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  1. The media is quite rightly criticised for some of the crap it peddles, however if they keep picking up scoops like this, its future is assured*. * Assured of being very bleak.
  2. This is what happens when clever people find themselves with a lot of time on their hands:
  3. A follow up ad from the same people:
  4. A good point, however things might change dramatically come January. (Please note I said "might")
  5. Wow, that was quite a surprise. I like the look of the new theme. I've had a brief look around and everything seems to work as it did before so saul goodman Onwards and upwards, as they say.
  6. If "someone famous" was the Captain of the Titanic: Can you guess who the "someone famous" is?
  7. It's already happening: https://www.justsecurity.org/69556/lawsuit-against-fox-news-over-coronavirus-coverage-can-it-succeed-should-it/
  8. Flaunting your wealth in 2019: Flaunting your wealth in 2020:
  9. I knew that last joke would bring out all the nuts.
  10. Two guys who live across the street from each other and share a mutual hatred of each other. One of them discovers an old lamp and after giving it a polish a genie appears. "I hereby grant you three wishes, but think carefully on what you wish for as I will grant your neigbour who you hate double whatever you get", says the genie. For his first wish the guy asks for a luxury mansion fitted with all the latest mod cons. SHAZAM! The guy finds himself in a luxury mansion with all the latest gadgets and technology. He looks across the street and see his hated neighbour now has a mansion twice the size. For his second wish the guy asks to be surrounded by a dozen beautiful women. SHAZAM! He finds himself surrounded by twelve of the most beautiful women on earth. He looks across the street and sees his neighbour is surrounded by two dozen of the world's most beautiful women. "Time for your third and final wish", the genie informs the guy. The guy thinks long and hard on this before finally saying, "I wish that one of my testicles was removed".
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