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  1. How are things going on in your area? Are people observing protocols? Here in California we are experiencing an increase in covid cases, a curfew is in effect 10 pm up to 5 am. Thanksgiving gatherings are discouraged.
  2. I don't think I could ever eat that much
  3. totally agree, it is not safe for children
  4. LOL, who does that?
  5. I definitely agree with you, almost everyone's on zoom and tiktok
  6. COVID-19 and its recessionary impacts may be hanging around awhile. How may this have changed marketing mid-year, and possibly changed it permanently?
  7. Honestly, I am not familiar with him and had to google. I will check out both books
  8. Yes, that's what I was also thinking. He could also use it for sympathy votes
  9. Yes I noticed that a lot of people are more engaged online
  10. What are the changes in the marketing landscape due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic? What is it's effect on brands’ social media strategy and performance.
  11. It's unfair! Imagine people who are striving to make ends meet paid hefty contributions but Trump paid almost no federal income tax in 15 years ?
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