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  1. Filmed in Victoria,....probably!
  2. Some have too much time on their hands, having a conversation with your cat, or possibly dog, and learning sign language is better.
  3. I guess he needs to shape up?
  4. True, got carried away there. I find it exciting that within 35 years time, we will be getting close up images of a potentially habitable planet. These probes, or what is left, will need to target, (probably on route, at great speeds) to this planet, so they get within camera distance, then correct for distortion, because of the speed, and then send it back. Or this is like getting to Pluto, (they course corrected taking new obsticles into account on route), this unless a new more powerful telescope comes on line, (the worldwide project to link up radio telescopes, could probably do it, 100 times more powerful than hubble) and should be fully operational before closest approach. Took us 12 years to reach Pluto, these things could get to Pluto in less than a day.
  5. I just finished watching Falling Down, and expect to see the real thing soon enough.
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