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  1. You can still get together with friends and family online or on your phone. Get in touch on social media. Pick up the phone and say hi.
  2. Same here, covid cases are rising. I hope people would be socially responsible and observe the safety protocols so we can avoid spreading the virus.
  3. buying links is rarely worth the money., because it’s riskier and more expensive than building “natural” links (in most cases).
  4. I've always believed in karma, what goes around comes around
  5. I really don't like eating at buffets, it's really not healthy and the reason why a lot of people gain weight.
  6. definitely agree with you. We are exposed to too much targeted advertising and marketing.
  7. I don't want to see whatever you saw, I'm sure it's disgusting.
  8. Consumers are spending more time on social media, so consumer-led businesses are harnessing the power of social media to engage with their audience. They set up adverts to target their audience on the platforms they’re using.
  9. Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.
  10. I like how you can track real numbers of traffic into each funnel sequence on Funnelytics . You can see the traffic by each source and flows.
  11. There's also lots of video tutorials on Youtube or you could also join groups of Facebook. Very helpful.
  12. Agree with this. Mostly, social media are good for businesses. But you really have to pay attention to which platform they use or you wouldn't be able to maximize the benefits.
  13. Grammarly is a big help especially when you're writing fast. Though you also really have to pay attention to what it corrects as there are cases when it reads a word wrong. Like tenses, or when the sentence is too long. It kinds of confuses Grammarly too. Bur Overall, it's good.
  14. create visually appealing content to capture audience attention. you should also provide valuable and shareable content. use strategies like contests and other social media campaigns to gain visibility and generate leads.
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