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  1. I graduated in 72, and our high school lunches were so excellent that we still pass the recipes back and forth on our town's FB page. Of course, food was real and not chemical and plastic, etc back then so we were ahead from the get. That - and it was my dad that hired and fired and my mom was about the best cook in town, so he was fussy about what was being served. Makes me smile to know how spoiled I was. I am 5'6" and weighed around 112 since high school other than when I got home from Europe I was up to about 115. Just this fall I sorted out all my high school clothes that I still wore and gave them away. Had some skirts that were awesome, but just covered my rear and made me feel like a freak show to wear them at this age. I'd give anything to be able to gain even 10 lbs of what I've lost this last year back.
  2. My thanks, too. I feel so fortunate to still have my own WWII vet at home where I can thank him personally for his sacrifice. I know it was terrible, because of things he's shared with me, but he's not able to talk about that war - at all. If it's worse than some of the other experiences he's had, I guess I should be glad not to know. My love and gratitude to all vets.
  3. I don't believe I read this. I just talked to him recently and he never mentioned not feeling well. Perhaps because of my own health he decided it wouldn't be appropriate. Besides my father, he is the man I respected most on this earth. A true friend and trusted advisor. This is so shocking I have to leave it here for now.
  4. HeySal

    My Divorce

    Not doing too bad for someone who was given 2 or 3 months on diagnosis. Still get out in the field rock hunting, but not able to walk too far or carry too much - still, exercise and sun are essentials to heal and my club members that meet up with me make sure rocks I want get back to the car without me having to try to carry them. It's a struggle because I found out so late what was wrong, but I think I'm getting the better of it. So - my take on it..........if she's a problem, drop her off and enjoy your life. Do what you want to do right now. Bucket lists need to be emptied regularly.
  5. HeySal

    My Divorce

    Sorry to hear this, Mark. I've been there, too. Didn't marry every man I lived with but the split is the same if you are or aren't. The one I thought I'd grow old with died, so not much you can do to resurrect that - but I'd call myself lucky to have found it at least once in my life. As far as the split ups -- I felt so good after it was all over that there was no pain after the situation was ended. Hope you have the same feeling of happiness when walking into your new stage of life.
  6. I'm sure everyone has experienced the phenomenon of talking to someone via skype or such and suddenly seeing ads for whatever they were talking about showing up everywhere........that's maddening as a potential customer. But....... What I have noticed lately since I've been doing more of my shopping online is that the ads I am seeing are for the exact things I just bought. I bought a 3 month supply of liposomal high dose Vitamin C for example - and now everywhere I go online, I'm getting ads for the same product from the same company. Do they really think I'm gonna buy another 3 months right off the bat. And it's not just that item - it's everything I just bought is showing up in ads. My feeling about this as a consumer is one thing - but what about the advertisers? How much are they paying to show these pretty much dead, useless ads? That company has paid for at least a hundred of these useless PPV ads. Doesn't targeting of this sort just go a tad too far? If you were paying for targeted advertising and you found out that the people getting the ads had already bought the items, would you feel ripped off?
  7. It's not "smart". That's a word that is really badly used when talking about AI. Language ability can be built using a hierarchy of linking and blocking pathways. Gates was looking for how to make an ap or program or whatever you want to call it that would actually be able to use appropriate language - instead of, for example, just hooking a noun to a verb so you would have sentences like "the chair ran". The worst problem of building a co-occurrence recognition system is in the negation systems as far as I can see it. I can't "do" the linkage systems, but I understand what they need to be able to do to get correct language in text. It doesn't mean the computer "understands" anything but link commands.
  8. My nephew came out and fixed it. There was one problem program on there that was also a problem that I wouldn't have known to clean up. I'm pretty sure if she'd just shut down without calling them that it wouldn't have gotten so far. Andy showed her a few things so she'd know better in similar circumstances if they ever should arise again.
  9. She's on windows 10. But it's too late to worry about the popup page messages. The problem now is that the computer turns itself on and seems to be deleting a few things here and there. I just wish I'd known before she got on the phone with those thieves and am glad as hell she was at least sharp enough not to give them any money. My nephew is an engineer at Intel and he built this computer for her so it's got some quirky programs that I have no idea what they are. He's supposed to come fix it tomorrow, but if he can't make it down here, I'll be doing a few things to it - like run malwarebytes and turn off the remote - or the main remote. Not sure if he's built in a second one somewhere.
  10. Got the answers. Thanks.
  11. A few weeks back my sister got caught in that scam where a page pops up and tells you not to do anything until you call microsoft, yadda yadda. So she did call - she gave them remote access to "look around" and then they told her it would be $300 to fix it. At that point she started asking the right questions. So she got off the phone and back on her computer without shucking out those bucks............but now the thing turns itself on some nights. She's losing one or two things on her computer, too -- just lost her desktop wallpaper. I've run a tdsskiller scan on it and there are no rootkits. I think the remote access has to be turned off -- but not sure if I can just get a dcombobulator to do that. Does MS still use dcom for remote? My nephew built her machine and I'm not sure how to get to remote if I can't do it via the dcombobulator. Anything anyone can tell me to stop this from going on?
  12. Happy Birthday to you Happy BIRTHday tooo yewwwwwwwwwwwwwww HaPPY BirthDAY, Dear Miiiike, HaPPPPy Birthdayyyyyyyy TOOOOOOOOOOO YOUUUUU. Your present is that you didn't have to hear me sing that.
  13. Scent free - removes smoke, yadda, yadda -- means nothing. It's the ingredients that matter. And even a list can fool people unless they are chemists because a lot of fairly safe chemicals will react really badly when mixed with other things. Some things advertised as "safe" over here, aren't even starting to be.
  14. Seriously, Kay? BHT, Acetaldehyde in Frebreeze - and a few others Lysol, containing benzalkonium chloride, is so toxic that it's classified as an insecticide. You spray something with these then advertise "cleaners used are toxin free" and you could get sued right out of your property. There are always essential oils that can be used to scent rooms or items organically.
  15. This. I have allergies and don't want linens to stink of chemicals. I also use non-toxic soaps and cleaners and don't like to spend time anywhere that's a chemical storm. You might consider changing over to non-toxic cleaners for everything - then advertise your place as toxin-free cleaned. You might find that there's a lot of people out there that will choose you first.
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