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  1. Reflecting back on my youth, I never imagined surviving until 2017. Apparently, I was incapable of killing enough brain cells to understand the so-called "societal norms" or " "status quo". Now that 2017 is here, I am 101% convinced; time seems to move faster in the second half of ones life, as I prepare to turn 45 in just a few months. While I am not a big fan of setting New Year's resolutions, I am constantly setting new goals. However, I set a MEANINGFUL goal at age 18 to be finacially free (or in the least) have the freedom and liberty to work when I want, from where I want,
  2. That was my fear! The end goal was to have one key phrase specific URL such as GarageDoorPros(.)com (as an example only) and be able to generate leads using a phone script that would forward inbound calls to my chosen local client from each site build. I found the phone software which will enable me to record, track, and provide analytics for each phone lead we provide and allow clients direct access to 'real time' data and stats through a member portal, but... still some grey areas, I need to shine some light on to get this built right. Obviously, I damn sure don't want to start sendi
  3. I might be a prime candidate for such a script, lol. (*at least until they officially legalize weed here in Florida!) On a serious note, if you could pm a link to their sales page I would like to look into their product.
  4. I frequently use the free version in word, emails, and even online with the Firefox add-on. I think getting those monthly stats claiming my vocabulary is 83% higher than most current users "fuels my ego" lol. However, those annoying "yellow" warnings piss me off, because I need the premium version to learn what 'improper' grammar keeps triggering those damn things!
  5. How accurately can javascript pinpoint a visitors location to display localized content only? I am (attempting to) build a network of sites which require a certain measure of accuracy concerning specific cities. The goal is to use one URL to target multiple states within the US, or drill down to specific cities or regions within a state. I've read up on some providers like Geolify, but I question if using a visitors I.P. will accurately pinpoint their location? I know my phone service provider here in Florida shows me logging into WordPress from Tallahassee to Fort Lauderdale, is there a m
  6. At the moment, I have mostly all Gmail accounts. Eventually, I'll clean up my act and start using domain based emails, (even when I do use a domain email... I usually forward them to a Gmail account.)
  7. Cool...I need to clean up my inboxes! Thanks.
  8. Very well put! I guess I'm not psychotic, lol- I do however, often feel consumed in empathy for mankind as a whole. Especially, seeing through the bs created as a means of control, conform, and what at times appears as intentional segregation, division, and weakens the power of the people, who by choice or by fear failure to acknowledge how ignoring such threats and remaining silent (as your siggy signifies) are just as currupt as those who influence oppression.
  9. I am no FB expert...actually don't even like using it unless my kids or someone I know specifically im's me. What I would do is create a 'fan page' for your business. The people would still find your personal info, but having the fan page for business allows you to communicate with anyone who likes yohr page. If I am not mistaken, your personal FB profile only allows up to 500 friends (as if many of us actually have 500 real friends) but, by creating a business page (a.k.a. fan page) you only need a visitor to 'like' your content 1 time to show up on their thread listings. In short, you can
  10. I don't understand the fear of public speaking either. While I vaguely remember the event, I was called from the audience to read something I had written (and contributed annonomously) and 'blacked out' on stage, despite delivering a powerful message.(or so they said!)I didn't remember a single word I uttered, and afterwards, people were coming up to me crying, hugging me, and blown away by the message I delivered...and to this day, I have no clue what the hell was said, lol. As far as FB... I very rarely use it, and agree those attempting to project a picture perfect life through the use of
  11. Shay, just wanted to Thank-you for posting this, it lead me down a path yesterday doing some research and revealed a market I was already preparing materials for on a side project. In short, if your post had not triggered my attention, I sincerely doubt I would have explored the path it lead me to... Hint: Localized markets!
  12. I respect the way she handled her business after the article went viral. She definitely hustled. Great story, certainly proves a well placed message can still move millions of people.
  13. Shay, I agree with Mike it's a mindset (or perception) that I too am guilty of quite frequently. She obviously knows what her skills are worth and sounds confident enough to know; $1200 for a serious business owner is a drop in the bucket. Offline, I would spend upward of $40k- $60k per year in operationg costs to invoice $100k- $120k annually. The irony was, I had zero advertising budget, and ALL of my accumulative business expenses were tools, vehicle, insurance related costs. Point being, conducting business requires investments of money, time, and knowledge. Anytime you source out thos
  14. Nothing worse than a thief dismaying the potential to grow an affiliate army. I often wondered how it is;vendors will approve instant commissions(?) - when there are so many desperate people who will scam an affiliate commission, and then refund after being paid. I've never personally experienced it and I certainly wouldn't rob a vendor. Your not the first to make such mention of being ripped off this way and draw my attention to the greater risks. If I ever do acquire an army of affiliates, I don't mind paying out the commissions, but I'll tell ya.... they ain't getting paid until the
  15. I imagine this is largely due to the fact; 90% of the Top Selling items hosted on JVzoo are conjoined at the hip with super-affiliates and their reciprocal entourage.(I was going to refer to it as a reciprocal orgy, but I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression or be offended.) In order to get any traction over there, you either need to be part of that inner circle or be a freaking one man/woman marketing genius!
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