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  1. would appreciate any feedback on this topic. I kind of gave up building sites around a year or so ago but have decided to get back into trying to making things work out in terms of working from home and not having to work a 'normal' job. The biggest thing I have noticed is that if you look at what's happened over the year with algo changes the medic one seems to be the biggest a lot of people are shoting about As it mainly focu's on YMYL sites does this now virtually make it impossible to build a site around the most profitable niches like finance, health, etc as the big G only wants credible, authority based sites in these sectors that it will rank. So essentially you should only build a site if your a certified financial advisor, doctor, lawyer etc as they want to see you are credible and worthy of giving such advice. So they would want to see what makes you qualified i.e what degree you have, Other social accounts to verify who you are such as Linkdin, medical board sites, etc. I am wondering if there is any 'work around' to still get these types of sites to do well as this is where the money is. Or do we now have to build quite a few hand ful of sites in niche's that are not so 'YMYL' just to try and make a full time living off the web. Would really appreciate other people take on this and what really is working in this sector or is it a big no no in terms of stay away from YMYL and look into something else? Appreciate your time and advice Thank you
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