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  1. Seriously. What an idiot. There is just absolutely no way something like that should happen. Ever.
  2. Isn't this pretty much how the Microsoft case went in the U.S. and I think several of them in Europe?
  3. I really like it, and if I ever figure out how to use Google Data Studio, I want to use this. Is it hard to set up or to edit if I want to change things? Can you change things or if you use someone's template are you stuck using it as is? ...and this just terrifies me.
  4. Rather ironic how it has evolved.
  5. I don't know if it is pandemic specific, but the political landscape in the U.S. has had an impact on an ecommerce store I run. Specifically, the issues with the United States Post Office, and I'm a bit concerned with it going forward. Not trying to turn this into a political discussion, but with many of the changes the Trump administration has pushed there have definitely been slowdowns in shipping times. I say I do not know if it is pandemic specific because I would also imagine that due to the pandemic people are shopping from home more and the increase in shipments could also be part
  6. Do you guys really think there is a chance they are going to remove that option in Search Console? Seems like it is pretty popular.
  7. I never thought of that, but does Google Fonts really slow down pages much?
  8. It's crazy that people seem to have this deep rooted loyalty to something that none of us were alive for and lasted for about 4 1/2 years. Bell-bottoms lasted longer than The Confederacy.
  9. I like it. I could see the music being a turnoff for some people, but I dig it. The animation is pretty slick.
  10. Does that include the white flag they wave before the last lap?
  11. I had kind of the same thoughts. I can see where Geru would be useful for proposals, but after that it loses it's value pretty quickly. Funnelytics you could still use for proposals in the same way, but then after the funnel is setup you have all that tracking available. It makes it really stand out.
  12. I think it can be a ranking problem if your site's internal link structure and any external links you have are divided among two or more pages competing for the same keyword. What I think is wrong with the way most of the SEO people out there try to explain cannibalization is they way they say that search engines see multiple pages targeting the same search terms and ding them for it in some way. I guess my vote in the poll would depend on how you define "serious ranking problem".
  13. I really wonder how much any of this will have. They talked a lot about mobile designs. That had no impact. They talked a lot about page speed. That had little impact. Then it was SSL. That did nothing. I wonder how serious they are this time.
  14. Please keep us updated how this goes. I know someone thinking about doing this. My guess is it won't impact your rankings much. It's basically the same as a business acquiring another one and when I have seen that happen there has not been a drop in rankings.
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