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  1. Lost about 40% traffic on main site and about 25% on my other. Both separate niches. Ouch. Right before the shopping season to :/
  2. Is there a site/system where you can sign up to see new products being launched in individual niches. Like if a new type of fitness products comes out where can I get setup to receive notifications on it being launched?
  3. Quickest internal link option would be something like https://www.seoreviewtools.com/internal-link-analyzer/ A much more in depth option for both pages/internal links would be scanning it through something like screaming frog or Xenu link sleuth. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.semrush.com/blog/how-to-break-down-your-competitors-internal-link-strategy/amp/ I would go with the 2nd option unless you’re just looking for a quick overview.
  4. You mean like what theme, plugins and stuff their using or which pages have the most internal links?
  5. Yeah I would definitely disguise it pretty well. I’d prefer not to have to resort to selling links but whenever I buy a good expired domain, no matter how safe it looks with great history. Decent links, google refuses to rank it. I always resort to just swapping the content over to a fresh domain and it automatically starts ranking higher than where it was at on the expired domain. I just want to have some sort of backup plan on a way to at least get my money back if I buy a domain and it continues on with my bad steak of using an expired domain that just don’t do well.
  6. Was thinking of buying a domain with some decent links and looking to mainly use it for selling backlinks. Possibly even having a directory through the website that people could purchase placements on. Just talking one site here, not looking to build a pbn. Think this would bring in decent $?
  7. This recent Google broad core update that most are calling Florida 2 had me lose about 40% of my traffic. Usually don’t follow to many updates but had to go searching this one out because of my steep traffic loss. Any thoughts on what it might specifically be targeting? Anyone else have some sites they had a major lost/gain from it?
  8. Finally got it figured out why Google wouldn't index the brand new article & also why it wouldn't update the existing article to the title I wanted. I ended up deindexing the combined article where the title wouldn't change and submit reindexing the new combined article after multiple failed tries until I figured out where the issue was. Google did not want any variation of the word "buy" in the title. Tried "Best Place to Buy" "Where To Buy" and everything else you can think of and nothing. Finally tried something completely off from intent to sell/buy for the title & it indexed within 30 seconds with the correct title. The red flag that helped me figure this out was when I combined the two articles. The content indexed without issues so that wasn't the problem. Yet, Google refused to use my title.
  9. Yea, I still am at a loss on why the article would not index. If for some reason this title doesn’t get swapped over I plan to deindex the article and Resubmit the new combined article under a fresh page & pray Google will index it.
  10. I had an article that I was trying to publish that Google refused to index for some reason. Fetched it multiple times, nothing. Created test articles to make sure it wasn't a site issue and they indexed within minutes. For some reason, Google did not want to index this article. So I decided to take that article and add it into an existing article that was related. Added the content in & changed the article title of the existing post & fetched with google. The content was indexed (can see it in the meta description snippet) but now the old title is gone but the new title isn't their either. The url is now the page title & it won't update in the search results. Purged the cache, fetched it multiple of times, the page source code has the new title correct. Does google take longer to update pre-existing article titles?
  11. Somewhat. They do show the earnings & what affiliate product link was clicked if someone purchases an item that you are actually linking to. Where it would get tricky is if people purchase other items that you didn’t link to while still under your 24 hour cookie. It still shows the commission & the item purchased but not what actual link they clicked that lead to those purchases. This is just off the affiliate dashboard so maybe they have a more in depth system for developers I’m not seeing.
  12. It would be cool idea for a plugin, where it would show on the backend of WordPress how much each article has earned you through Amazon affiliates. Other affiliates could of course be added but would like to see one for Amazon for sure.
  13. A hard drive that has 7,500 bitcoins on it that was thrown away years ago is now sitting somewhere in a landfill in Wales at almost 50 million dollars. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/nov/27/hard-drive-bitcoin-landfill-site
  14. I have a very niche domain which limits to what I can write about on my site which is currently ranking and bringing in some money. I want to buy an expired domain and 301 my current domain to it. Would this kill the rankings? I get doing a domain 301 to your current domain but doing it in reverse worries me.
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