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  1. If anyone here is into this sort of stuff, Willy's Wonderland, with Nicholas Cage, is worth renting. Not technically zombies, but zombie like.
  2. Yeah, they have done a lot, but are still sorting out what works and what doesn't.
  3. Damn it, l am a sucker for a zombie flick, and this looks good. PS, It will be interesting to see how Invisions new icons will look on your platform, in the next update,
  4. You are talking about back then, right?
  5. Geesh, l give one of my spacecrafts in hanger #4, a spin, go to Mars for the weekend, and l get labelled for life.
  6. I know Wonder Woman is in it, but no. May take a look at Jiu.Jitsu tonight, more laughs
  7. Anyone know how to do this? I have recently purchased some Stock analysis software, but it doesn't cover the entire NASDAQ, and half of the tools won't work unless it is in a Mil format. No probs with getting the stock as an excel file, but hard to find software that can do the job. I have found someone on Fiverr that can do it for me, but would rather use some free or cheap software. Thanks.
  8. GME, has pretty much gone sour, even though Reddits, retards, (that is what they call themselves") have waffled on about staying the course. Seems that institutional investors are capitalizing on newbies.
  9. Agreed, take care and stay warm.
  10. Frank Kern has had a 1 million launch, recently, (video may still be on YT) to his list, but he has never brought his family into his business dealings. And even though he used to personify a persona of beach bum, he recently has stayed with beach bum/business person. Or a CEO with his surfboard on top of his BMW.
  11. Sal was the last we fundraised for at the WF, (RIP) with no additional family members, but l do remember another new member waffling on about some of the situations you mentioned and wanting cash, even though we knew nothing about him, or his family. Someone showing up on the Warrior F, and telling us how hard up he and his family is, is about the same as an unsolicited email, and we can provide options, but that is all.
  12. Well, ignoring the sarcasm, and reluctantly admitting that you have a good point about any large group controlling any interest on the stock-market, it seems that the floor is open, But staying with specificy, GameStop was the most traded stock on the planet a few days ago, and RobinHood, said they make the call of their own volition, (l know we have to accept their word, considering that other interests that own most of RH got hammered). This happens all of the in mass media, but good to see it reversed.
  13. Yeah, l have been watching it, and there are no issues with Stake, (online trading account) in Australia, but Stake doesn't have margins, so they don't have the "robinhood asking for more bank money to shore up potential leverage issues"to deal with. Robinhood was allowing margins of 1.10 - 1.20 or put in 1k and invest, or gamble up to $20,000.
  14. I do have other members who signed up, (and put some effort into their accounts) then held back, probably waiting for others to say something, it only takes one member to say something to get the ball rolling.
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