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  1. I'm on a souped up spectrum high speed internet only. 70 a month. I have a tv with Roku built in, and bought a 60 mile radius antenna. I have Netflix, and access to Amazon stuff with membership (but never utilize the Amazon). Currently have 2 cricket lines - one card in my iPad and other in the phone. Cricket has a new plan I may consider where you can tether a device on for slightly less. Only works purely apple right now and my phone is Android so have to wait for them to catch up. That's another 70 for the cricket. I don't pay full price for Netflix as I share off another account.
  2. Or how about this? I have to admit, I am impressed with that shiny touch of disco...
  3. Yes, Happy Birthday Week! A day is never enough.
  4. OMG, so I've been off the web for the most part - frolicking on the beach - and low and behold - Charlie Sheen is HIV positive! Holy schmolly. Ok, I'm sure some of you are thinking that was inevitiable, but it was pretty big news to me. Upon further investigation it seems this has been swimming around for a year or so now...
  5. I agree. That's why I'm going to have a full plate of bacon waiting for him when he comes back and one of those bacon bowls! YUMMMMM- BACON.
  6. I'm sorry, but JEANS are made from DENIM not PLASTIC. Those pants (more like clear cut off waders) are not jeans...
  7. Daylight savings time should be the term for putting up your solar panels.
  8. Drunken Domain Purchases. Yes, and I believe I'm not the only one to have brushed up close to this affliction. I'll also admit, it's not the first time I bought a domain while drinking, but I went to check in to see if I needed to renew anything today, and discovered I bought the most desirable domain "hidemyroll.com" during birthday week last month. What ever was I going to do with that? What should I do with it now? What roll could I have been referring to? Any offers? No? Go have a cocktail, and come back and think about it again. lol
  9. Trying to figure out how to share the pick of my first Florida catch today with surfcasting! Nailed it on the first try but fish was too small to keep.
  10. I get to see some space shuttles (rockets) too from my back yard. A few nights ago I saw a casino boat go by way out on the water at night. It was so dark out it did look like it could've been an alien ship hovering in the dark.
  11. I'm on the Space Coast. It's a strip of an island off of Brevard county Fl. I was here for the hurricane of course, and it wasn't bad for my particular part of the island. I was out galabanting on the beach just a few days ago. We are in for a few chilly nights now, but it'll warm back up.
  12. Hey All (Yall), So bad, I know. I've been away from all of you for some time. Bad Jill. Haha, not really. Anyway, here's the cricket story. After 17 years with ATT I kicked them and went to Cricket. They use the same towers, and for 30 bucks at the lowest there is an unlimited data/voice/text plan. I'm on a slightly higher plan to get more of that 4g juice, but it's all looking like overkill. A lot of personal shuffling happening this year - hence my very sporadic visits. I won't go into how wonderful life is on the beach, wearing shorts everyday - except tonight where
  13. My friend has an alexa device, the echo maybe? She loves it. Of course, she has no clue how to fully utilize all the things it can do, but she commands it to play her music and that works for her. I looked at the dot - but I'm in such a small place now that none of those devices make sense for me to own. I did go to best buy and found some simple bluetooth headphones that will work with all my stuff and sound pretty darn good. I wanted to spend more money on black friday as the day before thanksgiving I got a 1k scratch off ticket. I wanted to buy a new comput
  14. It says "Doc Saturn" on his tag.
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