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  1. Reflecting back on my youth, I never imagined surviving until 2017. Apparently, I was incapable of killing enough brain cells to understand the so-called "societal norms" or " "status quo". Now that 2017 is here, I am 101% convinced; time seems to move faster in the second half of ones life, as I prepare to turn 45 in just a few months. While I am not a big fan of setting New Year's resolutions, I am constantly setting new goals. However, I set a MEANINGFUL goal at age 18 to be finacially free (or in the least) have the freedom and liberty to work when I want, from where I want, from wherever I choose...and not be a slave to the grind. I saw early on what people sacrificed to buy into the lies! Well.. all-in-all considered, despite having "let go" of damn near everything most people cling to... I feel closer than ever to having accepted all my prior failures, and in turn, feel to have obtained some priceless knowledge, as I continue building the mindset and skillsets to "flip the switch" to illuminate my dreams, ambitions, and goals- in order to acquire the lifestyle I have always known to be within reach. In coming to better understand human behavior, the powers of influence, and the "intrusions" that litter our paths - consistent with people, places, and things... My greatest weaknesses have been revealed. Perhaps, my greatest mistake was seperating myself from money. For a spell, I couldn't believe the extent people will travel or the shit they'll put themselves through for tge Almighty Dollar. I hated money for awhile as I took interest in what causes people to abandon their principles, ethics, integrity and piss it all away in the exchange... of money. Indeed, it was a self-inflicted punishment and one that must end this year, lest it be; I choose to sail off to a deserted island with a clown named Captain Spalding at the helm and a beach ball named Blowbag. From this day forward... I NEED to be more forgiving to others for their actions. I NEED to trust in my gutt instincts (as 9 out of 10 times they are right on cue!) I NEED to STOP questioning both my knowledge and my abilities, and accept my meticulous demands for achieving perfection are in fact; illogical, impractical, and crippling to my growth. I most certainly need to be the extrovertI once was, put my ass back out there like a top-earning escort in Vegas...for somewhere along life's path I became introverted, hiding my true talents, in fear I'd repeat the experience of being used, underappreciated, and/or completely misunderstood by those whom do not share in my visions. I WILL NOT prostitute my time for shitty wages or settle for less than my mind, expertise, and skillset are worth... I cannot afford such charity at the expense of impoverishment. I need to awaken that inner-giant, take full responsibility and control over my perceptions, thoughts, decisions, and actions in life... because in reality, nobody gives a flying fuck if I thrive, suffer, live, or die! I need to step up to the plate and not settle for getting "on base", but rather swing for the fences and drive home what lives and breathes in my being. I NEED to STOP trying to dumb myself down - in order to relate to those in my current environment, the ill-regarded influences of the ignorant and seperate the wheat from the chaff in all areas of my life. *If the people, places, objects, and things consuming my life ARE NOT conducive with who, what, and where I truly aspire to be, and towards that which I desire to be building, growing, or doing- that trash needs to be taken out! I NEED raise the bar on who and what I let into my life... rather than waste time trying to mentally masterbate and mold them into the people I think they should or could be! (Trust me... I've wasted years, maybe even a couple decades on the aforementioned!) Overall, I would like to exemplify and become an example to others, take a huge leap of faith and jump off this tightrope I have been foolishly tip-toing on for nearly 10 years, in fear I might face-plant (again)... When I know I'll survive and can openly choose to boldly soar with the eagles anytime I desire to do so. This day, this week, month, year, or even decade, I NEED to pursue my deep seeded interests, occupy the fields of my own imaginative and innovative mind, fuel the goodness in my heart to recognize, accept, and apply a relentless effort to reach, inspire, edify, educate, and grow a harvest for deserving recipients... and become impervious to the predators who starve themselves of life's pleasures or ignore the necessity to acquiring the means, resoursefulness, meaning, and purpose of being "in servitude" to the true values, priciples, and meaning of; success! We are all in search of... someone, something, or someplace, and while our points of view, aforethoughts (perceptions), and decisions may alter the actions we choose to take... We are all in constant motion and the pursuit is the true reward for those who are determined to seek a better way of life, happiness, and choose to preserve the freedoms that remain for the next - in posterity. I know, at times, the rabbit hole runs deep... But, just knowing at every turn awaits new challenges, new demands, and new knowledge to be acquired is inspiration enough for me to know... 2017 should deliver one hell of a kidney punch! Only true question remaining is; are we truly resilent enough to take the ass whoopings, get back up, and scale life's mountain of dreams? I believe; "indeed and in trust we are more than capable!' Clearly, the vast majority will choose to sit in awe, marveling at the absurdity of those who backslide, fail, fall, and get the shit beat out of them in an attempt to climb higher... But, the minute someone posts a flag of victory and takes the summit...those same critics (who sat idly by, spitting in. the face of adversity, those who took zero risk, contributed nothing... and awaited someone or something to show them the way...) will be quick to jump on the bandwagon "singing praises and following the victor"... like a moth drawn to the light! I say we torch all these inherent hypocrasies we so tend to uphold, and remain optimistic towards the unknown forces in play. This year, I will set free & unleash my birds upon those who remain willfully ignorant and ingested this plaguing delight in the spreading disease of DoofermeSyndrome, and to all those who weeve webs of deciet luring victims in by way of seeking sympathy & pity... Grow some balls! This year, I'm done holding my tongue. I will make the transition from burying my talents, and I will tear the ass off the willfully ignorant who think I give a shit about what they think I should be! If ever the wonder...were to reveal what tomorrow may hold... I'd bet my last dollar that millions of people would not be broke, depressed, stressed out, insecure, or in fear of pursuing that internal truth they already possess. Yet, I find myself (temporarily paralized, trapped, and awestruck) in observation of my surroundings and I can tell you this; people are petrified to be honest with themselves. They struggle to remove their masks and face the dirty they've swept under the carpet... All-the-while, that dirt is still there! This year... I choose to be dirty, real, and transparent. All the lies, masks, bs, and ignorance needs to step aside, for before my 46th bithday (April 22, 2018) I will be mentally, spiritually, and financially free... by helping other business minded individuals obtain, sustain, and surpass their personal and financial ambitions. I will serve those who appreciate, deserve, and desire to earn their freedoms and preserve their integrity, values, and ethical practices...as should we all! This year... I will burn the ships and take that friggin island... despite having failed in my last few attempts and crawled away limping! Oh, and since I mentioned transparency... I intent to do this from within my van... as I have long since cut ties with all the shit I do not need in my life. No more filling boxes with shit I don't need or want. My last residence was a freaking double-wide trailer in the swamps of Florida... Is this where I truly desire to be? Hell no! In the company of my trusted companion; Harley (my pitbull) and my best friend and woman of 25 years, I found the PROCESS I have been searching for since the day I got online! There's much work to do, and I know I owe a huge amount of gratitude to many of you here (and from the other forum) for though many may know not, I have emassed a ton of knowledge from several of you who contributed to my ongoing education! For that I sincerely Thank-you and wish you and yours a healthy & properous 2017! Happy New Year!!! All the Beasts Shall Quiver, As All the Best Shall Rise Above... and Overcome! Much Love, make 2017 count! Art
  2. That was my fear! The end goal was to have one key phrase specific URL such as GarageDoorPros(.)com (as an example only) and be able to generate leads using a phone script that would forward inbound calls to my chosen local client from each site build. I found the phone software which will enable me to record, track, and provide analytics for each phone lead we provide and allow clients direct access to 'real time' data and stats through a member portal, but... still some grey areas, I need to shine some light on to get this built right. Obviously, I damn sure don't want to start sending 'phone leads' to a future client such as; a Garage Door company in Florida and have prospective buyers from Texas wanting a garage door installed... that shit won't fly to well. I was considering buying one domain (like the example above) and creating several geo-targeted sub-domains, such as: - Florida.GarageDoorPros(.)com - California.GarageDoorPros(.)com - Texas.GarageDoorsPros(.)com But... even then, I am struggling to understand how the hell I can guarantee accurate local phone leads to my 'future' client(s), without having to buy a domain for each specific State or Region, in order to guarantee my target client receives accurate leads. I mean an extra 10 bucks per domain won't kill me, as I could essentially 'clone' the WP sites and just change the geo-specific content per URL to match that region -- but finding keyword specific URL's gets more complex when I want to target multiple states/cities. Accuracy will need to be the priority. I plan to build out the sites, control the assets, and sell all inbound phone leads for either a monthly flat fee or on a per lead basis, so essentially, I am using their money (OPM methodology) to ramp up social and local ad spends to drive more targeted leads, and guarantee the client receives a minimum of 20 to 1 returns in new "Net Sales" from our lead service, and consultancy services. (Still working out the kinks... as you mentioned on the group project, it is not a newbie friendly endeavor. ) In truth, I found 20 laser-targeted URL's in less than 30 minutes that could easily rank for similar types of service based 'key phrases' -- I just wanted a lazy way to 'clone' the sites in different states, but, I am starting to think -- (1) URL/Domain per region would likely produce more accurate results. Once I have all the automation, software, and membership portal set up on the main site, I'll have to start testing. Thanks, Art
  3. I might be a prime candidate for such a script, lol. (*at least until they officially legalize weed here in Florida!) On a serious note, if you could pm a link to their sales page I would like to look into their product.
  4. I frequently use the free version in word, emails, and even online with the Firefox add-on. I think getting those monthly stats claiming my vocabulary is 83% higher than most current users "fuels my ego" lol. However, those annoying "yellow" warnings piss me off, because I need the premium version to learn what 'improper' grammar keeps triggering those damn things!
  5. How accurately can javascript pinpoint a visitors location to display localized content only? I am (attempting to) build a network of sites which require a certain measure of accuracy concerning specific cities. The goal is to use one URL to target multiple states within the US, or drill down to specific cities or regions within a state. I've read up on some providers like Geolify, but I question if using a visitors I.P. will accurately pinpoint their location? I know my phone service provider here in Florida shows me logging into WordPress from Tallahassee to Fort Lauderdale, is there a more SEO friendly and accurate way to have the content show for the city a visitor is browsing from? Then, I question VPN services, clearly someone from Malaysia could appear to be in Michigan... So does any know the most accurate way to set up one site in multiple cities and/or states where the content only shows relevant content to that region? Lastly, I am looking to target approximatately 10 states on average per URL. Would it be better to just buy 10 domains and build each around that region? Or Should I create a sub domain for each city/state I am targeting? (Thinking this ^^^ is probably the best solution.) I plan to do a ton of on-page SEO and start building links... But can a script accurately manage multiple cities and states and still maintain SEO values for organic searches?
  6. At the moment, I have mostly all Gmail accounts. Eventually, I'll clean up my act and start using domain based emails, (even when I do use a domain email... I usually forward them to a Gmail account.)
  7. Cool...I need to clean up my inboxes! Thanks.
  8. Very well put! I guess I'm not psychotic, lol- I do however, often feel consumed in empathy for mankind as a whole. Especially, seeing through the bs created as a means of control, conform, and what at times appears as intentional segregation, division, and weakens the power of the people, who by choice or by fear failure to acknowledge how ignoring such threats and remaining silent (as your siggy signifies) are just as currupt as those who influence oppression.
  9. I am no FB expert...actually don't even like using it unless my kids or someone I know specifically im's me. What I would do is create a 'fan page' for your business. The people would still find your personal info, but having the fan page for business allows you to communicate with anyone who likes yohr page. If I am not mistaken, your personal FB profile only allows up to 500 friends (as if many of us actually have 500 real friends) but, by creating a business page (a.k.a. fan page) you only need a visitor to 'like' your content 1 time to show up on their thread listings. In short, you can get unlimited 'likes' to a business or fan page that allows you to communicate with people interested in your offerings. I am not sure about this or not, but you may be able to hide your personal FB profile (requiring your approval for people to access it) and still keep your business page(s) public to let anyone and everyone access your offerings. Being my personal FB is current set as public...IDK for sure if you make your personal profile private (not public) but keep your business (fan) pages public... This could be a valid solution. Also, you can add call to action buttons to your fan pages like an optin form (there's videos on YouTube for setting this up) and you can link out to your landing pages, squeeze pages, or any site you choose. I haven't used FB with any real intent yet, but there is some great potential in creating and promoting your fan pages. In fact, they keep showing me what my ads would look like if I chose to'boost' exposure to my fan page. Plus, they have insights and some analytics built in that could benefit for business related content and offerings.
  10. I don't understand the fear of public speaking either. While I vaguely remember the event, I was called from the audience to read something I had written (and contributed annonomously) and 'blacked out' on stage, despite delivering a powerful message.(or so they said!)I didn't remember a single word I uttered, and afterwards, people were coming up to me crying, hugging me, and blown away by the message I delivered...and to this day, I have no clue what the hell was said, lol. As far as FB... I very rarely use it, and agree those attempting to project a picture perfect life through the use of selfies, or stupid meme's to explain how they feel are equally annoying...childish and immature IMHO. While I commend her for the courage it took to tell her story, I am still not convinced any one therapist can resolve the negative attachments we all inherit throughout life's experience. It's like the "Law of Attraction" - and the power of positive thought, it makes sense to think & stay positive, but, in my philosophy (similar to Eastern philosopher's) there's a balance to everything...a positive and a negative. One does not exist without the other! To me, it is impossible to apply force to one, without increasing equal resistance from the other...as Newton's Law of Motion applies to all forms of movement, including life, as we are all in constant motion, in search of, and ever-evolving life via our own experiences. Being of Irish decent, I have the bad habit of believing Murphy's law; "If it can go wrong, it probably will!" Thus, while I always pray for the best, I am constantly preparing for the worst. When I see picturesque families, I just scratch my head and say;" good for them in capturing those brief moments of hapiness, for we all know every small victory is generally aquired through some form of pain, suffering, or sacrifice...and many times a smile is only showing what's on the surface. Look at Robin Williams, brilliant comedian, actor, and celebrity figure...yet, he battled massive bouts of depression, whoda-thunkit? Meanwhile, I am often more motivated by the negative, the threat, or the fear of not knowing how to overcome an obstacle, and stay heavily aware; our minds should be in control of our emotions... but, seldom is this the case. Most people (myself included) allow emotions to control our minds, impart. Thus, feed your mind with understanding, knowledge, and glimpses of wisdom, and stop letting emotions get the better of you. (Easier said than done, unless you're a sociopath!) Like Eminem says; "you can do anthing you put your mind to man!" If only we didn't let out emotional concerns dictate our mental perceptions, influence our decisions, and trigger our fears, rather than take affirmative action! (That is a challenge I have yet to defeat!) For if we truly didn't care about what others say, do, or think... We'd all be filthy rich, uber successful, happy, and on point... when our conscience became concerned for others, fear awakened, and we allowed feelings to overwrite our instincts.(Roots back to the garden...) I choose to remain concerned for others, and yet, in my experience most could care less. Whether being genuinely concerned for anothers wellbeing is a blessing or a curse, I know not, and yet, if I could render an image of how I see life it would be a cage containing a bleeding heart for humanity! Clearly, if we all lost our emotional connection... we'd be animals, ruled by instict, not emotions and fear.
  11. Shay, just wanted to Thank-you for posting this, it lead me down a path yesterday doing some research and revealed a market I was already preparing materials for on a side project. In short, if your post had not triggered my attention, I sincerely doubt I would have explored the path it lead me to... Hint: Localized markets!
  12. I respect the way she handled her business after the article went viral. She definitely hustled. Great story, certainly proves a well placed message can still move millions of people.
  13. Shay, I agree with Mike it's a mindset (or perception) that I too am guilty of quite frequently. She obviously knows what her skills are worth and sounds confident enough to know; $1200 for a serious business owner is a drop in the bucket. Offline, I would spend upward of $40k- $60k per year in operationg costs to invoice $100k- $120k annually. The irony was, I had zero advertising budget, and ALL of my accumulative business expenses were tools, vehicle, insurance related costs. Point being, conducting business requires investments of money, time, and knowledge. Anytime you source out those tasks to a true professional it costs money. Like Yukon stated... if a business owner cannot afford $100 per month or quarterly investments a measly $300 per month... they are not seasoned business owners and she's marketing in the wrong playground! As far as weebly, Wix, and all these hosted solutions, why rent when you can own? As opposed to teaching people how to use freebie sites, why not offer up a WP course or teach people how to set up and manage their website(s). While the pain points will always point to people crying broke (hell I am observing that camp in full costume right now, lol) there is no reason to stay there. In short, people who will not invest time or money...are not potential clients, they are generally leeches looking to be handed 10 years of experience, right now for what(?) $10... Send em packing. Tell em BK's hiring, and the benefit packet is min wage, a name tag, a discounted meal, and they can;"have it their way!" While I sincerely empathize for people who get stuck in the mindset they cannot afford to do greater things... it can be reflective of what they are willing to sacrifice, invest, and ultimately risk by accepting a different (often uncomfortable) path. Now, I might be liken to those who feel it's necessary to "whip oneself into shape" as it can seem a credible notion to beat oneself up trying to serve the needy... been doing that my whole life. But, if you play the role of the good samaritan and enable (certain types of) people to continually "run you over" after you fix-a-flat on their vehicle... chances are, you're helping the wrong people! Therefore, your friend needs to hold steadfast to a minimum of $1200 (which is cheap to the right audience/business owner) my suggestion would be reevaluate where she is marketing, how she is marketing, and the packaging/message she's sending. At times, I think my skill would be consulting, and I do the same thing..."oh, people are too cheap, nobody sees the value, etc. In reality, the problem is not them (prospective buyers), it's the mindset (perception) of the vendor who devalues their products, goods, and/or services. I would start with her and craft her marketing strategy, and raise the price...so when someone cries; "$2400 for a website" - drop the bomb and reverse engineer their main needs, and say; "you know what-- I'll do one better, give me 12 months to prove to my services pay for themselves...and I'll cut 50% off to earn your respect!..but, you have 48 hours to decide." yada...yada...yada... PERCEPTION!!! We all know most people don't know what they want, let alone what the heck they need... So, as "marketers" it's our job to deliver the solution. The greater emphasis on the'pain' the more likely she'll sign clients. I was able to do this so naturally offline, and I got stupid when getting online, somehow I too believed the real world approach didn't work online. That's the bs we tell ourselves when we see so many offering dirt cheap services, and think we have to be in that camp! If I were you I'd look closer at her current marketing message, and be willing to bet she's not convincing the client that by spending $100 that expense pays for itself! If you know you're good at design it's not hard to deliver results. If a client realizes for every $1 they get back $3 (min.) they'll pay more! Finding those people is not the problem... having them find her product/service is the objective... if positioned, packaged, and accompanied by a message of confidence in getting people results... Viola! They'll hunt her down and pay whatever she asks. Provided she's got the goods! Maybe I need to start following my own advice, the problem isnt my audience either... It's me making excuses like Mike said above. Besides...$1200 over a years time is a whopping $3.29 per day! If a business owner cannot invest $3 a day, they can't even afford lunch at BK... Use the math... People relate to simple math, especially if a dollar sign is flashing in front of them! Just my.02 (Now I need to apply my theory, lol) Sorry for the long post... struck a nerve, cause I am making the same mistakes.
  14. Nothing worse than a thief dismaying the potential to grow an affiliate army. I often wondered how it is;vendors will approve instant commissions(?) - when there are so many desperate people who will scam an affiliate commission, and then refund after being paid. I've never personally experienced it and I certainly wouldn't rob a vendor. Your not the first to make such mention of being ripped off this way and draw my attention to the greater risks. If I ever do acquire an army of affiliates, I don't mind paying out the commissions, but I'll tell ya.... they ain't getting paid until the 30-60 day refund window closes. Even then, that won't stop all potential chargebacks.
  15. I imagine this is largely due to the fact; 90% of the Top Selling items hosted on JVzoo are conjoined at the hip with super-affiliates and their reciprocal entourage.(I was going to refer to it as a reciprocal orgy, but I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression or be offended.) In order to get any traction over there, you either need to be part of that inner circle or be a freaking one man/woman marketing genius!
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