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  1. If you take your writing seriously, Grammarly Premium is definitely worth the extra expense.
  2. Adobe Lightroom CC is the best photo-editing software for beginners in my opinion, or you can try Pixlr X / Pixlr E and Fotor
  3. Your videos are really helpful, thanks a lot for doing this
  4. Thank you for doing this, please make some more videos
  5. what is more important, a long content or a good quality content?
  6. I always thought the more links you have, the higher ranking
  7. I agree, they are making a fuss out of everything
  8. so far so good (crossing fingers)
  9. technology really helps a lot during this time, getting in touch with family and friends has been easy with the new technology. I've been having video chats with my friends and parents since the first lockdown happened. how about you?
  10. This will literally make you question your life, choices, opinions. It's a real eye opener.
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