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  1. I am looking to upgrade my website to SSL. I was told that I can do it for free using cPanel. I use GoDaddy for hosting right now, I was wondering if this was possible? I ask because I know that GoDaddy tries to sell SSL pretty hard, so I figured they might stop us from getting it for free if they could.
  2. Joomla is what the person who developed my website chose to use. Looking at it now, it seems so convoluted in the way he did it. Not that I am an expert or even a novice, but it just seems so complicated with all the various extensions to make what amounts to a very simple website. Another option when changing hosts is to just move all my content into a different website altogether, something fresher and also more mobile friendly.
  3. They weren't very clear. What you said is exactly what I thought, if they know they are giving me an inferior product or service that they want to get rid of, why do I have to pay to change it? Their response was that it was free if I do it myself, but I would have to pay one of their guys to do it.
  4. I have a pretty basic website (maybe 50 pages counting the blogs) for my business, it's based on Joomla. I doubt there are ever 2 people viewing it at the same time, yet it's pretty slow. Sometimes it will load quick but many times it will be slow to load. This is not good. I use GoDaddy. They called like they do a couple times a year to ask how everything is going and I told them about this. The guy said that my site was on an old server and I could move it to a new server and it would cost $100. I wasn't happy to have to pay to move it since he just admitted to me that it was th
  5. Just to be clear, even when not using Schema markup, I still shouldn't use the reviews from Yelp on my landing pages? What about reviews from Google? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Yukon, that's is great info. Currently each one of my town based landing pages has 2 reviews from customers in that town. But they are taken from Yelp or Google reviews so they are not unique (I see that you emphasized that word). I tried using Schema to get the start rating put in the result on Google, but the Joomla plug-in that is being used for my website deleted it for some reason so I gave up.
  7. I have the address of my local business (electrical contractor) in plain HTML on the footer of every page. My address is in 1 town while my service area is 15 towns (I have a town based landing page for each one). Would schema code make any real difference for me? I know nothing about it so it would be a lot to learn, so I just want to be sure it's worth it.
  8. I'm surprised. Right now I get a few from Florida, once in a while from "Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada", and one from Arizona- this is the one who calls me twice per week saying how he spoke to me last month and I asked him to call me back when he had something new and exciting lol. The other 99% of the calls I get are from local numbers.
  9. I get these calls all the time. They are very deceptive. I barely ever get out of state robocalls or telemarketers. They all spoof their phone numbers to a local number.
  10. If you ever want to try again, search for "Hackintosh". Forums like Mac Rumors has a lot of people who will help you.
  11. I'm copying all your posts from this thread right now and posting it on my blog!
  12. When it comes to a website for a local business and there are city based landing pages (let's say 15 different towns in that area), is it best to have links to each landing page on every page of the site? Or have just one page for the "Service Area" where all the cities are listed and linked to? I've seen it both ways. Many times there will be a section in the footer or sidebar where it lists all the cities and links to their landing page. Other times they are only listed on one page. So I am just wondering what you guys think?
  13. I find that most of the downloads are bottlenecked by the other end. I get 200mbps download for $50/month so that's plenty.
  14. I used to think like you. I had 7 computers networked together for no other reason than I could. I ran servers that I had no use for, I overclocked computers that didn't do CPU intensive tasks, I water cooled processors, chipsets, and video cards for reasons that I forget today. Wanting every last bit of bandwidth available like you talk about here was right up my alley. Then I became less of an enthusiast and more of a user. Right now I am sitting in my office at my desk in which my computer is a few feet from my router, but connected via Wifi. Why? Because it works and works well.
  15. Google Home Services is now called Google Local Services. I have seem some people call it LSA for Local Service Ads. I just figured I would throw that quick FYI out there. Anyway, has anyone been using it? I've seen some discussions from SEO Pros talking about how there are not many ways for them to use it for their clients, how it's aimed directly towards the clients with the background checks and licenses required to sign up. So being a middle man for referrals won't work very well. And the setup is pretty easy, unlike AdWords where you really need a pro to set it up and mainta
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