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  1. Many gaming sites are booming after the recent Core update.
  2. In that case, Cloudways is indeed a good option. You are doing the right thing. DigitalOcean is not for all.
  3. Hey Mike, check out ramnode if you are concerned about prices. And for quality managed VPS I will strongly suggest Liquidweb.
  4. Sitegorund is really great. But its expensive. I am sure that A2 will recover and learn from its mistakes, so never say never.
  5. Well we do backup daily. And also we prefer an independent domain registrar such as namesilo. Have you automated it? I mean if say one goes down then the site will be up from another hosting service.
  6. Its a bug. And yeah I think Google is fixing it. Since yesterday 50% of my traffic is back.
  7. I don't know the field. But the term 'How to create corporate cell phone expense management policy', doesn't make any sense!!
  8. Not much from the Florida update. But the updates from 26th hit a couple of sites of mine harder. I don't know what's happening but these sites got a little traffic boost when the first Medic update came.
  9. Still some spammers will tell the others that DA is a metrics that Google uses to rank.:P
  10. Chrome will show red flag for non https sites from mid summer of this year. We all know Google has been pusing this for quite a some time but it hasn't effected much till now. What do you guys think about this?
  11. Thanks for the advice again we will look into it. But the site is from Joomla.
  12. The site is not hacked that's for sure. And anyway, thanks. I know without sharing some more information you guys can't help us. I just asked that if you guys have some knowledge about this kind of thing than I might get some info. We will be keep looking for links. And in the mean time I will let you know here on this thread if there is any development. Well thanks again Mike.
  13. But the links are okay. We have checked them, And the content is also okay as I mentioned earlier in my first post. Than what's hurting?
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