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  1. I'm definitely not an expert on this, but I do know that Amazon did a major crackdown on duplicate content from Kindle books a few years ago. They only want unique, original content. If you're making any money from Kindle books now, or plan to in the future, I don't think I'd do it. If you've already sold PLR rights to others then it's no longer unique, right? Even if you checked to see if any of the content has been published online and don't find anything now doesn't mean that it might not appear in the future. You could either contact Amazon and see what they say, do a complete rewrite
  2. I get it. It just makes it difficult to sell a website without accurate traffic data.
  3. The thing that's got me stumped more than anything is that I'm getting hit across the board on all except that one site. I've got an old squeeze page that I haven't touched in over a year that's got around 125 sessions this month with zero time on site and a 90% plus bounce rate. Lol Yeah, time to try something new. Thanks guys.
  4. I've been having issues with bot traffic for months now. It's now affecting every site I have listed in Google Analytics. I contacted their support and although they agree that there IS an issue, they said it's an ongoing issue they're working on and refused to escalate it to higher support. I'm disappointed and VERY frustrated! How can I track traffic to my sites with these bots disrupting my results? I know that there's no perfect tracking solution, but this really sucks. The only things that I can think of that could be part of the cause might be Wordpress plugins I'm using. This isn't
  5. Not everyone that calls businesses with an offer is a scam artist. Of course, if they're pretending to be someone they're not they should be dealt with accordingly. I get these calls too, and I can't stand these individuals either because they make my job more difficult. That being said, I've been selling B2B by phone for over 20 years and have great relationships with people (and their families) that have bought supplies from me over that span. Telemarketing is a multi billion dollar industry worldwide and it isn't going away, at least not anytime soon. It's recommended by most top ma
  6. HeySal, So what would you recommend for a 52 year old guy that's significantly overweight, has some physical ailments that make exercising difficult, but not impossible, and works at a desk all day? Oh, and eats a poor diet and is under constant stress? I went to the ER a few months ago for chest pains and because of my family history of heart problems, they decided to check me out by doing an MRI, labs, etc. Well, they did the MRI and said my heart is fine. However, they found a spot on my left lung (4mm nodule?). They said it could be a few different things other than cancer, but the
  7. I just bought Long Tail Platinum yesterday. Pat Flynn, the guys at Empire Flippers and some other well known marketers gave it great reviews. I also learned about searching Flippa a few years ago from Steven Resell, but it totally slipped my mind. I just sold a site there a couple weeks ago and have two listings for domains now. I can't believe I forgot about that. Kudos for the reminder. A few rules I'm trying to follow when I start new sites from now on. 1. Choose a niche or sub-niche of something that's evergreen. Meaning that it's been popular for the last 10 years or more and shou
  8. Would you care to share ideas on how to find those brands that aren't being sold on Amazon?
  9. Building PBNs. I'm not the most analytical individual and have very little patience for searching for domains. I'm a "short term project" guy. I'll outsource things I don't like to, bust a move on everything else and with the exception of monitoring progress, move on. Honestly, this one thing has by far stunted my growth more than most anything else SEO related. Personally, if I knew that I could work with someone that wouldn't rip me off or have "employee" type expectations of me, I'd seriously consider splitting the payments. That could become lucrative over time for both. I may have
  10. I saw them in Seattle about 1 1/2 before Kurt Cobain did the unfortunate deed. It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen and I've been to a LOT. Helmut opened the show. The mosh pit was nuts! It didn't take long for my ex-girlfriend and I to realize we didn't want to be down there. Lol
  11. I've hired multiple writers from Elance at $5.00 each for a 500 word article or review and have had some very good results. You see, as someone that's written a lot myself, I train these people as we go and they end up becoming very good. It's a great way to get good content written cheap if you're patient. This works best with new writers that are trying to get work and build a portfolio. I've had a couple writers go from working for me to start out to doing very well now. One charges around $40.00 per hour now and she's worth it. The other started her own agency a couple years ago. I
  12. Any thoughts on "Keyword Rocker?" I bought it around a year ago and the data seems to be at least somewhat accurate. I've been able to get videos ranked on page one where it says there's low competition. I only made a few and didn't get much traffic, though I did get a sale for an Amazon product review video. Anyone else?
  13. The thing that comes to mind for me here is providing a good user experience. If I'm looking for an answer to a question about a product or service, doing research, looking for reviews, etc, the first thing I do when I click on a site is skim through the sub-heads to see if any of those sections look like the place where I can find an answer. Only then will I stop and read something. If the content is engaging I may go back and read through it from start to finish, but not if it's very long. That being said, like most people, I can't even imagine trying to find an answer within a 5,000+ wo
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