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  1. ALL THIS OVER AN 80-YEAR-OLD SONG! SNOWFLAKES OF THE WORLD, REJOICE!!! PHILADELPHIA (FOX 29) - The Philadelphia Flyers have banned Kate Smith's rendition of "God Bless America" from the Wells Fargo Center and will cover the statue of the famous singer outside the stadium following accusations of racism, the team announced. The Flyers will follow the lead set by the New York Yankees, who suspended Smith's performance from the 7th inning stretch at Yankee Stadium.
  2. The AMOL

    CBD oil is legit.

    Fixed for total accuracy!
  3. The AMOL

    CBD oil is legit.

    Getting high IS the positive effect of marijuana. Welcome to the placebo effect. 🙂 Frank
  4. So much for strengthening the gene pool through the long-held and proven technique of douche bag elimination. Providing the road map was an essential part of the process. Do you know what the most famous hillbilly last words, are? "Hey, y'all. Watch this."
  5. Stating a fact doesn't have to be done as an insult. As far as making sense, you must have me confused with someone, else. Not hitting the booze until Tuesday, but I can assure you that I'll be making-up for lost time. Enjoy your holiday.
  6. This from a man who pulled his avatar pic off of Shutterstock.com? Seriously???
  7. Once again you illuminate your profound ignorance for all to see. Since you have no idea about who, why, when and for how long any Internet radio station's listeners tune in, I'll just let your display speak for itself. My station is character driven with a live show that people have been listening to for 12 years. In the age of Spotify and Pandora if you don't have a character driven, listening audience you are toast. I have a very dedicated group of listeners who love the Answer Man's lunacy and I have some that have been with me for the entire 12 years. That said, in the end, I do this for
  8. Failure should be quite easy for you to recognize.
  9. Admit it. You crave my bod and you're tracking me down. 🙂
  10. What crap. Anthony Scaramucci like to pass himself off as some kind of Trump whisperer. We've all heard his 'insight' into The Donald, ad infinitum. The drivel has not been updated in the past 3 years. Have you been living under a rock? I saw that show and they did precisely what needed to be done. Stop that bullshit, dead in its tracks. Trust me, we know our enemy. There is no deep-dive needed to understand the immaturity and faux victimhood of this deranged animal. It's a good thing you have a loving wife to dress and feed you in the morning, 🙂
  11. She doesn't bill her show as news. It's an opinion show, where the news is debated. Have you ever watched it? I can only take her about once a week. She repeats everything 5 times and it's more than annoying - it's insulting. And this - from a liberal loon. Not really. I don't consider myself that liberal, but I am very progressive. Example? I'm anti-abortion, but I would NEVER try to tell a woman she shouldn’t have one. Simply, not my call. That's the difference between a liberal and a progressive. A liberal believes that abortion is fine. A progressive considers it a necessary evil. lol
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