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  1. I'm a die-hard PATS fan! With that being said, this has to be the best super bowl I've ever watched! Win or lose, the falcons are an excellent team and I expect to see them bouncing back next season. Best of all, the f*ck goodell tour was epic and I'm pumped we got the ring. I know most of you will say I'm biased when i say this ( I know I would) -- Tom Brady is the best QB that ever lived! In this day in age with salary caps, rules & regs, makes it even harder to achieve his stats.
  2. https://botw.org/helpcenter/submitcommercial.aspx Promo code: 22YEARS This is a great directory for both, business and commercial. Great for local citations.
  3. For those of you that buy stock photos or infographics, stockunlimited is running a great deal. 49 bucks for a lifetime subscription. Details: http://www.appsumo.com/stockunlimited-lifetime/
  4. How hard to rank would depend entirely upon the niche. However, there's other ways to drive traffic to your site. On the majority of directories I've come across they have home page sponsorship in their sidebars. I believe familyfriendlysites charges something like 50 bucks or so for x amount of months. I can't exactly remember if that's correct or not, it's somewhere in that range. Quick edit: Niche directories do very well and do provide value to the submitter.
  5. Only the "free for all" directories are dead. In my opinion and I'm sure others will agree that most paid directories still offer value..
  6. Hey Jill, I thought I'd mention something cool about an Amazon site I helped my sister with and she's using elf links. We ran an adwords campaign on her somewhat of a new website to test a few new keywords we wanted a bit more positive data on. In doing so, and what some would call a "bridge page" was approved within the hour. The page that i was promoting has roughly 1500+k of content and acts as the pillar page with supporting pages for more in-depth review. That particular page has one outbound elf link every 200-300 words. So I'm thinking that either my selection of keywords is
  7. I'm hooked, line and sinker on better call Saul. Just caught up to last Monday's show. It just keeps getting better.
  8. Yes! PR powershot or powershit as I would call it. It basically scraped godaddy's auctions and pulled domains with pr. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yeah, it found domains with with shinny green bar at pr2,3, but no links boosting them. Everyone was raving about this POS. I'm sure I can think of more.
  9. That meme just made my day!
  10. Primarily most websites that have base64 and links injected into them appear as if they were hacked. IDK, seems like an awful way to utilize a PBN. If you're creating legit looking sites, I wouldn't even bother with this method. Try it out and let us know how it works out.
  11. I would think it could be seen as being hacked. This reminds me of Sape type links. I wouldn't even bother making any effort on my own PBN site's using this method. Grab a few Sape links to test things out on.
  12. I'm diggin Better Call Saul. I'm three episodes in of the first season and like how it starts off from the beginning of his career. I thought it was pretty funny to see Mike as a parking lot attendant. I can only imagine how they will incorporate all of the characters from BB into this.
  13. I actually miss doing that. I just had a double hernia surgery last week and you'd think I'd be doing some binge watching, but nah, working on outreach.. I'm tapped!
  14. Breaking Bad, was the best show I've ever watched and I should be starting up better call Saul, real soon. I was pretty pumped to have the X-files reboot. I hope there's more to come than 6 episodes. I'm currently watching the walking dead when I have time.
  15. I use elf links on a couple affiliate sites and have done fetch render and nothing appears in the source code. You can also rename the folder from "elf-links" to "toc" or whatever your heart desires.
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