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  1. To be fair, Mary's book has a much broader audience. Nevertheless, I hope that gets under his skin.
  2. I agree with @Wunderkind. I'm not sure this one will ever get through to people. They believe what they want to believe.
  3. Those clickbait headlines in the search results drive me nuts. Clearly they work or so many people wouldn't be using them though. Wild that they have been around that long.
  4. The courts are so stacked in their favor, would a lawsuit even be able to move forward? If one looks like it is picking up steam, what are the odds the DOJ steps in to derail it?
  5. I have been using Grammarly for about a year now. I like it except now and then it doesn't seem to play nicely with certain sites in certain browsers. For example, sometimes it makes the reply box in Facebook go a little haywire. I have had it cause issues on this forum platform too.
  6. I agree. Crawl budget seems to be the in vogue thing to talk about recently. I have been in affiliate marketing and SEO realms for several years now. I don't remember anyone ever talking about crawl budget. It's almost as bad as that fake gurus talking about keyword cannibalization a year or so ago. The difference of course being that crawl budget is actually real. Just not sure it is something most sites really need to be that concerned about.
  7. It feels very... Prince. And that is not a bad thing.
  8. Really surprised that the movie won. Great movie, but that Bradley Cooper movie seemed to be the one everyone was crowning the winner of everything for weeks leading up to the awards.
  9. For some reason on the West Coast people swear by Yelp. Everywhere else people just seem to swear at Yelp. They are becoming a lot like the BBB it seems.
  10. And speaking of losing market share, everywhere I look I see posts about people running away from Yoast. 😁
  11. I finally decided to give Gutenberg a shot on a dummy site I have to play around with. What a shit show. It is just awful to work with. Kept getting weird errors popping up when I would try to go into the HTML code. It's clunky and the features are just not worth the effort. I understand that they are probably losing some market share to Wix and some of these other drag and drop website builders that are advertising all over the place. They should have partnered with one of the existing page builders instead. I am sure it will get better over time, but this is just bad. Browsi
  12. I have never seen such a thing, but you could probably go to a freelancer website and get someone to program something like that really cheap. I'm not a programmer, but it does not seem like something that would be very difficult for a programmer to come up with.
  13. I've been thinking about this for a few weeks. 1) Starting a PnL every month. I also have an appointment scheduled with my accountant in January to discuss setting up an LLC versus a corporation and will be setting one of them up for my business. I'm also going to start outsourcing more of my work, especially the writing part of it for my affiliate sites. I've been cheap up until now. It's not productive time for me. 2) I'm going to stop writing all my own content. I am also going to stop working all the time (or making myself feel like it anyhow) and get myself on a more set and rig
  14. I was just on another forum (a more slimy area) where I saw someone posting about how they were going to use Facebook and Twitter to purposely drive a bunch of untargeted traffic to a site (a competitor) to drive up their bounce rate and knock them down in the rankings. The only thing it might do, is get the competitor a few sales.
  15. I like this idea a lot. I think it would be great for shooting ideas around.
  16. I can see it now. "We checked on our super secret server from Wix.com and we rank #1. Your claim is invalid. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $50,000." In many ways, they show how little they understand about SEO just by having this contest.
  17. For what it is worth, I think you made the right choice. Reading this thread, it sounded like a no-win proposition. Without an influx of cash to spend on ads, I do not see any possible way that a business like this turns around in just a few weeks. That is asking the impossible. Even if you did help her some, it wouldn't be enough if she really is that close to shuttering the business.
  18. Can I get an "Amen"? Preach on Brother John. Preach on.
  19. I wish I was surprised by this, but I'm not. It is the state of our political affairs today. Everything is partisan. Political parties is one of the things that several founding fathers warned against. Unfortunately, then two of them went and started them.
  20. Point taken. I was trying to be kind though.
  21. Just one more reason that DC > Marvel. Actually, in the movie universe, I cannot even say that with a straight face, but in everything else..
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