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  1. so far so good (crossing fingers)
  2. technology really helps a lot during this time, getting in touch with family and friends has been easy with the new technology. I've been having video chats with my friends and parents since the first lockdown happened. how about you?
  3. This will literally make you question your life, choices, opinions. It's a real eye opener.
  4. FizzMark

    FCK 2020

    literally sums up the year 2020
  5. I thought those guys were from Narnia
  6. The color a brand chooses affects the way consumers interpret the identity of a company, its intentions, and contribute to its notoriety. So, when you are working on new marketing materials, it is extremely crucial that your colors stay consistent throughout your entire marketing strategy.
  7. Ahrefs Google SEMRush KWFinder Moz Pro Ubersuggest Answer The Public SpyFu
  8. Social media marketing is effective for both B2B as well as B2C businesses. Again it depends how you brand your self on social platforms. Social media contributes in improving your digital PR, brand image & brand recognition. It also contributes in generating leads a well.
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