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  1. Like Jacking Ninja isn't working. Any ideas for a working fackbook like jacking plugin?
  2. I used this theme to make a client site. The theme has the ken burns effect built in. http://mikehughesarchitects.com/ http://themes.dfd.name/ronneby/portfolio-hovers/ I couldn't get the exact look the client wanted, so I had a buddy do some css on it too. He's good, and not expensive. I can get you his info if interested.
  3. That dude has way too much time on his hands. Obviously doesn't have kids
  4. Good stuff to think about, and directions to grow. Thanks!
  5. Put a dollar in the socks. Go jogging. Go get coffee. Pay for it with the newly scented dollars
  6. I just launched a new $14 wso. This is not an attempt to drive traffic to the thread by posting it here. I wouldn't insult you guys like that. But should I post it here just so you could look at it and give some feedback? Especially so you can see the salescopy? Or should I just post a direct link to free download (no optin) for you to look at? Anyway.... I do freelance web design and local small biz marketing. So I'm not really an experienced wso product creator/seller. I love some honest feedback and hopefully suggestions to increase sales. What might I do to get more sales? I've tried solo ads before to a wso, and got no sales. I'm not sure fiverr is a good way to send traffic to the WF, because I'm not sure fiverr traffic is good for wso sale threads. But I could be wrong? The wso is not a big money maker, I know that. It's not software or a wordpress plugin. It's just a simple 21 page pdf showing a way to buy/sell stuff on facebook to make some quick cash. It's nothing new really. My technique is, however, a bit of a twist which improves results, and I'm hoping that's enough to attract buyers. Here are the pros (I think): -It's an evergreen method -It's a big trend -I've got a previous wso as a bonus. Cons (I think): -Not really a big money making appeal -Probably only works in the U.S. -Doesn't have an OTO -Probably not very attractive to affiliates. -I don't have a list with a bunch of wf customers on it. Should I offer PLR rights to it? Should I try giving a bunch of review copies away? I've already give a few out, and got a couple decent reviews. The wso is legit and does what it says, but it may not appeal to everyone. Any ideas to make it more attractive to affiliates? It's listed with WF and not jvzoo. Should I try jvzoo? Appreciate any feedback, thanks. -Jeff
  7. I've used s2member in the past, but thinking about using paidmembershipspro or membermouse. Membermouse looks easier because they tout their tutorials and walkthrus for setup. But love any feedback from MemberMouse users.
  8. I have a Chromebook. It works great if you just want to check email, surf the web, write stuff. It makes you use Google for everything, and that's not fun for Apple fans. Although there are more good apps out now in the Google Play store. So, I like it for what it is, especially at this price. But let's be clear, it's not a laptop. I use Adobe CC a lot, so I'm wanting to get a surface3, or just upgrade to an Alienware laptop. So I still feel the need to have a smart phone, ipad, chromebook, laptop, and 2 desktops....good grief.
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