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  1. No reason to repeat it... Hope everyone had a good one. It's just about beer thirty...I'm needed elsewhere.
  2. I've often thought that I would have no problem paying Kindsvater to look over the TOS of sites I'd be doing actual business with. He has a better eye for that kind of stuff than I could ever have. Probably not a huge interest in that though, considering the amount of people that don't bother reading any of them anyways.
  3. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed in myself. Ten years ago, that would have been the first thing I thought of.
  4. You mean in general or today? My dad was born in 1950, so whiskey and a q-tip was the standard for teething babies. Apparently the cap full was left too close to me at one point and when my parents went back for it, it was empty and my eyes were watering real bad. So I'd say...whenever teething is a problem? Officially, the answer is too young (I can't recall an exact age, but I wasn't a teenager yet). The first part of my life played out like an after school special. I love hard root beer and never even thought about this....I know what I'm trying this weekend.
  5. Challenges don't have to be a newbie only thing. Yukon had a faux comp going on with a ridiculous keyword combo. While silly on the surface, the premise could be used for some pretty cool stuff. As long as people are logging their stuff and being at least a little specific, there could be a lot of learning oppurtunities. Not asking for anything specific from you Shay, just thinking out loud.
  6. I don't think I've chimed in on either of these threads yet, so I hope it's cool that I draw attention back for a moment*... I have an issue with a few things here, and I feel like I wont feel better until I vent them to you fine anonymous folks. 1. The attitude he gave people that asked about his relationship with the forum. 2. FL gave him five stars. Now this is most definitely a matter of opinion (I will readily admit that), but I see that as a slap in the face to people browsing their site looking for QUALIFIED writers (especially since the review is from "thewarriorforumteam" and not Freelancer, not everyone lives at the WF and most will not know that review is actually coming from FL) *This is not a hate post, i hold no feelings, good or bad, towards the WF, I don't have any contacts/friends there and also do not sell or advertise there, in short...I don't care what they do, but the above points annoyed me just enough to make me make strangers read them.
  7. I'm in no condition to be answering anyone specifically! Happy whatever it is you might be up to today! Oh, and gratz Jill, good stuff right there.
  8. This also kind of shoots down another widespread belief. I doubt anyone is staying on that page for long, not a lot to take in.
  9. I agree, but that can be said about anything really. We call that ovarian fortitude, from what I've seen, there's no lack of that among female IM forum posters (not a dig, it's a good thing).
  10. When I was learning how to build sites, work with domains, and all that fun stuff. I was using .tk domains and free hosting. I can't tell you what you should do with your hosting, but I will say that even the characters ".tk" are banned in a lot of places, messages won't post, profiles give errors when trying to enter it as your homepage, it will just come up as ***, etc. This was a number of years ago, but if they are still free I doubt much has changed. No idea how google feels about them, they do index so I would assume it's similar to a 2.0? (and by that I mean free, I could be 100% wrong about that, I'm not an "seo" guy and haven't researched/tested it)
  11. You can find some good stuff in old e-books and resource/"best of" lists from back in the day. It's hit and miss, but if you read a lot of how-to's and stuff always keep your eyes open
  12. Here's something to watch out for.... I was clicking around in clixsense and i noticed a weird tracking link. There are people selling guaranteed clicks for solos and going to PTC sites for those clicks.... Diligence people ...
  13. The short version is... I was already established on eBay and wanted a place to send customers for support and stuff. That got me searching around for information on building sites and domains/hosting. While searching for that stuff I started finding out about the affiliate thing and just went from there, I already had a niche and a customer base/traffic. Slightly off topic.... We just had a drain pipe split underground, and while I spent the last week and a half slinging a pick and a shovel to find the problem spot I had a very eye-opening moment, I work online to avoid that crap. Very motivating.
  14. Don't these two points kind of work against each other? Seems like you'd get a lot of people just hosting a sales page here and skipping the special offers for members part. Just thinking (typing?) out loud here, I'm sure you're sellers would prefer the latter.
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