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  1. Probably, but the updates would cripple it eventually.
  2. You build your own PC,s admit it, (l built two, one under supervision and one at home). But putting in a Pentium 4, is always scary. Yep, my Apple purist brother convinced her it was better than Windows. But he tends to pray to Apple, so... Like learn to manage a lack of available memory, (256) and l would say, screw that, and go for something with at least a terabyte, or Windows, since Apple is typically 5k, for a comparable system, (and sure it is SSD, instead of disk, but still) a lot more expensive. The newbies are drooling and more seasoned are not, but for me windows 10 and 11, is like deciding between, Maderna or Pfizer. They are really just giving w10 for their dedicated laptops, adding some more bells and spyware and releasing it on all platforms as 11. And l agree it looks nicer. https://www.mwave.com.au/product/toshiba-dynabook-satellite-pro-c40h-14-laptop-i71065g7-16gb-512gb-win10-pro-ac44700?gclid=CjwKCAjwlYCHBhAQEiwA4K21m8zEV6sQPDZbI93naAOD0lbCq0q6ZDBf2G3LG9diQieNxrXPg9Db0xoCmN8QAvD_BwE Just ran a quick check and there are plenty of new ones still available from a few years ago, but with 500gigs instead of 1tb, so to answer your question l would buy the most up to date one, pay some professionals to put in a 1tb SSD, and 7 Pro again. And maybe get several, or go over to Apple and put up with its annoyances.
  3. I have had to mess with my Mothers apple air, recently to get things set up, and l don't like it much. https://www.apple.com/au/macbook-air/ If you don't use it enough, the code, resets, and then you need to input a code that doesn't work, in order to reset it. Or you need another Apple device to reset the code. Then Safari, groan, l cannot get my head around that cryptic nightmare, of windows in windows and the screen shifting. And had to install Firefox, for some sanity. But Firefox won't allow "Tools" and such up the top" and deleting a bookmark, groan, took me half an hour to figure that out, (Windows, left click, and delete). I know that the purists, will be all lovey-dovvy about it, but l am going off Apple for browsing online. Sifting through photos, may be more of the same, easy on Windows 7, and Apple, no arrows and you have to sift through or click on each one.
  4. Don't be surprised, that we will hear about these UFO's attacking military installations in the near future, so we can start militarizing space.
  5. True, l have been good for too long. And l was disappointed in you Claude, l was expecting you to say, "The Pentagon is Wrong". Groan. So a pilot sees a large, Tick Tack, looping around his jet, making no loud noises, or showing any details, and disappearing in a blink of his eye, is just imaging it all? So what would it take? Full disclosure? An alien family at the shopping centre? A gray walks into your shop and buys a vacuum cleaner, what?
  6. So l guess my information in the past wasn't swamp gas, or anything else, but of course the Pentagon is wrong, lol. Only a matter of time before l am proven right about many claims l have made in the past and currently. https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/politics/article/pentagon-ufos-uaps
  7. Made good money on GME so far, (over 1k AU) with more on the horizon.
  8. Sure l have plenty of lurkers on my forum, so much so l typically get about 100 per week going to my Music thread, which l have put a lot of effort into. Not worthy, lol, as long as they kiss my ring they can post whatever they like. And don't worry l relate to others, and just like the WF will take a lot before stepping in, (when l was a mod there, well Supermod). "Yes Men" sure some of that "everyone behaves when a cop car is driving in-between other cars" mentality, but some members don't give a shit, and the one thing you learn by being Admin, is seeing admin for what they are on other platforms or their big scary avatar images and such, (there is a human being behind the scary wolf image, and sure they have the power, but won't last long if they wield it too much). I may post something here, but elsewhere l go there more for morbid curiosity than anything else. Franks is still about, ok!
  9. I do still skulk, and have found this out recently? And l do appreciate your remarks Claude, and Mark, hmmm, there are several there, they just don't engage in conversations yet. And Claude l would appreciate Kurts Facebook link.
  10. True, Trump doesn't have any of the skills Biden has, or his handlers.
  11. Spaceballs more so.
  12. Not a bad movie, with an Australian actor, that sounds foreign in a movie with a US cast, but visually great. Watched it last night, and don't expect the huge spaces you have seen in "The Martian" space craft, for example, on the ship, this is more realistic.
  13. If anyone here is into this sort of stuff, Willy's Wonderland, with Nicholas Cage, is worth renting. Not technically zombies, but zombie like.
  14. Yeah, they have done a lot, but are still sorting out what works and what doesn't.
  15. Damn it, l am a sucker for a zombie flick, and this looks good. PS, It will be interesting to see how Invisions new icons will look on your platform, in the next update,
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