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  1. Is it legal to hunt kangaroos in Australia? Just curious. The US has a deer hunting season.
  2. The shop owner paid $5 and it cost him $100,000 to get rid of it. Ramen noodles for the rest of the year.
  3. OP said two unique traffic at once. If something like that has 10k request it's probably being hammered by a bot. Usually a low cost shared host is more than enough for a small low volume traffic site.
  4. I'd do this: Domain at Namecheap Low cost shared hosting of your choice (it's a 50 page site) Use Wordpress as the CMS Don't buy/renew your domain on the same site where you buy web hosting. You don't want one business controlling everything you do/own. Wordpress is pretty mainstream and massive support all over the web. Don't fall for managed Wordpress hosting. That's a trend being sold on a lot of shared host right now where they charge more than their basic hosting for pretty much nothing. A basic shared host should include a Cpanel and allow you to install
  5. Don't use Godaddy for anything. All they do is sell, sell, sell like they want to nickel and dime people. I can't stand that relentless e-begging. Find another host. 50 pages on a site and average two traffic at a time is nothing. Move your domain to Namecheap. Cut all ties with Godaddy. Any reason you're using Joomla?
  6. I'd come off the sidewalk and clothesline that guy.
  7. Strong competition from the Nigerian WSO clan.
  8. It's from Kenya, look to the right of the dollar amounts (USD vs SH).
  9. Funny part is the OP image/screenshot is from Kenya.
  10. This is a good site for compressing images (http://compressjpeg.com). It's simple to use. I have an image gallery type site and I've been using this to compress images down to around -70% of the original image file sizes. I've got one page with about 100 images, loads pretty good. Basically knocked off 70% of the bandwidth just from compressing images. These images/pages are loading fast and trust me that's good considering I have slow DSL.
  11. This was on the Youtube Home page. 😁
  12. Do it like this... Now it's not your problem, lol?
  13. This is pretty cool... I use Bootstrap 4 to code all my new HTML templates and Wordpress themes. One of the nice things about Bootstrap is they make it easy to use modal popups... but the cool part is, you can load that popup content anywhere inside the HTML code and set it up so the modal popup is triggered with an HTML link/click (<a>). Everything is HTML so all the popup content shows up in the Google Cache (text version). Here's some Bootstrap 4 modal popup examples. The way I'm using this is, I have pages that are image galleries, the images are wrapped in regul
  14. I like to end statements with a question mark? This way you can let the other persons yes/no response take the blame If someone is offended?
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