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  1. Maybe as crazy as a guy with a butt as his face
  2. wow , I'm shocked.Just found out a couple of hours ago. One of my major influences in taking up the drums back in the late 70s when I was 10 yrs old.. He was one of a kind. Him and Bonham were it for me. And a really, really sweetheart of a man from what I always saw of him. RIP Sir Neil
  3. Kind of like smart people believing in Jesus ( oh shit, can opened and worms exiting lol)
  4. Yeah I had both my surgeries via anterior which means the front of the upper thigh is where they open you up. Unlike from the old school ,where they would open you up from behind in your buttocks area and reach your hips that way. The former cuts through so much LESS tissue and muscle. Iam sure Murray had that. Plus, I had the ceramic ball instead of the titanium ( replacing the femoral head). I bet Murray had that too as it lasts much longer and less complications. Although Iam 20 years older, it baffles my mind he has that much mobility with the new Replacement. Stunning, rea
  5. Who ?? Seriously, I have had double replacement and that is quite amazing to say the least that he did that
  6. Yeah I do think it was a treat to see Paul's character again in the same light as always i.e. edgy but also full of humanity and empathy ( for instance the poor maid killed by that blonde hair psychopath made Jesse feel disgusted) . Also skinny Pete and Badger were a riot to see again. Those two had their own raving fans in BB series
  7. It was pretty good. But nothing exceptional. Just a glorified episode imo. Could have been much better, The ending was too predictable and just "weak" . Gilligan is not a Big screen or Movie Writer/Director. Stick with the Cable tv and episodic television
  8. He may have been a decent man in Life but relatively speaking he was just a so- so drummer. Imo, he was waaay overrated.
  9. My wife and I have enjoyed watching it. Similar to Breaking Bad ( the writing is good but not quite as good as BB imo). Its about a financial advisor/accountant who gets mixed up with money laundering for the second biggest drug cartel in the world. A "straight" family that turns out to not be "straight" and their kids pay a big price because of their illegal shenanigans. Btw, they go to Lake of the Ozarks to launder the Cartel's money and "clean" it in different various businesses in the area. If he ( Jason Bateman) does not "clean" like 8 mil or so ( I forget the exact fig
  10. I also heard somewhere where Billy Graham took that amount out for his yearly salary ( and that was it) unlike the Benny Hinns of the world who take out 7 to 8 digits per year and more from their huge congregations across the globe
  11. I guess with all the hoopla and the "not being in bad taste even though some would disagree " gestures I guess it would be okay to ponder what Dan's real Net Worth truly was ?? Was he a lot of hot air and hype (as some have said) or the real deal with ocean side property next to Tony Robbins in Palm Beach or something of the sorts ??
  12. Rifflerendum- A proposed Referendum that makes no earthly sense Also : Iam going to Riffle his feathers i.e. what claude refers to when Dan takes peacock feathers and lightly tickles his midsection with
  13. discrat

    RIP Chewy...

    The local R&C Swingers Chapter in Wooster would beg to differ 😛
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