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  1. Hi Theresa, Had a look through the theme settings to get the option to remove author and date you have to buy the theme. Thanks for posting the article will have a look and see if I can figure out what is going on. Watman
  2. Hi, I'm using wordpress with the free version of the generatepress theme. I'm having an issue where when I publish a new post it published the author name and the date of publication. I'd like to remove it. Looking a the page source I can see that the following code snippet adds these two pieces of information <header class="entry-header"> <h1 class="entry-title" itemprop="headline">Privacy Policy</h1> <div class="entry-meta"> <span class="posted-on"><" title="10:29 am" rel="bookmark"><time class="updated" datetime="2019-07-21T10:37:51+0
  3. To expand on my previous post about DR, Mike in his post indicated that if his main business went down he could have it back up and running with another provider within an hour. To achieve this you would probably have to do the following With DR it's critical to get the important, i.e. money making parts of your business back up asap. To do this you need to have the ability to change the DNS records for your site and have either: An up to date backup of your site you can access, that isn't held on your hosting site. In this case you can restore the backup onto another hosting prov
  4. Hi Ingie, hanks for the response, looking to identify all the pages and also internal oinks between them.
  5. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a tool to crawl a competitor's website and identify the structure of it? Not looking for backlinks etc just how the site is put together?
  6. I've worked in corporate IT for years and one of the most important areas we would wargame was Disaster Recovery (DR). Most of the UK banks have a DR site which can spin up almost right away. The "secret" to good DR is working out what is the barebones you need to get your business up and running again, only focus on what you really need, the bits that make you money. So if you you have a vps that's doing link building for you it doesn't have to be up and running. Where as your money site does. More than happy to share other pointers etc.
  7. watman


    When I say "better" writer I probably mean a more confident writer if that makes sense. Think the paid version comes with plugins for the full version of word.
  8. Has anyone every used Grammarly and if so what were there thoughts on it? My writing is OK, however it looks like to could make me a more effective writer? How does the free version compare to the pro version and is it worth the subscription?
  9. It was, for me Alien is probably the best suspense horror of all time, the filmography is fantastic. You see so little of the actual Alien, that you have to imagine what it's like. This means you have to go deep into, the darker parts, your subconscious mind to get those images. Alien War managed to replicate that to a T, the set was minimalist mainly dark sheets of material, crappy sliding doors etc. but the experience was more about what wasn't there that you had to mentally fill in.
  10. Back in 92 there was an "Alien Experience" called Alien Wars on in the UK. I went to "experience" it in Glasgow it was in the arches under Central Station, these are disused warehouse spaces. Currently used as a car park https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/3788397. When I was waiting in the queue to go in there was a crowd of people came sprinting out of the attraction screaming their heads off, thought it can't be that scary????? Went in and was given a "briefing" by a colonial marine, we were settlers on the lower basement area of LV-426. There was an infestation of Aliens and the marine
  11. Hi All, Can anyone suggest a method to brainstorm potential niches? I'm looking to start with a blank page and try and find myself a number of potential niches that I could target. Any help or pointers would be gratefully accepted.
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