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  1. Agreed, this is a bit like when Ben gave up and Darth sabered his head off, on the Death Star. This will probably go the same way as Doctor Who, with the stereotype format and correcting stuff, (it just pisses off their fan base). STD, also pushes the feely side too much, especially with the gay genius. And the ;emotional connection to the characters is good, but you don't have to shove a camera in their faces, and drag it out. Same with Picard, l was thinking when he dropped off his perch, ok, he croaked, don't drag out the sob fest.
  2. Beats me, we will have to wait for Claude to enlighten us?
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2021/oct/11/superman-bisexual-dc-comics What are we going to see next, someone wearing a pink cape, and politically correcting stereotypes? It worked in Star Trek Discovery, even though it was pushing it on several occasions, but superheros, looks like the franchise is doing downhill.
  4. "He is a Perpetrator, and he can't be stopped" lol,
  5. Ok, here is the trailer. This is the Seriously toned down version, (like 90%) and no real story, and l skipped the movie, since superheros and porn, is pretty dumb, with the exception of Wonder Woman, (which is a no show, so no).
  6. Possibly, but this isn't some kid with an Apple mac, splicing stuff together or some bent computer animator, it is a Deadpool spoof, actually done well, with costume and characters, including someone who does Deadpools voiceover. But like most porn movies, the storyline is pissweak and it is mainly porn. I know you being into superhero's, curiosity will get the better of you, but suffice to say, do not play this in your store, (the warnings at the start of the movie are there for a good reason). Also suffice to say l won't be discussing this elsewhere, bored, trigger happy and crickets, never work well, nor does abuse of power.
  7. Try typing in "Deadpool xxx" and you will, really be shocked.
  8. As will the Wooster's Feather Emporium and Bathhouse.
  9. True, don't go searching for Deadpool 3, you may be surprized with what you find.
  10. I do online stock market trading, so it doesn't affect me at all. But power hungry idiot premiers imposing unnecessary restrictions do.
  11. Me, l have a Brother lazer printer, which is connected to the WiFI, so can be used in the house, from the laptop, (my previous Brother broke down). And my old PC, lasted me for about 15 years, with a good many of them in a stinking hot apartment, (the CRT moniter, was crackling). And l was on that PC day and night. It broke recently, so l have my Toshiba, i7, laptop, with a less powerful one as a backup. Gone from Windows XP, to 7 to 7Pro. Thrashed the old, Toshiba laptop for 6 years, with no serious issues. Thrashed the new one for 4 years, with a few hard disk issues, that l have appeared to fixed.
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