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  1. The truly bizarre thing about this claim that "I was right all along" is that I don't recall anyone ever claiming that UFOs weren't a real thing. I've seen many objects flying through the air that I couldn't identify, but never have I thought well that's proof we're being observed by alien life forms. Call me cynical if you like, but maybe, just maybe, this is an exercise in getting the Biden administration to increase the military budget. Now there's a Black Hole right here on Earth.
  2. She's an Austronaut. Actually, it's good to hear acclaimed actress Toni Collette using her native accent. In most of her movies she uses an American accent (very well I might add), such as The Sixth Sense.
  3. An updated version of a classic Rowan Atkinson sketch:
  4. Not really. The only counselling I got was on "scar management". Obviously I've got a pretty sizable scar down the middle of my belly. The way this "counsellor" was going on was if that would cause me great trauma. She was rabbiting on about minimisation, even elimination. I interrupted her flow to tell her to #$%@ off (I may not have been that polite 😉) and told her in no uncertain terms that there was no way I'm going to get rid of a "battle scar". She probably ended up more traumatised than I would ever be.
  5. There's quite a few of those type of docos on Netflix, ie historical events done with bad acting. There's one on the Roman Empire, which was far better covered by the HBO series Rome. Black Sails was a good show that covered most (all?) of what was in TLPKingdom, but did it as a sort of prequel to the classic novel Treasure Island. An interesting twist on it, with decent acting. If you're interested, there's a very good documentary series on Netflix called The Royal House Of Windsor. It begins during WWI with the family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha being forced to change their family name to Windsor to avoid the obvious backlash from the common folk, through to more recent times. Worth a watch alongside The Crown.
  6. Meh. I had a gutful of zombies midway through whatever season of The Walking Dead ran over the period 2018/19. As for Netflix, yeah they truly are spending up big. It may be of no interest to you or anyone else, but check out The Crown. The budget for that must have gone close, if not beyond Game Of Thrones, not to mention the level of detail involved. Then again I suppose both shows are about royal families, their heirs and successors. The big difference is that GoT features "tits and dragons", whereas The Crown features Camilla Parker-Bowles (a dragon with tits). 🤣
  7. Yes most definitely. See this post At the same time I posted that, I was working on what has proven to be the most difficult post I've ever made. It is tentatively titled "Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire", so that might give you a hint as to what it's about. The main reason it's been so hard is that since that absolutely terrible news, with each passing day and week the news has gotten a little bit better than yesterday's and all previous days. So, whereas it will probably never be truly good news, it might turn out to be nowhere near as bad as it was initially. The end title may well end up being called, "Phew. That Was Close". I should know the final verdict somewhere near the end of June or early July.
  8. Exactly. That's why a raise in the minimum wage will create a lot more jobs than any tax cuts. People at the bottom end of the socio-economic spend ALL of their money on essentials. For the first time they'll actually have disposable income. All of that will be spent on a few simple luxuries. That is when jobs are created. You don't need degree in Economics to see that. You don't even know how to spell Economics to see that. On a side, but related note. People who have a full time job and still require government assistance (food stamps) has absolutely nothing to do with social welfare. It is 100% pure corporate welfare. It's government saying to corporates we'll allow you to pay people a wage that no-one can survive on, and we (the Government) will cover the shortfall. 100% PURE corporate welfare. There you have it. I'll bet for some of you that's the first time you've ever heard/read that. And once again it is bleeding obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size. Anyway, that's more than enough serious stuff for this thread. Back to the jokes, jests, japes and memes for which the thread was intended.
  9. Drama Narcos: Mexico (Netflix) Better Call Saul (AMC/Stan/Netflix) Condor (Epix/Stan) Deutschland 89 (RTL/Stan/Amazon Prime) The Crown (Netflix) Babylon Berlin (Netflix) Your Honor (Showtime/Stan) Gangs Of London (Sky Atlantic/Stan/AMC) It can only be Gangs Of London (Sky Atlantic/Stan/AMC) This is beyond question the most violent TV series ever. The body count per episode is phenomenal. The very opening scene in episode 1 features a guy pleading for his life whilst dangling by a rope attached to one of his legs from a high rise construction site. Overlooking him is someone pouring petrol on the rope and the victim. Then the rope is set on fire and guy plummets earthward in a ball of flames. Roll intro credits. In a barfight later that episode one vignette features a glass being embedded in someone's face, and then that face is smashed into the bar. Lots and lots of sound effects of broken limbs as well. Did I mention how violent this show is? On a separate level it takes its lead from the Corleones and the Sopranos and is, at its heart, a family drama. The title of the show may also be misleading. This is not some local turf war between rival street gangs. The Albanian and Nigerian mafias, Kurdish Militants, a Pakistani heroin ring, and Danish assassins are all involved. All of them dishing out and receiving violent endings. This the absolute perfect "water cooler" TV show. You will be talking about it. After binging it the first time, you'll binge it again. And then just before season 2 comes out later in 2021, you'll binge it again just to get you in the right headspace. Viewers in Americastan will have to wait for S1, due to the network that was supposed to broadcast it deciding to "get out of original content". Dumb business move if you ask me especially since it would've been a blockbuster for them. Anyway AMC have stepped up to the plate and will be delivering S1 and S2 this year. Fellow nominee Condor suffered from a similar fate. Despite it all being "in the can" and "ready for air", the only place I can ascertain it was actually broadcast was on Australian streaming service, Stan. The Epix network has since acquired the rights and will be broadcasting S1 and S2 in 2021.
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