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  1. On 7/25/2020 at 6:13 PM, Mike Friedman said:

    How often have you looked for a review online for some product or new service and saw those "Don't buy until..." titles all over the place?

    Well, they are hardly original. They have been working since the 1860's.


    Those clickbait headlines in the search results drive me nuts. Clearly they work or so many people wouldn't be using them though. Wild that they have been around that long.

  2. I have been using Grammarly for about a year now. I like it except now and then it doesn't seem to play nicely with certain sites in certain browsers. For example, sometimes it makes the reply box in Facebook go a little haywire. I have had it cause issues on this forum platform too.

  3. 20 hours ago, Chase26 said:

    Is it just me or does it seem like 'crawl budget' has become the hot SEO term of 2020?

    Since when are people so concerned about crawl budget? When I see someone post about it, I feel like they are just trying to sound more technical and intelligent than they are. More or less I picture someone sipping tea and talking in a British accent.


    I agree. Crawl budget seems to be the in vogue thing to talk about recently. I have been in affiliate marketing and SEO realms for several years now. I don't remember anyone ever talking about crawl budget. 

    It's almost as bad as that fake gurus talking about keyword cannibalization a year or so ago. The difference of course being that crawl budget is actually real. Just not sure it is something most sites really need to be that concerned about.


  4. On 1/7/2019 at 3:25 AM, whateverpedia said:

    Congratulations to Bohemian Rhapsody and Rami Malek for their wins at the Golden Globes.

    Really surprised that the movie won. Great movie, but that Bradley Cooper movie seemed to be the one everyone was crowning the winner of everything for weeks leading up to the awards.


  5. I finally decided to give Gutenberg a shot on a dummy site I have to play around with.

    What a shit show. It is just awful to work with. Kept getting weird errors popping up when I would try to go into the HTML code. It's clunky and the features are just not worth the effort. 

    I understand that they are probably losing some market share to Wix and some of these other drag and drop website builders that are advertising all over the place. They should have partnered with one of the existing page builders instead. 

    I am sure it will get better over time, but this is just bad. Browsing around on different forums and Reddits, I do not think I have seen one positive comment about Gutenberg. 

    For any gamers out there, this reminds me of the Fallout 76 launch. They put a demo out there early. People played it and hated it. The developers said, "Tough shit. We're launching anyhow."

  6. I've been thinking about this for a few weeks.

    1) Starting a PnL every month. I also have an appointment scheduled with my accountant in January to discuss setting up an LLC versus a corporation and will be setting one of them up for my business. I'm also going to start outsourcing more of my work, especially the writing part of it for my affiliate sites. I've been cheap up until now. It's not productive time for me.

    2) I'm going to stop writing all my own content. I am also going to stop working all the time (or making myself feel like it anyhow) and get myself on a more set and rigid schedule.



  7. 6 hours ago, 100DegreesC said:

    I'm no SEO expert by any means, but how do they intend on dealing with local results in this contest?

    If you live in a small town, it would be easy to build a local site and throw a bunch of citations at it just using your home address for the business. You would likely outrank anything Wix did for searches performed in that town.

    I don't think they thought this through very well. That or there are a ton of legal disclaimers in there which will let them invalidate any "winner".


    I can see it now. 

    "We checked on our super secret server from Wix.com and we rank #1. Your claim is invalid. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $50,000."

    In many ways, they show how little they understand about SEO just by having this contest.



  8. For what it is worth, I think you made the right choice. Reading this thread, it sounded like a no-win proposition. Without an influx of cash to spend on ads, I do not see any possible way that a business like this turns around in just a few weeks. That is asking the impossible. Even if you did help her some, it wouldn't be enough if she really is that close to shuttering the business.

  9. You calling anyone a troll around here is a joke. All you do is bitch about the Warrior Forum and post alien conspiracy whacko shit. That's it.


    And omg, we should commend you for having the restraint to not post an image of a WF troll here? Wow. You're a hero. 


    I get it. There is a small group of members that came over here because they didn't like what was going on over there. It's been 5 months though! Let it go.


    Keeping it up, you will be providing about as much worth here as Don did. 


    If you want to constantly cry about the Warrior Forum, do it over there. Most of us here are sick of your running commentary. 



    Can I get an "Amen"?


    Preach on Brother John. Preach on.

  10. Really? After all the lies you told about this place, after all the nasty shit you said about members here, and all the bullshit you said about the owner, you want us to sit down and have a real conversation with you now?





    Pretty amazing, isn't it?

  11. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/congress/article89422077.html




    282 cases of Zika in Florida, the bipartisan 1.1 Billion Zika bill failed after the house GOP added a bunch of partisan riders.



    So certain Republicans feels their ability to control your life because of their beliefs outweighs the need to address a public health crisis.


    Fantastic politics there.


    That article was linked off drudge so if there's any conspiracy goons around, make sure you double check your facts before you come slamming this as lies or some other BS.


    So, porn is a public health crisis, but your baby having birth defects from zika isn't.


    Man there's some seriously awful people in that party.



    I wish I was surprised by this, but I'm not. It is the state of our political affairs today. Everything is partisan. 


    Political parties is one of the things that several founding fathers warned against. Unfortunately, then two of them went and started them.

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