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  1. Well. Apparently Amazon decided to slash their rates. https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/operating/compare I'm done. It's too difficult to create the content, rank the content, and the main thing is that it's too hard to market the content. Especially for basically half the commission. I'll leave my existing sites up, but I'm not touching them again. I'm done with AM as well. I've been burned too many times. Strictly working on ad revenue based sites now.
  2. So I came up with some custom CSS and HTML for a project that ended up creating a bunch of repeated anchor tags in the HTML mark up. This markup involved image mouse overs, so it's not like there was an obnoxious amount of affiliate links on each page, that's just how to the markup had to be coded to achieve the CSS effects I wanted with out using JS. This wasn't my intention, but I ended up with a few pages that had as many as about 70 nofollowed affiliate links. I've seen plenty of sites that have about 40 or so anchor tags that were affiliate links on one page and those pages
  3. I have no plans on doing that. The pattern is clear enough to me, if it isn't for you, then I suggest you come up with a test that satisfies you. Edit: And no, it's definitely not what I wanted to find. I would much rather have found out that it isn't true, as that requires much less work on my end.
  4. Whether or not content length helps a page to rank better has long been debated. One side says, "It sure seems like it does" while the other argues that "It's not the length of the content, it's that long form content attracts more links and that's why it ranks better." I used to be in the links camp, until I figured out a relatively simple test to determine this conclusively, at least in my mind. The test was simple: Find situations where a site with zero/near zero backlinks was ranking well in Google that was beating out sites that had plenty of links but shorter content.
  5. I have a bunch of content like "Best Mouse for World of Warcraft" Mouse and World of Warcraft were just examples, I do not actually have any content targeting that specific keyword. It works really well as long as you actually understand what a gamer would want for the game. Tip: The keyword search volumes are not accurate for trendy keywords like that. Especially if it's a brand new game. The number one result is hXXps://www.armchairempire.com/Reviews/gaming-mouse-reviews/wow SEMRush ~1k reports clicks a month to that page but it's probably more like 20-30k right now
  6. So, this is a feature that I've really been looking for in a text editor. It really improves your ability to edit content because if you read it your own writing, you have a tendency to be blind to your own grammar errors. I find that it's a lot easier to fix grammar mistakes, if you listen to the words being spoken back to you. The feature is hidden away under the review ribbon. There are obviously other solutions, but I think it's really nice that it's built right into Microsoft word now.
  7. The fact that you know that, yet 'medical' websites that Google devalued don't, speaks volumes to me.
  8. I'm on the it's too late side of this.
  9. This news is late but the expiration date that .co.uk domain owners had to reserve the .uk version of their domain name expired in July. To localize your site to the UK region, you will have to mess around editing your code or Wordpress theme. For Google/Yandex: <html lang='en-GB'> Optional: <link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-US" href="https://the-exact-link-of-the-page.uk/whatever-content"></link> For Bing: <meta content='UK' name='locale'> <meta content='en-GB' name='culture'> <meta content='£' name='currency'> This works for
  10. A lot of Youtubers use https://incompetech.com/music/
  11. No idea but I find Amazon's new arrivals very helpful. Google : Amazon.com $niche new arrivals Then bookmark the pages as they're a pain in the ass to find. It's an excellent source for ideas if you're doing Azon stuff. Edit: Check prime obviously.
  12. I actually found the file that I put that information into when I made my account here while looking for something else and figured I would log back in, but it didn't ask when I tried yesterday.
  13. Not sure why, but I reset my Mozilla Firefox settings and the site was asking me for my birth day to log in. Just tried again and it didn't ask.
  14. Mystery revealed. It's called "Rank Transition Function." From experience, new sites and new content get the "Initially Inverse Response Transition" and the dampened response transition seems more common on older content/sites. Note that these functions apply after forcing the page into the index using inspect URL -> Request index in the Google Search Console. https://patents.google.com/patent/US8924380B1/en So, there's no sandbox, there's just that. Length of time is 70 days or more. Note: This is old, but I didn't know about it and I don't think most people d
  15. People have told me that I'm paranoid for using domain privacy. https://abcnews.go.com/US/social-media-influencer-convicted-violent-plot-hijack-internet/story?id=62515433
  16. I hope this isn't an update from Google... Many of my sites had pages drop out of the index or are being hit by mostly negative fluctuations. The pages that dropped out can be returned by requesting index on the pages but sometimes they drop back out. People are also reporting that previously penalized (algo not manual actions) sites have returned from the dead and are ranking again.
  17. Since I forgot to reply to this thread before. They made the metric worse. Between this and the influx of image scraper site links, I think Moz metrics are borderline useless at this point.
  18. Lately almost all of my sites have been getting links from image scraper sites that link back to the source of the image with a followed link and the anchor text set to a period. I doubt these links have any real benefit to rankings but they are skewing link data tools. The image link spam is being done on a massive scale and seems to be in an effort to promote CPA offers. I didn't poke around the sites too much as these sites are blackhat and could be redirecting to anything including malware, but I got redirected to an adult game CPA offer when I checked one. I think this
  19. I got hit. No huge percentages but a bunch of my sites are worse off. I can't really see the pattern right now. Honestly, I think they toned down something and a bunch of sites that were previously effected by something they did are now performing better.
  20. https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2019/03/ftc-crackdown-stops-operations-responsible-billions-illegal
  21. mki

    CBD oil is legit.

    There's a range of effects, with the oil, you don't get the head fog feeling. It still relaxes you and it still kills pain. It doesn't make you hungry either I've noticed. I'm actually less hungry.
  22. Oh so you didn't make it to the part where he eats the rice and uses a shovel to mix the rice and the cheese sauce together? That was the good part.
  23. mki

    CBD oil is legit.

    I walked into a health food store to pick up a vitamin that I take and I noticed that they were selling CBD oil, which I thought was illegal in my state. My biggest concern was the price and I was highly skeptical that it might be snake oil. I would also note that I am very sensitive to drugs and can tell when an aspirin kicks in. I can just feel it. I just tried it about 5 minutes ago and it's absolutely legit. It doesn't make you high at all but I can definitely feel a distinct but mild calming effect and I can feel the glands in my face relaxing. I also have pain fr
  24. Warning: This response is a little all over the place. I steer clear of MLM unless it's something like tiered commissions on sales. As an example: some affiliate networks pay a small percentage to an affiliate for each conversion that an affiliate they signed up gets. The percentage is usually small around ~1% and I'm aware that the network commissions are generally 10-25%, so I know that it's not a scam. I realize that when people are talking about MLM, that's not what they mean. Things people generally mean when they are discussing MLM are usually a range from stuff like
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