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  1. This is how I have been doing all my editing for some time now. When I am creating copy I'm too close to it to catch some errors. Somehow it feels like my brain gets tied up in the message I want to say and refuses to see the actual words I wrote, if that makes sense. Usually have no issues catching syntax type errors, but it's the things that just don't seem to read correctly that I miss. When I have it read back to me I catch a lot more.
  2. I have not tried Funnelytics yet, but I have been tempted to give their free account a test run. Like @Wunderkind said above, if it really works as advertised and the integrations are easy to implement, it could really be a useful tool for brainstorming, implementing, and then monitoring sales funnels. For client based work, it seems like the kind of visual layout that makes for an easy upsell.
  3. RIP Spartan. Liking the new digs though. Clicked is a cool name. Seems very boutique-like.
  4. I don't blame them for doing this. Like has been said already, they have grown to a point where their non-affiliate sales likely greatly outpace their affiliate sales. They don't need their affiliates anymore. That being said, they did not give their affiliates much notice on this change. For those taking really big hits on this, to only have a few weeks notice sucks. Unless I am missing something and Amazon first announced this months ago. I only have a few Amazon sites. They make decent money, but really are not going to take much of a hit.
  5. I have never seen them do a sale either. I doubt they would. They would have a lot of their existing customers cancel and sign up under the sale rate. They would probably lose more money from them than the money they would gain from new customers.
  6. Lol... perfect example for those people always screaming that Google only loves unique content. Unfortunately, it will go ignored by those who should pay attention.
  7. Big surprise. In other news, there is some chatter that AMP pages are finally having an impact. Sounds like it is only in Google News so far. To be honest, it would kind of make sense for them to keep it contained there, but we will see.
  8. I always felt like Matt was giving us as straight of an answer as he could without dumping company secrets. I too wish he was coming back to Google, but wish him the best in his new adventure.
  9. Such a simple and logical idea, but I swear I don't think I have ever heard anyone mention it before. It totally makes sense. Why go to writers when you can go to experts?
  10. Like others have said, if you need to put in extra effort to index your backlinks, they are aren't going to help you anyhow. And also like others have said, unless you are trying to use massive amounts of spam to churn and burn.
  11. There was another forum where intelligent conversations like this happened pretty frequently... Now it is nothing but I'm confused. I built a website yesterday, but nobody is visiting it. What am I doing wrong? type of discussions. So frustrating to weed through all the nonsense. Anyhow... 1) The big thing I am definitely doing in 2017 is monthly profit/loss statements instead of gathering a bunch of receipts at tax time and figuring it all out. I'm also going to start daily and weekly task lists. I need to focus more on what I am doing and what needs done instead of just sitting at my computer for hours on end working, but not really working. 2) I'm going to stop letting my work run into my free time. I'm going to schedule my days better. I need a definite "this is the end of the workday" time. I am going to stop kidding myself that I am more productive late at night. You almost never hear successful entrepreneurs say that they stay up most nights until 2:00 in the morning.
  12. Simple. Don't use caching if you are using a plugin like that and targeting traffic from more than one locale. Like you said, the plugin and caching are doing exactly what they are supposed to, so it is not a glitch or anything to "fix".
  13. All the talk you see about bounce rate and rankings just shows how many people don't bother to take a few minutes and think about what something like bounce rate is actually telling them. Good thread. Like you said, there are plenty of situations where a higher bounce rate is a sign of good things or at the very least a high bounce rate is not a sign of bad things.
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