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  1. Having trouble how companies in 2019 are not grasping just how important social media and optics are to their bottom line...
  2. Does anyone have direct experience with accepting payments in India and China? (I'm located in USA). What platform have you used and how user-friendly has it been? Thanks in advance!
  3. I use Dragon Speaking Naturally 13 Premium. That being said, most computers these days have some sort of dictation application that will probably work for your purposes... Open the audio file, the text and dictation, and let the computer talk to itself. You'll need to go back through and edit with most sofware... That's why I like Dragon, it "learns". Also, you can usually find fairly affordable editors for this sort of thing on whatever outsourcing website you like.
  4. I'm not really into SEO, but I follow L2inc on YouTube and found this interesting... Can't vouch for their advice but it does sound very 101-ish... And as a consumer, I've definitely clicked on sites that have them specifically because they seem like good sources.
  5. Tough to say, but as I get older I'm starting to believe that timing has more to do with success or failure than just about any other single factor. But as pointed out above, FB is pretty entrenched... Usually, real change in dominant corporations has to come not only with sustained negative publicity that users care about, but also powerful attacks on the personal lives of the folks in the C Suite, to keep them off-balance and unable to fight back effectively-- RIM's Blackberry would have stood a much stronger chance against the iPhone if Apple, Google, and Samsung hadn't orchestrated a
  6. Look at the categories on Amazon. Those are "niches" of things people are actually buying. Broaden or narrow according to your goals.
  7. 1. "Now I promise not to say it was you who told, but who do you know that could use my service? Promise, I will never tell it was you." 2. "A mutual friend, who asked not to be named, referred me to you, said that you need my help also." 3. "No, I won't say who it was, I understand, but would rather lose your business than break my word." After the sale: 4. "No, still can't tell you, but aren't you glad they recommended me? Now, who are you going to recommend, with my same vow of silence?" ....Something like that. Not my original idea, but I've used it w
  8. Thanks Mike... Yeah I've asked a few other places and other than being warned not to search on Go Daddy, haven't gotten much more than that. I'm torn between not wanting to miss out on having the domain and not wanting to be ripped off...
  9. A domain I've wanted for over a decade recently became available, but the asking price is absurdly high-- $12000 and the entire niche is likely not worth that much online. In the past I've seen this happen, domains expire and the price is ridiculous for a while before dropping down to a reasonable price, but I've never timed it or paid much attention to how long that takes? Also, I've heard rumors that searching for a domain can keep its price artificially high, especially on certain dealers? Is there a tool or method that I can use to monitor it?
  10. I don't remember that one? ...But if nobody else wanted to pay for it... lol
  11. Hey everyone, where's the best place to get Royalty Free music for videos? Probably don't have to say it with this crowd but... Not "Free" just "buy and use without paying repeatedly"
  12. Stan Lee was an amazing teacher for those who paid attention. For me, his most powerful lesson was the way he could let go and trust other people and their talent and ideas after he understood them-- and sometimes before he understood them! Prime example was the massive success of Margaret Loesch, and really the entire team, that created and built the X-Men cartoon of the early 1990's. They took an under-funded opportunity and changed the way that the entire industry of comics were seen by the general public. Stan Lee was a trailblazing leader that created amazing trailblazing leade
  13. Yeah, I'm part of that tech-challenged group, and the idea of having to feel stupid talking to support activates my own "Nope!" reflex, haha... I will pay people who know what they are doing every single time before having to actually do any work myself, even if it means operating software that does most of the work for me!
  14. Ran several many years ago... Stopped because didn't know how to combat organized fraudulent click schemes. Haven't restarted for the same reason, but if there is a solution now I would definitely want to get back into it. These days anything that automates my work and frees up my time will get my attention!
  15. What about a second offer, that of a human who will run the software for them for $XX.XX every [unit of time]?
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