you don't have to think about the O/S anymore, it just works. In a way, I miss the challenge, LOL. I think, if you are lucky, the max life on any machine is about 10 years. But, the attraction of newer and faster makes you want a new device every 3-4 years. Lol. I generally will go 5-6 years. PS: My laptop has a touchscreen, never use it. I think they are lame as you have to lift your hands up in the air, soon get tired of doing that. Not a fan of tablets with on screen keyboards either.
  20. Ahhh, so you only buy Laptops normally? Do or did you travel a lot? I have a 17" late i7 Gen 10 Dell XPS Laptop (which tested ok for Win 11 compatibility amazingly) It has a solid metal chassis, folds right back to make a huge tablet and touch screen (never use it in that way) 16 gigs of ram, graphics card and a load of extra optane memory which makes it start up and run really fast. Cost was 1,100 dollars. I see it lasting years (he said optimistically) I will agree with the fact that 4-5-600 dollar laptops have a life of about 4 years, especially if you use them a lot and take them on travels. but, the build on mine is excellent. You get what you pay for. My Ex is still using her 2010 Macbook Pro, nearly 12 years old then. I doubled the memory on it from 4 to 8 gigs and put a one Terabyte SSD in it, flushed the pram and it does start up and run a lot faster. Yes, they are built well but it did cost her $2,600.00. As to the Windows Desktops, I have a 14 month old Dell XPS top of the line I9 and specked out The modest (now donated to a friend) 500 dollar Dell I bought back in 2014 is still going strong. Generation 4 I5 and I put an SSD in it, what a difference.
  21. These machines will not be repairable by a third party and I hope that you bought Applecare so they can give you a new one if a component fails because I don't think Apple themselves can repair them, so glued or soldered down everything is. As to the M1 chip, no criticism. They are fast and powerful. However, you are locked into what you bought and non upgradable, so I hope they give you many years of service before anything fails. My criticism of Microsoft Windows 11 doing a cut off at 8th gen machines regarding being upgradable to it is equally exasperating. I hope they change their tune as Windows 10 will be retired in just over 4 years. To some who own gen 7 or before, that means they have a perfectly good machine but will feel threatened to continue using Windows 10 because of lack of support and security. These computer software and hardware manufactures are batshit crazy. They are so steeped in their own computer geek logic they fail to see the backlash from users.
  22. No, never built a PC, only updated a few. I would never engage in such a task. My last triumph was to give my friend my old PC a year or so ago, hers was failing, and cloned her Windows installation, after a cleanup (Windows 10), from her old HD to an SSD plugged in to a USB port on hers with an off the shelf special cable. Then I put the SSD in my old one, crossed my fingers. It worked right out of the box! She was able to continue where she left off. So given that it was a 4th Gen Intel, she will have to get a new one in October 2025 unless Microsoft change there tune. Oh well, at least she will get 6 years out of it.. Can you run an old version of Photoshop an a new Mac?
  23. The antiques O/S Roadshow. I was able to make my way around my ex-wives (when still married) 2010 Mac-book Pro. It was ok. I was even able to upgrade it once I got the specialist screwdrivers. Copied/Cloned the HDD to an SSD via USB, swopped it out and doubled the ram, 4 to 8 gigs. (max for that model), even flushed the Pram so it booted up in 15 seconds instead of 2.5 minutes (coupled with the SSD). As to the O/S, had been updated to the most recent compatible with it. All made a difference. It's what your used to but you can adapt. So your mother bought the new M1 Macbook Air? Currently looking at the Windows 11 Debacle and the possibility that it will not work on machines less than 8th gen Intel or equivalent. I found a third party tool to check compatibility, (Microsoft removed theirs temporarily for upgrades) my machine passed but it is a recent i9, all checked out ok. Four more years of Windows 10 until support stops in 2025, October and if lower than i8, allegedly that then you will have to chuck your machine away going by what's being said at the moment. Funnily enough, the Windows 11 O/S that Microsoft is giving to developers have no real restrictions. Microsoft are currently being lambasted for the alleged restrictions they will put in place when the final version comes out later this year on all new machines sold. The free upgrade to Windows 10 users will not be available till 2022 So Shane, that makes it nearly 3 newer versions of Windows you are now behind. I hope your Laptop never fails, for the preservation of the old Photoshop usage. What will you do, buy a second hand one?
  24. I don't think that will be the excuse to do that. Any admission that UFO's are real and alien in origin would be a huge step to take and their is also no evidence of any attacks. Interesting in the latest development in this story, they say : We don't know what they are, but they are seen often and definitely not of US origin and can perform maneuvers and speeds far in advance of current technology. Similarly, China has said pretty much the same thing. That in itself is quite an admission, but not an admission of origin which to be fair, is unknown.
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