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  1. Then compare that to how people voted in the EU referendum and it's a similar pattern - It's because the education system is indoctrinating kids into a left wing agenda, from school to universities, pretty much as simple as that. Fortunately with age comes experience.
  2. Ok interesting, never noticed it myself. Will have to have a look into it, cheers Mike.
  3. Hello Mike, sorry that was my fault as I deleted it but uploaded another.
  4. Ok wasn't sure what to put as the title but that will do. I don't know whether I've seen this before or not so has anybody else seen this? Basically I noticed today when I'm on desktop (haven't checked mobile etc) that in the search results there are some results that have drop down boxes below the result that if you click on shows more content from the website. It looks basically like answers to related questions. I've attached an image, it's not my niche so just picked an obvious one to demonstrate. My initial thought was it's taking the piss as Google can be showing a fair bit of conte
  5. Jeremy Corbyn's never going to be PM, and if you think people up north see him as some kind of saviour then I think you're living in about 2015. They'd rather vote Brexit Party or Lib Dems than Labour.
  6. Spent the whole day watching it as Sky actually allowed it to go on FTA tv, except for a break to watch the British GP which actually had some decent racing in it. Great result although there really didn't deserve to be a winner or loser in this one.
  7. I bought the Samsung Gear VR a couple years back which is used with my phone and uses is powered by oculus. It's was ok, not brilliant as being on the phone it isn't the best picture quality mainly on real life videos rather than animated ones but bought it really just to get a taste of things so was expected. I haven't used it much but some of the horror type experiences really do make you jump. It's surprising because I thought you know it's not real so can't be that bad but I nearly jumped out my skin on one of them and was trying to push this psycho bloke away from me. Maybe in the future
  8. I never watched the video as it doesn't interest me, but the videos such as extreme idiots do make me laugh mostly. I's not that the person is getting hurt that is funny I think it's their stupidity that is funny or their reaction that they are surprised some stupid stunt went the way it did. Sometimes I don't laugh like people who play with fire and get burnt or idiots shoving fireworks up their arse and letting them off, I just think they're a bit pathetic.
  9. I can understand it. If Tony Blair died and someone said RIP to him then their statement might not be political but I'd definitely reply with something like good riddance and give my reasons and it would all be because of what he did as the PM and beyond. As for the pope I'm not catholic or religious but I could understand if the same happened in that situation. Personally I think people should be able to say what they like but from their standpoint I can understand it.
  10. Funny video, thanks for posting it.
  11. Bit late maybe but I was in basically the same position about a year, 18 months ago. I have a site that doesn't make a lot of money so did that first, no negatives. Then a month or so after I did my main money earner and no negatives on that either. I followed this guide as I didn't know much about it which helped https://www.bram.us/2014/12/06/migrating-your-wordpress-website-from-http-to-https/ There is a plugin (or two probably) if it's on wordpress that does it all for you other than install the ssl certificate I think but not sure whether it's any good but has a lot of good reviews a
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