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  1. Awesome feedback Mike.. Thanks for the recommendations. Will check out everything you mentioned. Teddy
  2. Hello, Been a long time since I have posted. Glad to see the forum still up and running. Looks Great... I see Mike sometimes on one of my FB groups. Question. I have someone who redesigned my site and I basically let him take over along with my GMB for posts and optimization. I have been out of the SEO game for a year or so as I am a locksmith and used to do all my own SEO. I am starting to get back into it somewhat for my own sites. As I looked over my site I have like 20 plugins. I feel like that is to many. I have my SEO guy trying to up my speed and do a few things,
  3. Any key features you like better ? Do you use their schema and json stuff in the plugin?
  4. Awesome guys.. I may just do option 1 or maybe 2. My state page will probably be thin and don't really need to rank it or juice it up. I am mainly concerned about the city pages. I see the value in option 2 though.. Thanks for your help guys...
  5. Hello guys, Been out of the loop a little while. Trying to get back into some online stuff again. I am going to do a Lead gen site. I am starting locally and then going to expand if all goes well.. I see a lot has changed just in the last few months with SEO and with GMB. I have been reading up and trying to catch up.. So I may have some questions in here if that is ok.. I really want to nail my on page. So I am attaching a little doodle drawing for my silo structure. We will say for example this is a plumbing site. I will have two main menu tabs. All others will g
  6. The reason I am doing this is for Adwords. I am trying to get my quality score up on KW and one of the ways it to have the KW ahead in the URL. If I have the KW at the end it cuts off when displayed. I do not need emails with these. Just mostly for helping my Quality score and CTR for my Adwords account. It is just a pain in the rear to do it if you have lots of subdomains to go in one by one, then go filter through the subdomains again to add the Redirect URL> I have found bulksubdomaincreator DOTcom to insatll them in bulk, but wanted to also bulk add the redirects.
  7. Does anyone know of a bulk/mass subdomain and page plug in for WP or source? I want to add subdomains in bulk and also attached correct url page to it . Am I asking to much? Now if I have to make say 15-20 subdomains (keyword) I have to go to cpanel, create sub domain, then insert redirect url, Not bad if you are doing a few at a time. I may start doing these in bulk. Like 50-100 at a time and cannot find anything that will create sub domains and then also attach the target url together. Any info would be lovely
  8. Thanks for the info.. Now a question for you. Say you are a Locksmith. (Very spammy niche) How could you do this? I mean Google frowns upon putting Keywords in your company name. If you are already out there and have citations and all would you go in and change your name. From Bobs Lock & Key to Bobs Locksmith? You are taking about google places correct? They will probably flag you if you did that in locksmith niche. I am sure it would work good for other trades. Also Plumbers seem to be very spammy lately and my get flagged. Any thoughts on that?
  9. ah shit. Just realized that is what the .in is So maybe I should just tell him no thanks
  10. A little confusion here and a question Had someone get me a link and not sure if I should pay. He says it is indexed. So The huffington. com/entry is not indexed, but the huffingtonpost.in/entry IS indexed with a do follow link If you search the title of the article in google it does show up. So not sure if this has any weight or what the difference is.
  11. I have a few sites like that to. They were showing no home page indexed. I will check again and see whats up. Kind of weird
  12. Are the sites his? Or are you renting them out? Is this in the states? Maybe a few of us can flag them and try to get the listing removed. Also tell your client the difference between organic and local. Local can be different every week. Sounds like a bummer.
  13. Try to add a video and then a video site map plugging. That seems to get things indexed fast.
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