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  1. Enjoyed the video - great refresher! Haha probably about a year ago I saw a few really well-ranking competitors getting links from this website below. Almost considered it, but once I looked and actually realized it was a giant network wouldn't even consider it. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/deansterlingjones/who-owns-the-frisky https://thefrisky.com/ I also seem to have a theory that Google gives more juice to links from pages that rank well for keywords and actually get organic traffic. Not sure if that is something you've discussed before or not, but like even if a
  2. Interesting, yes I see it in gmb urgent care listing. Figured it would be the same for dentists, it is as well.
  3. Couldn't agree more. This was me for 2 yrs once I started in the im space, worrying so much about everything being perfect. Not wanting to launch anything if it wasn't 110% complete, overthinking everything on-site specifically how my silos would look etc. Once I just started doing stuff and then going back and making it better I started getting way more done. Nowadays I try to think of a minimal viable product approach, just get everything up, it doesn't have to be perfect. Then go back and make everything better. 80/20 principal mindset
  4. Good point, yeah it seems the new standard is 3%. If it goes any lower than that I doubt there will be many new people pursuing "Amazon niche sites" anymore. It just wouldn't make sense imo. I wish I would have heard someone say this a long time ago. I always kind of thought Amazon doesn't really need affiliates but convinced myself otherwise. So moving forward my new strategy is going to be diversification of affiliate programs for now. I was dumb just to use only Amazon in the first place. On a somewhat positive note, researching some of my top sellers I'm realizing they have dir
  5. I feel the same way - the commission rates are awful now. I already thought they were pretty bad before, but workable at least. As of now I think I'm going to continue with AM, but really look into diversifying the revenue streams a lot more or just look for better affiliate programs. Nothing really converts as well as Amazon though. I've spent the last few months focusing on Amazon affiliate stuff, it feels like a punch in the stomach! Lesson learned I guess. I think this change is going to be a huge hit to the Affiliate/SEO space...
  6. I was just asked about using Moz local, I wasn't really sure what to say about it. It seems pretty cheap, is it any good?
  7. I can see why twitters popularity is on the decline, a lot of people I know have deleted their accounts and don't care too much for it anymore. Snapchat and Instagram are the go to apps, for my age group at least. I think twitter is making some good business moves though, like this past season they started to stream certain NFL games live. That definitely brought me there and the live sports games work hand in hand with the platform. I always wondered how twitter ads perform. I've only heard a few people even talk about them. Lol and I always wondered how good the ROI can be from paying s
  8. Earlier today I started to look for directories for a b2b company. The first thing I did was look at some competitors and I compiled a list of directories where they were listed. Some directories that our competitors have ask for reciprocal links, which I know is not a good sign. A few are asking for payment ranging from $10 to $300 (either annually or a one time fee). I guess my main question is how do I tell what a quality directory is and is it a common practice to pay for submission to directories? I'm guessing the answer is yes, but how do I decide that directory A is worth paying X.
  9. Yeah the guy that set up a campaign before me was using a ton of modified broad matches. I definitely agree that I need to start using exact match more for this campaign, that should help. As far as having two ads running, I definitely haven't made the ads different enough and I haven't waited long enough to switch them. Thanks again for the tips, definitely should help put this campaign in the right direction.
  10. Thanks for all the information, much appreciated! Right now our campaign Avg position is 2.5, I wonder if decreasing the bids will work for me... definitely worth it to look at the data and see if I can see any trends. We have the display URL's set up to the keywords. As far as the keywords in the title go, we are using a lot of keyword insertion {keyword}. It seems to bring higher CTR's, but I definitely haven't tested it out for long enough yet with this campaign. I think I need to spend some more looking into that. I really like your example of how compliance is a big thing in th
  11. I also recently started working on someone's AdWords account that was a complete mess! This one Ad Group had over 700 keywords, no joke. It also contained a lot of different match types (modified broad, exact, and phrase match). Funny thing is they paid a so-called top rated "AdWords Expert" $30/hr to create this campaign. Anyways I ended up creating a whole new campaign with multiple ad groups, it's been driving a lot more relevant leads but I am still not satisfied with the campaign one bit. The quality score on a lot of my keywords is only 6/10, apparently due to a lower than expected
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