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  1. I've always admired Bruce Wayne the billionaire genius, just like Tony Stark
  2. Oh yes, I've read about that. I'm glad you are okay and hoping you get better soon.
  3. Challenges are part of everyone's life, and all of them have their own characteristics. Are you facing any challenges in your life right now? What is preventing you from facing and overcoming your personal challenges?
  4. This is nice, I am interest in the 3rd video
  5. If anyone decides to go on a trip, here are some tips https://www.afar.com/magazine/socially-distanced-trip-ideas
  6. I still have to see if the new version of the movie was worth the wait. Looking at the reviews so far, it at least seems like Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a drastically different film than the one moviegoers saw in 2017. I'll be watching it this weekend
  7. I also like fall, the weather is great. So during spring you just stay at home?
  8. Is it spring yet? Spring is the best season for me, the temperature is great and I found that taking walks in nature makes me more relaxed. Anyone else here excited for spring and summer? What are your plans?
  9. I hope you feel better soon
  10. People nowadays overreact on social media posts, everybody should chill.
  11. Anxiety is an ongoing struggle that most people never seem to understand, battling with your own mind every single day is a scary place to be in. People with anxiety are unable to express their feelings because of embarrassment, feeling of disappointment, feeling misunderstood, mocked by other people, and the stigma that surrounds mental health. What are the things that we can do to help raise awareness for mental health disorders?
  12. Thanks a lot for this, will watch all the videos this weekend
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