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  1. I could be wrong, but I think the genie is out of the bottle. There is no going back. Social media, whether it is intentional or inadvertent, is pushing tribalism. Rather than bringing people together, as I think may have been the intention of some of the original founders, it is pushing us further apart. It's not illegal, but is definitely unfortunate.
  2. Has anyone start using the new Google Analytics 4 yet? I can find very little information about it. Is it better? Is it buggy? Why should or shouldn't I move to it? Is there any way to import data from existing accounts into it or if you move to GA4 are you starting from scratch? The info out there is very sparse.
  3. At the end of the day, this won't move the needle one bit with people who had already made up their mind to vote for him. It might sway some independents and undecided voters. I think the report lacked any real teeth though. People need to see the actual tax returns, not anonymous sources releasing information about the returns.
  4. So you have used it or that's just what you like about it from looking at the sales page?
  5. So I just realized that SEMrush has some sort of ads builder for managing ads. Seriously, they keep launching stuff and I just cannot keep up with everything they have. Has anyone tried this or actively use it? Is it worth it? Is it crap? I hate the Google Ads interface. It's way better than Facebook's, but worse than what they had, IMO. If there is an alternative that is better that I'm already paying for, then I'd be happy to migrate my workflow to it.
  6. Definitely swap out the music on that. It's not the worst thing I have ever heard, but if I had my speakers turned up and didn't realize it I likely would have just fallen out of my chair.
  7. Is it just me or does it seem like 'crawl budget' has become the hot SEO term of 2020? Since when are people so concerned about crawl budget? When I see someone post about it, I feel like they are just trying to sound more technical and intelligent than they are. More or less I picture someone sipping tea and talking in a British accent.
  8. The templates are awesome. I spent an hour this weekend just opening a bunch of them to see what they had.
  9. When I have worked in those niches, or any niche really, I always tried to cite sources as much as possible anyhow. I didn't really see a big difference on my sites when those updates happened.
  10. I saw this post last week and decided to take a look at this thing over the weekend. I like it a lot. I can see it being useful for anything from a one-(wo)man show to a team of 100+ people. The customization features are awesome. More or less anything you want to track you can do. I'm hooked.
  11. This change makes sense to me. The way they have built out the featured snippets over the last few years, they really are the first spot for rankings anymore.
  12. If you are talking about the guy with the screen name of just Kurt, that guy is an ass. He can stay over there.
  13. I know in a couple of Facebook groups I am in, people were saying last month that tons of their GMB's got taken down. The spam complaint form seems to be working as intended. That local lead generation model is going to get a lot harder.
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