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  1. Tagiscom


    The rich get poorer.
  2. Tagiscom

    Deadpool Three!

    Arrr, crap, fooled by a kid with an apple laptop again.
  3. Tagiscom

    Deadpool Three!

    Just finished watching the Hitmans Bodyguard, great movie considering that it has the guy above, and a lot of dry, black humor. Hopefully when theaters in my state open and stay open, (dependent on assignation contracts, hypothetically speaking, well) l will see it.
  4. Tagiscom


    But to be serious! 1k stand!
  5. Tagiscom


    And at a bargain price of $99,999.99!
  6. Tagiscom


    Tape measures are so old school! I need to get a Mapple voucher soon, (unless l need a temp, check, resume and recite war and peace before entering the store, then l won't).
  7. https://www.space.com/commercial-nuclear-power-for-faster-space-travel.html I know Fluffy bunnies!
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