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  1. I just saw that Brian updated his correlation study this week. https://backlinko.com/search-engine-ranking Thought it might be a good time to put this here...
  2. But... but... This is Sparta.... No?... Really?... Okay. Just kidding. I like the new name.
  3. Echoing what others have said, I would avoid GoDaddy and any host that is owned by EIG. I don't care how good HostGator might seem right now, EIG has a nearly perfect record of destroying hosting companies. For whatever reason, they are especially bad on the VPS and dedicated hosting lines of business. In fact, HostGator has had some pretty serious failures on that end in the last year or so. I think it was just last fall that a bunch of sites went down for like 8 days with HostGator. I know most people are only using shared hosting, so might feel a little safer. If you are using the
  4. Update time: 1) I have definitely been more on top of my finances. Instead of spending money on some software, I'm just using a PnL spreadsheet I built. Started really basic and I just edited it and let it grow as I needed. It's been eye opening. On the outsourcing front, I have had 2 writers working consistently for me. The one recently has become a bit of a headache. Not sure what happened to her. She was great. Now she routinely misses deadlines. Excuse after excuse. I think I'm going to dump her soon. I've also been filling in gaps when needed with Textbroker. I only use the uppe
  5. Has anyone heard of them going after any violators yet? Only thing I really needed to do was update some cookie info on privacy pages of a few sites that happen to get European traffic. I'm not targeting them, but it took all of about 20 minutes to do. Figured why not.
  6. Mike was referring to starting a thread here to discuss how things are run over there, and I agree with him about that. It's really not worth discussing here. Even if it was a well intentioned thread (it would most likely just turn into a bitch fest), a discussion here would change nothing going on there. There are still some worthwhile discussions there and some people worth listening to, though growing fewer and farther between by the day. It is worth visiting for that.
  7. I don't often look for relationship advice, but when I do the first place I go is to marketing forums. Always.
  8. The Rich Jerk. Yes. That is who he reminds me of a bit, but like you said he just doesn't pull the character off as well.
  9. Yeah I was checking some sites today because I wanted to see if they changed anything about the warning that will display since the announcement, but I don't see anything yet.
  10. A massive object devastated Uranus a long time ago and it never fully recovered It's like nobody proofreads anymore before hitting that publish button.
  11. I am taking some time over the holiday to catch up on old emails that I put aside. I came across a couple from WF promoting some program from Dan Lok. If you signup you get a free book from him. Something always seemed very off about that guy. I don't mind people who swear, but everything I've seen him do it is like he is purposely inserting swear words to seem cool. It's seems as if he has a reminder that goes off in his brain every 2 minutes telling him to swear. It just doesn't come off natural at all. Anyhow, is the book worth looking through or since this is something pro
  12. There are so many cool things you can do with Google Tag Manager. I use it on all my sites, but never had it take 4 hours to setup. Usually have it setup in less than 30 minutes, but it sounds like you are tracking a lot more than I have ever needed to.
  13. Weak-minded people who want to believe in hypnosis unconsciously trick their mind into believing they are hypnotized. It's no different than that con man John Edwards that used to be on TV doing the "readings" from dead people. I'm getting a message from someone whose name begins with an S... or a J... maybe a P. It could be a first name, middle name, or a last name... How about a B? Anyone? 😉
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