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  1. It might seem harsh, but I can totally see why some parents do not allow their children to have any social media accounts.
  2. This is going to be one of those lawsuits fought for 3-4 years in court. The end result will be some sort of compromise where Google admits to no wrongdoing but commits to making a few non-impactful changes. Both sides claim victory. Everybody forgets about it in a week.
  3. I have to agree. I am not sure I really see any good reason for Google to bring it back.
  4. I think I get what you are going for with the music, but it is just a little bit too much. Dial it back a notch and I think you are golden.
  5. I wonder how many customers she lost because of her insane rantings or if her followers are largely just as crazy.
  6. I checked out Geru. Figured for the one-time price it might be useful. It's not bad for visualizing your sales funnel. Could certainly be a useful tool for client pitches. I have never heard of anyone pitching a client with a sales funnel for SEO/PPC services, and something like this would certainly make you stand out. I'm sure there are some agencies that do that. Other than that, it doesn't do much for me. Having to enter in your own predictions for traffic and conversions makes it feel more like a toy than a useful tool. I found myself doing a lot of "what if" dreaming. Have not tried Funnelytics yet because of the monthly subscription. Not that it isn't worth the money, but I tend to sign up for things like that and then let it sit for 6 months before I start using it. Going to wait until I really have some time to invest in it.
  7. I recently made the switch from Ahrefs to SEMrush. I had used SEMrush years ago and moved to Ahrefs because they had the better link index. I also used SpyFu for advertising data. I moved to SEMrush because they had better advertising data than SpyFu and they are doing a much better job on the market research side of things for finding and uncovering keywords to target than Ahrefs is, in my opinion. If you want to do some niche research, I highly recommend checking out SEMrush on their 7-day trial.
  8. I have seen you say this before and I absolutely agree. Keyword cannibalization is a conversion optimization problem when a page that would convert better is not ranking in the SERP over a page with lower conversion chances. It doesn't prevent pages from ranking or hold them back in any way.
  9. Lol. SEOs are going to be running around with their hair on fire for six months when this is announced and then it will probably land with a thud and nothing will happen. Just like the big mobile update and the pagespeed updates.
  10. I'm pretty sure Google more or less invented it. I had never heard it before they started using it in their rater's guidelines.
  11. That whole "study" has so much BS in it. It's a shame. Brian used to put out some real practical stuff. Now and then some questionable BS, but mostly decent content. Now he has gone full Neil Patel on the BS scale.
  12. I really liked the new layout, but they have already rolled back parts of it. Didn't last very long. I hope the favicons come back permanently. I have seen them pop up now and then, but not consistently.
  13. I hope you guys really do abandon Amazon and others follow. I don't see enough doing it though for it to make a difference. There just are not enough good alternatives out there. I have heard people talking about WalMart, but their conversions are trash compared to Amazon.
  14. You told me it was going to be a drastic departure from the old theme, but I didn't imagine this. I like it.
  15. Google seems to do this every year. They release a couple of big updates right before Black Friday. Then usually over the next couple of weeks, they roll 90% of the updates back.
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