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  1. perryny

    CBD oil is legit.

    That sentence makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.
  2. Wow. That was a close call, buddy! Glad you got off with just a lecture. If they caught me vaping my pen, my paranoia would have blasted through the roof and I probably would've had a damn near heart attack before landing. Welcome home, and I hope your trip went as well as it could have. Best! -Rob
  3. Dang, Mark. Sorry to hear this man. Sucks. But their right. It'll get better. Hang in there pal.
  4. perryny

    Another Mad Bomber

    There will always be random, senseless acts of violence. There are a lot of crazy people out there. This is not that. Why? (watch from 4:40) That is a message. Https://mobile.twitter.com/rafaelshimunov/status/1057062637320790017 That is a message. This is not random or senseless. This is an attack. As an American, I pray we do not discover that this is who we are.
  5. perryny

    My Divorce

    Real sorry to hear that, Mark. This is pretty rough and I hope the pain passes soon. You seem like a really good guy and I wish you nothing but happiness. -Rob
  6. https://www.warriorforum.com/off-topic-forum/1076655-phenomenal-magic-trick-anyone-know-how-he-did-2.html#post10078167
  7. That's a beautiful lookin dog you got there, Frank. Merry Christmas! -Rob
  8. Agreed 100%. I've just never seen him on a stage before and was surprised. I was just sayin'...
  9. I watched this video a couple weeks ago and found it very exciting. Particularly, the last 4 minutes or so... And I was blown away at how horrible his presentation skills are. Painful.
  10. I don't really give them the opportunity.
  11. Thanks, Claude. I think we understand each other's points of view well enough. We just believe very different stories.
  12. Hey Claude, I think you have a very clear understanding of my point of view on this subject. Probably clearer than I do. I would sincerely like to understand better what I'm missing from your side. We both agree, I think, that sometime soon, smart computers will be able to create a simulated person who will be very hard to distinguish from a real human (if programmed that way). It will be an incredibly good digital actor. I want to understand what's missing from the digital actor that we humans possess, that the smart computer can't program. I know you say it's consciousness and being self-aware. But when I look for those things now, I do not know what they are or if they are there. Are these things "things", or are they just words we have to describe something we made up as an answer to a question we can't help but ask? If consciousness cannot be created by just flooding a being with a constant, never-ending barrage of words and images and physical sensations and a compulsion to act and react (or not), and questions to ask and an option to choose... Then what is missing that the computer can't code? How are we creating this? Are we creating it, or is it coming from somewhere else? I know these aren't really fair questions (or maybe they are and you know the answer), but they are the questions I've been asking myself a lot lately. And of the answers I consider, all seem far more fanciful than, "yeah, I could see a computer doing that."
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